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After putting on an impressive performance in indianapolis, louisville’s jaire alexander boosted his chances of being drafted in the first round, with some analysts even positing that he may be selected as high as top-10 come april. On thursday, alexander talked with the MMQB about the show he put on at the combine, his belief that he’s the best corner in the draft, the difference between “juice” and “sauce” and his maybe-sort-of-not-really dream of swimming with alligators.

The MMQB : you ran a 4.38 40-yard dash, had the third fastest 20-yard shuttle (3.98), fourth-longest broad jump (10’7") and fifth-fastest three-cone (6.71) for your position. Heading into the week, what did you want to prove at the combine?

Alexander: I wanted to prove that I was healthy. (editors note: alexander missed about half of the 2017 season with leg and hand injuries.) that was the biggest goal, to come in and show that I was healthy and able to participate in all of the drills and being able to compete with everyone else.Juice sauce

I wanted to showcase that, and what better way to do that than at the combine.

Alexander: I’d say the shuttle. My legs were heavy at that time. I was able to do a sub-four-seconds in the shuttle. The guy looked at me after and said that’s the best shuttle time we’ve had so far. I was like, dang. And I did that in sweatpants. I probably should have took them off. But I did that in sweatpants. I was actually pretty surprised at that one.

Alexander: I was asked that question left and right. If I had a dollar for every time I heard that question, I’d have a lot of money. I assured them that I was healthy and that I was participating in everything in the combine.

Alexander: I would tell them that they are getting a leader, a natural born leader, a guy who projects leadership qualities on and off the field. I’d tell them they are getting a competitor and a hard worker and a guy with confidence, a guy that plays with confidence.Alexander definitely that shows on his film. I made sure that I separated confidence from arrogance. I play with a bunch of confidence. I made sure they knew it was confidence I was playing with, and I always play with a chip on my shoulder.

Alexander: I definitely think I’m the best corner. I’ve been thinking that for a while, in the humblest way. I just feel like there are certain things that I do well that others can’t. And there are certain things that I don’t allow that others do allow. It’s apparent if you watch this season, if you watch film. It shows and separates me from others. I’m versatile. I can cover a man and return punts, all in one. The best of both worlds.

Alexander: just being able to see different corners play the game over time. Coming into college, I was an athlete, and switching to corner, I didn’t always have that confidence. But just studying my position and seeing others play the game, that’s when it hit me.Play game that’s when it came to me.

Alexander: I’d definitely say versatility. Being able to play corner, nickel, outside, inside and being able to return. Returning is one of my favorite things to do and something I am pretty good at, and something I can become even better at. I assured teams that I can do it all. Turn my film on and they were able to see that, as well. They knew I could play outside and inside, that wasn’t a problem for me and that’s something I really want to do.

The MMQB : you were the 941st-ranked recruit in your high school class, the 85th corner and the 13th on your own high school team in 2015. Why were you so under-recruited?

Alexander: being able to understand concepts. Being able to know what the opponent likes to do. Film study has been a big thing, studying my opponents’ tendencies, knowing what they like to do.

The MMQB: you had a quote last season that said you “brought the juice and everyone else brought the sauce … the juice is the juice.Combine alexander the sauce is the sauce.” what is the difference between the juice and the sauce?

Alexander: oh man, okay. Juice. You fill up your cup, you got some juice in it. You make some food, you throw some sauce in there. You put it together, you got the food with the sauce and you got the cup with the juice, that’s a perfect meal. That’s a perfect combination. That’s what it was. You got the juice and you got the sauce.

Alexander: I like to say I’m pretty adventurous. I like to be outdoors. Bike riding. I enjoy going to the movies a bunch. I’ll see a movie twice. Do a little bit of yoga here and there. Yoga is pretty cool, calming. Anything dealing with outdoors I like to do. Whether that be fishing, riding on a jet ski. Or swimming with alligators, which I’ve never done but I’m going to throw that one out there as riveting.

Alexander: um, not really. But that’s just an example of being outdoors. That’s an extreme one. I don’t want to do that.Alexander definitely let’s make that dolphins or something friendly.

Alexander: your work ethic can take you a long way, my dad would always preach that to me. Being able to work harder than the man beside you or the man in front of you, it will separate you in the long run. And always keep a chip on your shoulder.

Alexander: I’m on a journey to find positivity in every situation. That’s something I like to preach on, something I’ve been practicing for a while now. Just remaining positive in circumstances that may require you to be negative. Just practicing leading a positive life and certainly things will go the way you want them to go.

The MMQB: what are your thoughts when you see that NFL teams asked your teammate lamar jackson—one of the best quarterbacks in the NCAA during his collegiate career—if he wanted to work out as a receiver, and hear the calls from some media members for him to switch positions in the NFL?

Alexander: I don’t agree with that at all.Combine alexander I’ve been asked what do I think he should play, and I’ve always said quarterback. I kind of make a face when I answer the question, because I think that’s pretty ridiculous for somebody to want him to play receiver. He is the best quarterback I have ever seen play the game. He’s a leader, he’s humble, he’s a team player, he has all the quarterback attributes and he gets better each year.