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Hello. Easy homemade banana bread I’m having to use the small computer because for some reason I can’t access my Blogger Dashboard on the big one. How to bake a banana bread Everything else is fine, but the Dashboard won’t load. Banana bread allrecipes It could be something to do with the fact I am still on the old XP. Recipe for banana bread muffins I’m not panicking, I can use the little netbook.

It’s been a lovely day, like summer, and I have been pottering about getting a few jobs done.

Whole wheat banana bread recipe I had some tagliatelle left so I added some borlotti beans, peas, lettuce, and a few pieces of cheese, with a couple of dollops of mayo. Banana bread with nuts It was bloomin lovely, made a filling lunch yesterday.

Mind you, Aldi has let me down on the bananas. Banana bread recipe with baking powder Look at these two bags, can you spot the difference? The first one I bought yesterday, the next one is from a month or two ago. Home made banana bread This one does not have the weight on it.

This one is a 1kg bag. Recipe for homemade banana bread I have been buying these bagged bananas for a long time, they are 72p. How do u make banana bread I count the bananas because I would rather have 8 or 9 small ones than 6 or 7 large ones. Chocolate chip banana nut bread recipe Now they are not selling them by weight, you get 5 bananas in a bag for the same price 72p. Easy banana bread 2 bananas What a sneaky way to put the price up. Banana bread 2 bananas I will have to go to Tesco for them and buy 1kg of small loose ones for 72p.

I got my mower out today for the first cut of the year. Ingredients to make banana bread I am amazed that this cheap B & Q mower is still going after about ten years or more. Banana bread with baking powder I never do anything to it except scrape off the dry grass from underneath it. Banana bread machine This cheapo was well worth the money.

Remember the mayo I bought from the Cash and Carry? Well it is a lovely creamy taste so I bought some more yesterday on my way to town. Sour cream banana bread recipe At 20p a jar it’s bargain, even though it is six weeks out of date.

I’ve had a letter from the TV Licensing people, it’s two years since they last wrote. Banana bread recipe with 2 bananas They ask if anything has changed, do I need a licence. How to make the best banana bread The answer is still the same, no I don’t. Banana bread re I haven’t been onto the BBC iplayer site since they brought in the new rule in September. The best banana bread recipe ever I get most of my entertainment from Yooootoooob, forums, blogs, and online newspapers.

That’s me done for tonight. Banana bread reteta Thanks for popping in, we’ll catch up soon.

Your veg are a bargain…we never get food that cheap on Mark down here in the US…

Got to confess that most of the carrots I buy go to the donkey and horses!!! Reply Delete

Hi. How to make simple banana bread I sometimes buy dented tins from Tesco, but they are a bit tight and don’t knock much off. Banana bread with If it’s only a slight dent I would buy it, but if it is badly bashed I pass it by. Best moist banana bread recipe ever Delete

I now buy the loose bananas from Aldi at 11p each, cheaper than the bags. Bread machine banana bread recipe When I get my petrol from the Tesco Express near us, the bananas there are loose 20p each or a bag for 89p so I always get a bag with at least 5 in it when I go to work. How long to bake banana bread Reply Delete

Glad you snapped up the mayo, as i’m pretty sure the “out of date”, is just to get folks to chuck it and buy more.

I have seen so many recipes lately with mayo, maybe this sauce or that/fancy dips etc. Banana bread baking powder Don’t know if you go for that type of thing, but yet another way to use these. How to do banana bread Reply Delete

The tagliatelle idea looks tasty – I’ve never used borlotti beans so will look out for them in Aldi. Banana banana bread recipe Your cauliflower and carrots were a really good price – my friend told me last week she went to her village shop and there was a cauliflower with a price ticket of ?1.89!!! She didn’t buy it. One banana banana bread I know the smaller shops are more expensive and you pay for the convenience etc but that was a pretty dear vegetable. Banana bread 3 bananas I agree with Melissa, I would not have thought to use the cauliflower leaves either, you live and learn. Banana bread recipe with milk Amanda Reply Delete

I bought a brandnew stick blender at the thrift shop for $10 which was a lot for me to spend but it turned out to be a very good investment. Banana bread recipe with butter I use it all the time for soups, and I’ve been eating soup nearly every day all winter!

The priced on your produce in the UK is just mind-boggling for this US-ian. Banana bread without brown sugar Even the markdown stuff here is far more expensive than your “regular” pricing. Banana bread with two bananas Reply Delete

Everything seems to be going down in size but staying around the same price. Banana bread with butter The manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers must think we are all stupid if they think we don’t or won’t notice. Best banana nut bread recipe ever Maybe that’s a good thing if you are a chocoholic ! Rae x Reply Delete

I noticed the second bag says it is a product of Costa Rica. How long to cook banana bread Could that be why there is a weight on that bag and not the other one? The first one perhaps came from a different country that did not require a weight to be shown. Awesome banana bread I am from America and I have to say in my 62 years on earth, I have never seen bananas in a bag. Banana bread przepis That is new to me. Banana bread 4 bananas Anyway, our local little Mom-and-Pop store puts bananas down to 9 cents a pound when they are starting to get old. How to make banana bread with 2 bananas I take these home, peel them, wrap them in plastic wrap and freeze them. Banana bread recipe baking powder I then pull them out later for smoothies or banana nut bread. Banana cake bread It is one of my frugal things to do. Banana bread with 3 bananas Some people freeze them with the peel on. Best homemade banana bread I have tried this but they are really mushy and messy when you take them out. Banana bread recipe with 3 bananas The plastic wrap is so much cleaner. Banana bread plain flour I just found your blog a few weeks ago and am enjoying it immensely. Banana bread resepti I love the frugal tips and want to get started walking once our snow is gone. Banana bread origin I walk on a treadmill now indoors. Rezept banana bread Does that count for your walking group (challenge)?

Yes, the leaves of cauliflower are edible, as well as the leaves of radishes, the leaves of carrots, the stalks of broccoli etc. Banana bread with plain flour Usually, the taste like the vegetable itself, sometimes a bit more bland. How long is banana bread good for I learned to use all parts of a vegetable when we grew our own. Banana bread recipe with two bananas Delete

The TV licence isn’t worth it in my opinion, it’s currently ?145.50 per year and is set to go up later this year. 2 banana banana bread I’ve seriously been considering giving up TV for Online entertainment.

If you can’t access Blogger on your main computer it might be worth trying another browser, like Firefox. Banana and bread Reply Delete

You’re right, there isn’t enough interesting programmes on TV to warrant paying for a licence. Banana bread recipe without nuts I can still watch ITV and Channel 4 on catch up, it’s just BBCiplayer I can’t watch.

Strangely enough I switched on as normal this morning on Gooooglie Chrome, and Blogger Dashboard is there, all OK, so I don’t know what the blip was about. What is banana bread Thanks for the tip. Banana bread cooking time Delete

I buy my bananas loose in Aldi; they’re 11p each and usually a good size so you could get 6 large bananas for 66p while the bags might contain smaller ones and are 72p. How long do you bake banana bread It also means you can choose carefully and look each one over which you can’t do so well with bagged ones. Banana bread with 1 banana Reply Delete

Hello, I am a 67 year old retired lorry driver. Baking powder banana bread After trucking for 32 years I’d had enough, went part time when I was in my mid 50’s and stopped altogether when I reached 60. Banana bread with 4 bananas Yippeeee, now I am free to do as I like. How long do you cook banana bread I live with three cats, I make do and mend being very careful with my spending, only buying what I need. How many bananas for banana bread I have no qualms about buying second hand from car boot sales and charity shops, and getting free stuff from skip diving. Banana bread baking time Money saved is put towards holidays, a decent car, and days out. Banana bread bananas I love life, and it needn’t cost a fortune to enjoy it.

We start on January 1st 2017. Banana bread temperature There won’t be a dedicated page to log the miles, instead members of the Walking Group will need to declare their intention to start, with a comment on the first post of the year, and report in on the 1st of every month after that with their own mileage. Banana bread muffins easy Please remember to do that, as it will be the only record of your progress.

Hi. Pictures of banana bread This is an advert free, non sponsored, all my own words, blog. Moist banana bread recipie I won’t try to sell you something, I don’t accept freebies, either goods or services, in return for reviews. How many bananas in banana bread There are no sponsored or guest posts, no annoying adverts. Banana nut bread with sour cream Welcome and come on in.

• Left over food from a buffet – I asked for it…Frozen fish and vegetables – given to me by a friend….Pair of black steel toe cap work boots – found in a layby….Crystal necklace on a chain – found on a grass verge…. Banana nut bread muffins Eiderdown – given from a friend….pair of slippers – given from a friend….3 cans of cider – found in the churchyard….Two small conifer plants – found in a rubbish bin….A whole load of stuff – found in a skip….65p in coins – found in the street….An orange plastic pumpkin bucket – found while litter picking….17p in coins – found in the street while litter picking….Pile of magazines – given to me….Two bottles of water, a goody bag, and a medal – given to me for escorting my friend on her sponsored walk….Two golf balls – found while out dog walking….Two bags of usefull stuff – given to me from my friends declutter….Wooly hat and gloves – given to me….Coins total ?1.10 – found….12 pearl beads – found….Yellow plastic dogs ball – found in a field….32p in coins – found on grass verge….A five pence coin – found on a footpath….A yellow Frizby – found on a grass verge….10p coin – found in the woods….Three course dinner and 2 mince pies – given to me….Plastic garden table – given to me….?1 coin, 5p coin, 2p coin – found in a car park….Seven daily newspapers – borrowed from a newspaper recycling box….A dress, a skirt, a jumper, 4 teashirts – my friend gave them to me….A bowl of home made soup – my friend gave it to me….A cabbage – my friend gave it to me….Two potatoes – found on the side of the road….A bag of apples – my neighbour gave them to me….cup of coffee at the arts centre – free with a voucher….70 craft magazines – given to me….A canvas windbreak – found in a skip….Two pot plants with flowers – found in a rubbish bin….A 20p coin – found….2 wheelbarrow loads of compost – I asked for it….Pieces of timber – I asked for them….Tin of Nivea cream – free sample ….Tube of face cream – free sample….Bag of chocolate biscuits – given to me….Two bags of horse muck – I asked for them….A metre of fabric – given to me….Packet of bread rolls – given to me….A 2p coin – found….Cupboard with a glass front – given to me….Bunch of flowers – found in a rubbish bin….Planter – given to me….Six wooden pallets – I asked for them….Cup of coffee – given to me at Radio Humberside….Free night school classes at the college….Tub of Lurpak spreadable – free with voucher….A 2p coin – found in the street….Three pallets – I asked for them….Four plastic crates from the takeaway – retrieved from skip…. Healthy banana bread with applesauce A hard hat – given….A gigantic roll of shrink wrap, used for wrapping palletised loads – I asked for it….A plastic bucket and lid with emulsion paint in it – found in the hedge bottom….A tub of Lurpack spreadable – free with a voucher….Free dental check up….A free tub of golden syrup ice cream, my friend gave it to me….A box of chocolates – my other friend gave it to me….A 1p coin – found in the street….A bag of potatoes, packet of blueberries, packet of tomatoes – my friend gave them to me….A flower pot – found in the hedge bottom….Three plastic crates from the takeaway – retrieved from skip….

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