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Liqueur recipes: Almond, almond flavored tequila, angelica, apricot, banana, berry, black tea,

blueberry, cherry, cherry-mint, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut,

coffee, Coltea-Blend Herb, cranberry, cranberry creme, cream, Daminana, Drambuie,

Freddie’s Coquito (Creamy Tropical Liqueur), fruit, Galliano, ginger, grapefruit, hazelnut,

Hawaiian punch, Irish Cream, Japanese gree tea, Kahlua, lavender, lemon, lemon-lime,

licorice (liquorice), Liqueur de Framboise, Margarita, melissa (lemon balm), orange,

orange blossom, orris root, orris and anise, papaya, peach, pear, peppermint,

pineapple, plum, quince, Raki, raspberry, red clover blossom, rose hip and anise,

Rum Cream, spicy herbal, star anise, Strega, tea, three fruits citrus, tonka bean, vanilla, and

A searchable database with a comprehensive list of liqueur recipes!

Gunther Anderson’s: liqueur making,principles and techniques

An excellent introduction to liqueur-making. Quick banana bread recipe On the flavorings

you can find links to recipes for Advocaat, allspice, almond, almond shrub, Amaretto, Angelica,

anise/star anise, anise and vanilla, apple, apricot, banana, Bailey’s, Benedictine, berry, blackberry, blueberry,

Liqueur recipes: Absinthe, almond, Amaretto, Angelica, Caribbean Orange, cherry, Coquito, cranberry, Daiquiri, Galliano, orange-cognac,

honey, Irish Cream, Limoncello, mint, orange bitter, pineapple, plum, raspberry, Ron Ponche, Rum Shrub, Saurian Brandy, Scottish Highland.

Liqueur recipes: Almond, angelica, apricot, banana, berry, blueberry, cherry, chocolate, cinnamon, coconut,

coffee, cranberry, framboise, ginger, hazlenut, irish cream, licorice, orange, papaya, peach, pear, peppermint,

Recipes: angelica, apricot, banana, blueberry, cherry, chocolate,

plum, raspberry, and strawberry liqueurs.

Recipe for easy banana bread A searchable database.

Christmas eggnog, cinnamon, cherry, chocolate, coffee, cranberry,

creamy Irish coffee, Daiquiri, Grand Marnier, hazelnut, Irish

cream, Irish whisky cream, licorice, mint, papaya, peach, pear,

A very large recipe database with more than 1500 recipes containing the word “liqueur”. 2 banana bread recipe Some liqueur recipes: almond, Amaretto, Angelica, apricot,

Bailey’s, banana, berry, blueberry, cherry, chocolate, cinnamon, cinnamon-spice,

coconut, coffee, cranberry, Drambuie, fresh mint, fresh orange,

Kummel, licorice, lime, Margarita, orange, papaya, peach, pear,

peppermint, pineapple, plum, raspberry, spicy herbal, strawberry

Recipes: absinthe, amaretto, angelica, Caribbean orange, cherry, coffee, cranberry,

cream cordial, Creme de Menthe, Daiquiri, citrus, Galliano, honey, Irish Cream, orange,

Recipes: Alchermes (spices), anise, bitter, black sambuca, camomile, Chartreuse, fennel, Highland Bitter,

Krambambuli (herbs/spices), laurel (bay tree) berry, Madrono (strawberry tree fruit), mint,

myrtle berry, peppered strawberry cordial, Pimento (allspice), prickly (or cactus) pear,

Persicot (bitter almond/spices), spanish herb, Trappistine (herbs/spices), verbena, vermouth,

Advocaat (egg), Agrumine (citrus), almond, Amaretto (apricot/almond), apricot kernel, Atholl Brose (oatmeal/honey/whisky),

cinnamon, coffee, coconut, date, dates and raisines, Eau d’Or (citrus/herb/spice), Frangelico (hazelnut),

Goldwasser (citrus/herb/spice), honey and spice, irish cream, Limoncello (lemon), orange, Liqueur 44 (orange/coffee),

macadamia, Nocine (walnuts), Noisette (hazelnut), peach, peach and rose petal, Perfait Amour, and Southern Comfort liqueurs.

style liqueurs: recipes for copies of Bailey’s, Galliano, Grand Marnier and Kahlua.

mint, licorice, orange, almond, shrub-rum, and some other liqueurs.

Recipes: Advocaat, amaretto, Angelica, Anisette, apple, apricot, Aquavit, banana, black currant,

blueberry, Calvados, caraway, cherry, Cherry Heering, chocolate-mint, cocoa, coffee, cranberry, Creme de Prunelle,

Curacao, Drambuie, elderberry, English Damson Plum, Forbidden Fruits, Frangelico, Galliano, Hawaiian Fruit,

hazelnut, Irish Cream, Italian Gold, Italian herb, Japanese Plum, Kahlua, KA?mmel, lemon, mint, orange,

Ouzo, peach, Pina Colada, plum, pomegranate, Parfait Amour, rhubarb, raspberry, Scottish Highland,

spiced berry, strawberry, Tia Maria and vanilla liqueurs. A recipe for banana bread Highly recommended!

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