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In fact, that’s all the ‘formal’ training the Isonville Elementary School Cafeteria Manager has received, for the most part, he’s taught himself most of what he can do now.

What he mainly does is when he sees something online that he really likes, he’s “like a houndog,” in his research on how to do it, studies and studies it, and then tries to replicate it as best he can, until his OCD allows it, as he puts it.

The latest cake technique he has mastered is figuring out how to do pulled sugars to make designs to put on top of his cakes. Strawberry banana orange smoothie recipe He tells a story about a Halloween cake he recently made for a friend that involved a knife going through a brain.

“In the past, I would have just gone to the store to buy a fake knife to put on the cake,” Smith said.

Banana orange apple smoothie recipe But now that I’m really learning how to do pulled sugars I made the knife myself so that everything on the cake is edible.”

He even prides himself on making edible candles for his cake’s beneficiaries to be able to blow out and not worry about getting any wax on the cake.

“I used to be very simplistic in my baking,” Smith said. Strawberry banana fruit smoothie recipe “But I’ve taught myself a lot over the years, gotten a lot more refined.”

What he’s probably most known for are his character, or 3-D cakes and any type of pie, mostly his apple stack pie.

“My friends are all like, if you ever need an apple stack pie, you need to call Jason,” Smith said.

He also likes to dabble with heirloom recipes. Orange pineapple smoothie recipe healthy He like to take old recipes his family has, or that other families give to him, and “bring them into the new century,” by sparking it up or adding something new, as he puts it.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ is as fitting as a ringtone as any for the man who claims to be all about Christmas, whose first thing he remembers baking on his own to be a batch of Christmas cookies.

“It’s always like Santa Claus blew up in my house,” Smith said. Pineapple coconut orange smoothie recipe “It takes at least two weeks to put all my decorations up in my house, I’ve got about 12 to 14 different Christmas trees.”

This is one reason out of many that he was “pleased as punch” to be selected as one of the competitors for the holiday special, but he would have been happy to compete in any of the competitions.

It was a lengthy process to get on the show, but one that was fun and worth it for the avid Food Network fan.

It was a snowy day in February when he originally sent in his application to be a contestant, Smith recalls.

“I’ve always loved to watch the Food Network,” Smith said. Pineapple orange banana smoothie recipe “So I thought why not?”

Food Network immediately got back to him the next day and requested pictures of some of his Halloween and Christmas bakes to see what he could do.

After that it was phone and Skype interviews with Food Network executives to see if he would make the right candidate for the show. Margarita recipe using orange juice Later they told Smith they were about 90 percent sure they wanted him pending on what they find in a background check.

Smith remembers standing in a checkout line at the grocery store when he got the fateful call.

“I was standing in line at Walmart when I got a call from a number from Missouri, which is where they’re from,” Smith said. Margarita recipe orange juice triple sec “And I just had that feeling you know. Orange carrot karma smoothie recipe I told the clerk that I had to take this call, gave them my money clip, said check me out, I’ll be back in a few minutes to get my stuff and change. Carrot cake recipe orange juice Went outside to take the call, and they were like guess what? We want you!”

After that it was off to film the show in April in which the nine contestants compete for $50,000 in an elimination type format in which one contestant will go home at the end of every show with the show running several weeks.

At the beginning of the process Smith never really thought about the money, it was all about the title of baking champion to him.

“I want to show people that you don’t have to have that degree,” Smith said. Sponge cake recipe orange juice “Don’t think that just because you’re a home baker that you can’t do it.”

If he were to win the money, he’s considering putting it toward an education in baking to really flesh out his knowledge and skills, and to start a new organization to get kids to try more exotic foods.

Where he currently lives is a fairly poverty-stricken county, like many in Eastern Kentucky, and because of that kids don’t get a chance to try really new and different foods.

“Some of the kids at my school didn’t know what a full pineapple looked like, before it was cut up and put in a can,” Smith said.

He would call his new organization ‘Taste the World,’ and would use it to host an event once a month with a new type of food every month and let the kids taste it and teach them about where it comes from and how different people use it.

Hopefully once it started in his home county, he would like to expand it to other counties should it be successful.

He said it would be fun to start baking full time, but he would miss his kids at the school too much, whom he often uses as taste testers for something new he’s made.

The Holiday Baking Championship will premiere at 9 p.m. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe without yogurt or milk on Sunday, Nov. Strawberry banana smoothie recipe without yogurt or ice cream 6, on Food Network.

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