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Mar. Veg thai green curry recipe 13 , By Rochelle Palipane Gunaratne Vegetales: Dare to be a vegetarian

As a nouveau vegetarian, who decided the meat had to go from the diet, I would say that the journey to get there was no walk in the park! Since 2012, I’ve been contemplating this decision by weighing the pros and cons, posing numerous questions to vegans and vegetarians alike, prior to making one final push towards a new me!

Jan. Vegetable thai green curry recipe jamie oliver 25 , By Kamanthi Wickramasinghe The where and how of adoptions in Sri Lanka

In order to give an insight to our readers on this process Life Online spoke to a few individuals to find out the criteria for adopting a child, the frequency of child adoptions as well as the legal perspective of this process.

The behaviour of dogs is often misunderstood by dog owners and people around them. Curry paste ingredients recipe Since many people do not understand the behaviour of dogs, sometimes even though you adore these playful creatures, you would hesitate to get closer to them. Tikka masala spice paste recipe In an attempt to spread awareness on the behaviour of dogs, Asia’s leading canine behaviourist and trainer Shirin Merchant has done various programmes across the island.

Mar. Chicken tikka masala paste recipe 21 , By Kamanthi Wickramasinghe Cyber security threats and how to deal with them

Social media has more or less influenced the daily activities of almost everybody in this world. Chicken in red curry coconut sauce recipe In an attempt to shed light on how social media users could protect their privacy while having their own freedom on these sites, Life Online spoke to a few individuals of varied expertise.

Mar. Green thai chicken curry recipe easy 21 , By Kamanthi Wickramasinghe Cyber security threats and how to deal with them

Social media has more or less influenced the daily activities of almost everybody in this world. Homemade indian chicken curry recipe In an attempt to shed light on how social media users could protect their privacy while having their own freedom on these sites, Life Online spoke to a few individuals of varied expertise.

The official Josephian vehicle parade for the annual limited over encounter between St. Homemade indian curry powder recipe Joseph’s College & St. Curry coconut milk chicken recipe Peter’s College is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 25th March, commencing at 7:30AM from the College premises on route to the SSC.

Think you know em? Then you’ve got another think coming!! With I Mustache You a Question we take you inside the heads of people you know and love!

Mar. Chicken curry recipe indian youtube 22 , By Minoli Ratnayake The Best Dressed List from Colombo Fashion Week

Boasting an exceptional lineup of Sri Lankan and international designers, Colombo Fashion Week is one of the much loved, most awaited events and a great way to showcase fashion and style both on and off the catwalk. Chicken curry recipe indian vahrehvah From emerging and established designers, ethical fashion, fashion and film, art exhibitions, after parties and specially curated menus, Colombo Fashion Week was a celebration of all things design.

Tucked away in the Central Highlands is the city of Kandy, embraced by hill-country breezes, busy streets, colonial buildings and its rich religious and cultural heritage. Chicken curry recipe indian khana khazana During this episode of Loafer’s Diary, we visited some exciting eateries in the Kandy city while also exploring many places of historical, religious and cultural significance.

Mar. Chicken curry recipe indian punjabi 17 , By Kamanthi Wickramasinghe Protecting Marine Species: The Immediate Need of the Hour

Dolphin and whale watching have taken the Sri Lankan tourism industry to newer heights. Chicken curry recipe indian coconut milk But unfortunately these species are no longer safe at sea. Recipe for chinese curry sauce takeaway A video of people gathering dead dolphins in Trincomalee went viral last week and this created much tension on social media. Yellow curry coconut milk recipe When investigated it was found that 12 dolphins were killed by nine fishermen who were arrested by the Trincomalee Crime Prevention Unit.

We headed to the shore at Mt. Yellow curry powder coconut milk recipe Lavinia to catch some good sights of the blue green sea and of course, to enjoy a meal at the Shore by O!

The location could not be a better spot – with a perfect view of the beach along with the right amount of shade from the sun. Chicken curry recipe allrecipes The seating choices at the Shore by O! are aplenty. Green curry coconut milk recipe They even accommodated a 300 guest wedding recently! The outer area has bean bag couches, white wooden beach chairs and brown chairs with cushions on them. Homemade thai curry paste recipe The open interior has an upstairs and downstairs space with plenty of seating options. Homemade thai green curry paste recipe You can sit on the usual chairs or go for the high stool type ones.

Just when we thought that the view couldn’t get any better, they arranged a table upstairs for us, with a much wider view of the ocean front. Simple red curry paste recipe The staff was accommodating and kind. Homemade chicken tikka masala curry recipe The head chef seems to be highly passionate about his dishes and as a plus point, all meals are served in no time.

They offered us a passion mojito to cool off. Green curry recipe chicken It was nothing short of brilliant- no exaggeration. Curry recipes for chicken It had the right amount of sweet, sour and mint flavours. Malaysian curry paste recipe ingredients This is a MUST try for anyone heading to the Shore by O! I’m pretty sure that I would go there just for this drink.

They offered us their meals in a ‘minimal to extravagant’ pattern. Red curry chicken recipe without coconut milk We started off with the Hot Butter Cuttlefish. Green curry paste recipe By far the best I have ever tried. Chinese chicken satay curry sauce recipes It was much like a crispy chicken fry on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. Tikka masala sauce recipe coconut milk The contrast is what made it special. Tikka masala sauce recipe yogurt The seasoning was balanced as they didn’t add too much chilli (which is a personal preference) or salt. Tikka masala sauce recipe gordon ramsay The portion is quite large considering the size of the cuttlefish rings. Tikka masala sauce recipe easy The manager, Tharanga, explained how they use only the best quality of cuttlefish to achieve this bestselling dish at the Shore by O!

The second dish was Pork Chops. Tikka masala sauce recipe vegetarian Three pork fillets on top of a bed of buttery mashed potatoes, vegetable ratatouille and pineapple sauce. Easy chicken curry sauce recipe (Yes, Pineapple!)

Being a huge fan of mashed potatoes, I jumped in to see if it was as good as it looked. Chicken curry coconut milk recipe kerala I wasn’t disappointed. Chicken curry coconut milk recipe indian Although there were a few lumps (which some people prefer), the flavour of the mashed potatoes was delicious and oh-so-buttery!

The ratatouille didn’t have much to speak of. Chicken tikka masala spice mix recipe It had its usual tangy flavours of tomato and vegetable, a good accompaniment to the pork and potatoes.

The pork chops were the cherry on top! They were large portions of pork fillets with not too much fat in it. Tikka masala spice mix recipe The flavour was pretty rich and the meat was cooked well-done. South indian chicken curry recipe coconut milk The aim of the pineapple sauce was to balance out all the salty and buttery flavours on the plate. Indian chicken curry recipe without coconut milk However, it didn’t do much for me as I didn’t like how the flavours went with each other. Low fat curry recipes chicken Although it is a meal for one, it would suffice for two. Low fat curry recipes weight watchers This is definitely is a dish worth paying for.

The final and the most extravagantly arranged meal was the Seafood Platter for Two. Low fat curry recipes bbc It was dressed with jumbo prawns, crab, para and modha fish and a different version of cuttlefish. Homemade tikka masala sauce recipe Additionally, paprika dressed potato wedges and a garlic lemon butter sauce was placed on the side. Chicken curry recipe in hindi youtube The jumbo prawns were sweet and soft and the crab meat was equally good. Chicken curry recipe in hindi video The modha fish definitely tasted better than the para. Indian chicken curry recipe in hindi language The cuttlefish was, much like the earlier dish, brilliant. Chicken curry recipe in hindi The sauce took away any strong fish flavours. Chicken curry recipe in hindi language However, I have to admit that this isn’t the best seafood platter I have tried. Chicken curry recipe in hindi pdf Personally, it lacked flavour and the garlic lemon butter assisted minimally. Chicken curry recipe in hindi sanjeev kapoor For those who like natural sea food tastes, this is a great choice.

For dessert, they served us with a plate of Fresh Strawberries with Chantilly Sauce. Spicy chicken curry recipe indian style It was a perfect ending to a heavy meal by the shore. Best chicken curry recipe indian style The Chantilly sauce and strawberries were fluffy and light. Chicken curry recipe north indian style The crumbs on the side didn’t make much of a difference. Chicken curry recipe south indian style It’s good to know that dessert doesn’t have to be heavy all the time.

Apart from these dishes, they have bestselling items such as black pork curry with roast paan and grilled chicken. Yellow curry chicken recipe without coconut milk They also serve cocktails under two categories, Old School and The O! Way.

If you are a HSBC Credit cardholder , you can score a 20% discount on all food at the Shore by O!

Law of attraction follower born in the Middle Eastern deserts. Curry recipes using cooked chicken Passionate list writer, addict of makeup aisles and clothing racks and advocate for cheesecake and nachos as a main meal.

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