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Snow day in the BUF, so we’re staying put and doing fun things in the kitchen like making omelets, and vegetable stock.

Never knew a proper omelet was all about the proper heat, and stirring, and stirring and shaking, and that the eggs should be barely done. Banana bread recipe with applesauce And that to be an omelet you don’t even need to put anything in it, it’s all technique.

Almond flour banana bread recipe We’re all about learning new things.

Baking we’ve done for decades, and funny thing is no one really eats the stuff anymore, it just kind of sits.

Thinking we’ll have more success with some good soup from some scratch stock.

Every day dress, we’re pretty mellow, loving the March snow day. How long to bake banana bread muffins xoxo

Everyone’s kind of talking about it, the return of the corset, or about the waist.

We don’t go full in yet like to feel relevant, so dug out the leather obi belt from the fashion closet. Strawberry banana bread recipe Wore it with white denim, a sleeveless jacket, and then put another jacket on top. Banana bread baked oatmeal Oh, and white is in, now.

Kind of makes you sit up a little straighter, and kind of makes you do a few more sit-ups. Banana bread yogurt recipe haha.

Every day dress, about the waist. Banana bread recipe with almond flour Nothing new here, just pulling on some closet basics. Flour bakery banana bread Off to lacrosse drive-around. Hummingbird bakery banana bread xoxo

Life-long learning, we’re all for it. Flour bakery banana bread recipe Enrolled in some online stuff and while we love clothes, shoes, and bags, decided to upgrade the culinary skills.

Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to, the past three days at least:

lunch for one, new nail color, Essie bikini so teeny, and a jam jar with a smash of Walt Chardonnay

resulting basil walnut pesto, skipped those pine nuts this time

couldn’t resist, pussy willow for the front hall from the grocery, $15

if it works, do it again, this time black suede Birkenstocks, OPI boyfriend jeans nail color

We’ve been trying to get in the kitchen, buying baby bok choy and stuff to step up our culinary skill set. Banana bread recipe yogurt Instead we’ve been doing the school run drive around, and it’s all okay.

Husband reads all the time, and reads a lot about happiness. Banana bread recipe with yogurt This morning while I was ironing he said the latest research shows that homemakers are the happiest. Sugar free banana bread recipe Can’t tell you how excited I was to not go anywhere today and just do laundry. Healthy banana bread recipe yogurt ??

So, since we need to eat I’ll try and tackle that new green vegetable now. Banana bread recipe with greek yogurt And, as we need to dress this is the look we put together today for the run around. Banana bread with sour cream recipe We mixed up some floral print, a kind of conservative blue cashmere jacket, and a little camo. Buttermilk banana bread recipe Momma won’t like it, she’s so over the skinny jean thing and these are in camo, yet we’re wearing good shoes.

blouse and jacket | Worth New York | camo jean | Hudson | suede boot | Christian Louboutin

Every day dress, today it was all about homemaking. Banana bread food network TGIF everyone, have a great weekend. Banana bread donuts xoxo

When you put yourself out there you can get knocked around a little, whatever, we’re not giving up.

• bought this lace top with oldest daughter early December while in NYC. Banana bread recipe using sour cream Never even looked at the label, simply liked the piece. Banana bread with sour cream and oil Young, chic client came in last week and was showing me pictures of a few things she recently picked up, all by London label self-portrait. Original betty crocker banana bread recipe At home, checked my blouse, self-portrait. Banana bread 1 egg Wore it for the first time last night, felt fun and stylish, even with the ubiquitous denim. 4 ingredient banana bread Kind of really loving their fresh, feminine vibe. Moist banana bread recipe with sour cream Young daughters were like, ‘mom, yeah, self-portrait, they’re on SHOPBOP‘. Banana bread sour cream recipe Thinking I need to leave campus more often. Chocolate banana bread pudding ??

• about that denim, can’t shake it off. Banana bread recipe taste While driving kids around all day thought why change what works? For now, it’s denim.

• still love and wear all suede Aquazzura shoes we bought seasons ago, they look and feel good on the foot, and heel height at 3.5? isn’t killer. Betty crocker banana nut bread recipe You can find similar style here: net-a-porter, and there’s now a boutique at 939 Madison Ave, New York, NY.

• thinking we might need a little cut and color, yet might put that off for four weeks or so. Banana bread recipe buttermilk Some of the family is giving up things like wine, and chips, and we have absolutely no discipline in that area. Best moist banana bread We’re also super-inspired by one of our favorite bloggers Alyson Walsh of THAT’S NOT MY AGE. Banana bread muffins with applesauce She talks about growing out her blonde on her Instagram feed, and check out her take on grey hair by clicking on This week’s style inspiration: grey hair on the cat-walk, Oxfam at fashion week and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Every day dress, here’s to all women everywhere, not giving up. Banana bread with 2 bananas xoxo

We’ve been working a slow spring trunk, and that’s okay, we’re all about being patient with the patient. Banana bread and butter pudding Enjoying some one on one time with special clients, and learning new things.

The french taupe color story we’re finding interesting, and loving this fuller pant shape.

Even pulled our wider-leg (note the higher waist) denim from the closet, paired it with a ruffled sleeve silk blouse and some old Chanel boots for our Saturday work look. Banana bread recipe without baking soda Felt a little French.

And the bag? The one in the middle is heart-stopping Dior, the white and the black are perfect stand-ins. Banana chocolate bread pudding Same size, equal style, different zeros. Banana bread with chocolate chips recipe Love all three.

chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, tastes way better than it looks

She’s recovering, although it might take a little. Super slice banana bread We’re in a little funk, so doing what we do: making the bed, putting on a little makeup, walking the dogs (or spending time out in the garden with them), making some dinner, spending time with those we love, enjoying a glass of wine. Frozen bananas for banana bread A little curve ball, so we’ve battened down for a little, it will get better.

Scary stuff when your kid is in the OR, and we like to share, the good and the scary. Whole wheat banana bread muffins We don’t push the site, if you’re here we suppose it’s because you might like to cook, and feed and care for others, or enjoy good clothes, or maybe even a little of each.

We’ve ducked out of the office for a little, her sister’s are all in FL, soaking up some vitamin D, and don’t want to leave her home alone. Banana bread with applesauce and honey We’re at the table, enjoying meals for three.

Two weekends ago it was ski town, these last days we’ve seen a lot of the couch. Banana bread with applesauce recipe ??

going with carnations instead of the expected roses, on Valentine’s Day

So, Tuesday night we were cooking up some short ribs, parsnip puree, green beans and creme brulee. Banana bread without baking soda Wednesday night I was standing gurney side as they were about to wheel our eighteen year old daughter, fifth child, into emergency surgery at 10:56 pm.

Oh, how life can change on a dime. Banana bread no baking soda Picked this child up after a phone call from the school nurse, drive sixth child out to her drivers ed class and husband comes home to find fifth child on the floor, in pain. Easy banana bread recipe without baking soda Quick trip to the ER, three or so morphine shots later and the late night surgery crew is saying ‘you look way too dressed up to be here’. Hawaiian banana bread recipe We were wearing our regular stuff, yet they noticed, and took us seriously. Banana bread with coconut oil When your kid is being wheeled in for your not quite sure what and you put your faith in the powers above, it’s a good thing to feel good in your clothes.

Wednesday office outfit that went until Thursday late afternoon

Laid down in those clothes, in the surgery waiting room. Banana bread with honey Slept in those clothes, in two chairs pushed together at the end of her bed. Banana bread with brown sugar Woke up in those clothes and was thankful for another day, and Tim Horton’s hospital coffee, a breakfast sandwich, and a sour cream donut, we we’re running on empty.

Really, what you wear can speak volumes, oftentimes without you even saying a word. Chocolate chip banana bread muffins We write here about good clothes, good food, and sometimes about drinking good wine, and if it came down to the end I’d want to be wearing a good outfit, having enjoyed a good meal, and definitely a good glass of wine, all with the people I love, that’s really the gist of us here at every day dress.

what we wore on Friday, for four hours at the office, when what we really felt like doing was never leaving the couch

Some self-promotion here, I’ll be working spring trunk two weeks straight starting tomorrow, February 14th, (Valentine’s Day!), so let’s talk a little pink:

• Wall Street Journal calls it Spring Fashion’s Biggest Trend, read more here at Making Peace With Pink. Calories in banana bread slice (simply click on the link, I like to hyperlink when I can to make it easier for you all).

• Years ago I bought a pale pink Chloe (if you click here Chloe the model has on an amazing pale pink something) bag and spent more than I should have yet loved that thing dearly and now second daughter keeps and wear it, LOVE.

• Pink for us here at every day dress is more like nude, a neutral, and easier to wear than some of its brighter counter colors. Can you freeze bananas for banana bread Red on the body can make us a little nervous sometimes, pink, not so much.

• J. Banana bread without baking soda or powder Crew‘s archive includes 226 shades, that’s a lot of variation, something for everyone.

• For my only sisters’ wedding (going on thirteen years ago this October) bought a pale pink Zac Pozen dress, again spent more than I should have, yet I still love that thing and wore it with many happy memories last summer. Easy banana bread without baking soda That’s what we love, invest well, wear often, and long.

So, click on this link, Making Peace With Pink, believe that you are an interesting and smart person, and come see me over the next two weeks to see what Worth New York has in mind for when it comes to loving a little pink, there’s a shade for us all. Calories in slice of banana bread This is when I take off the chef’s apron for a little and slip on some fancy shoes. Banana bread yogurt ?? Call or text for your pink fix, 716-445-3033.

Every day dress, loving a little pink, forever and always. How ripe should bananas be for banana bread xoxo

Still winter, so we’re settled in, working for spring 17, and baking off some cranberries, walnuts, and orange zest.

We’ve got a new habit too as we’re hanging in the kitchen and looking to upgrade our skill set: in addition to all of our ongoing every day dress habits, we now hone our chef’s knife, every single use.

We used to simply throw those berries or whatever in the food processor, now we mind fully rough slice them, and everything is better.

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