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This is the day when we traditionally make pancakes to use up all of the good things to eat before we start the period of symbolic fasting that is Lent. Chicken recipes with orange juice These days the fasting takes the form of “giving up” things like sweets or cake. Chicken recipes using orange juice In centuries past it would have been a much more serious fast, eating meat would have been forbidden during Lent for example.

“English” pancakes are more like crepes than American pancakes which tend to be fatter and fluffier.

I have eaten up all of my Christmas chocolates and most other sweets, I have just a few sweets left to finish up today and then I will be giving them up for Lent. Baked chicken with orange juice recipe I am also trying not to eat any biscuits or cake. Simply orange juice recipes There will be an exception for Birthday Cake though!

If you want to try and make English Pancakes today here is the recipe. Best margarita recipe with orange juice Also converted into cups.

Mix well together in a large bowl. Fresh margarita recipe with orange juice Allow to sit for as long as you can bear – at least an hour, but can go all day in the fridge.

Heat a frying pan until very hot, melt a small knob of butter into the pan, swirl around the pan. Perfect margarita recipe with orange juice Add a small amount of batter to the pan – approximately a quarter of a cup – and swirl until the base of the pan is covered in a thin layer of batter. Apple cider with orange juice recipe You can always add a little more if there are any large holes.

Allow to cook over medium high heat until you see that the top looks dry and the edges start to lift away from the pan. Orange and apple juice recipe Take a spatula and ease the edge all the way round and shake the pan to loosen the pancake. Orange juice smoothie recipes easy The first side should be a light golden brown all over or in places. Easy orange chicken recipe with orange juice I then turn the pancake using the spatula, but if you are feeling brave you can toss the pancake.

Remove from the pan and either serve immediately, or put on a plate in a warm oven and continue cooking until they are all done and then serve them all together.

In a large frying pan this makes about 11 pancakes, but would make more if you used a smaller pan of course. Easy orange juice cake recipe You can also halve the recipe to make less pancakes very successfully.

I hope that you will enjoy some pancakes today before the start of Lent.

Hello Amy, yes, I made pancakes today, and we had a right old feast of them. Recipes using fresh orange juice I love the lemon and sugar combination, and also tried honey and HB had jam. Recipes with fresh orange juice We only have them once a year on Shrove Tuesday and do enjoy ourselves. Apple cake recipe orange juice Fun to know you two are doing the same thing! Reply Delete

We make our pancakes exactly as you do Amy and will be making some later today, the only difference is that we use orange rather than lemon juice. Cake recipe with orange juice Have a wonderful Shrove Tuesday:) Reply Delete

These look just like our blintzes (Russian pancakes) and the first one is always the tricky one. Orange juice bundt cake recipe from scratch We roll them up with a sweetened ricotta or farmers cheese and bake them in half and half and butter. Pineapple orange banana juice recipe Double trouble 🙂

Yours look great Amy. Orange apple juice recipe They also look similar Dear’s Swedish pancakes. Easy smoothie recipes with orange juice Happy Shrove Tuesday/ Fat Tuesday! Reply Delete

They look yummy – we always made the slightly fatter ones – drop scones I suppose – same recipe with slightly less milk and they work really well with gluten free flour, using self raising instead of plain. Hot apple cider recipe with orange juice Happy Pancake Tuesday Amy and good luck for Lent. Popsicle recipes with orange juice Reply Delete

Yes I have just made pancakes and as usual have over eaten making too much batter and then not wanting to waste it. Orange juice popsicles recipe Yours look scrumptious, we love them with a little sugar and lemon too. Recipe for fresh orange juice Reply Delete

I wish I’d visited here before I made mine. Fresh cranberry recipes with orange juice Yours look so much better and you have some good tips. Jewish apple cake recipe with orange juice That said, my rubbery offerings were slightly better than normal, and Violet scoffed three after school! Three! That’s quite amazing.

I’m giving up meat for lent. Jewish apple cake recipe without orange juice Purely selfish, I’m hoping it’ll kick start healthy eating and a bit of weight loss, but I’m thinking The Big Fella in the clouds will be impressed and not think it’s because I’m totally selfish! ;o) xx Reply Delete

These look good, Amy, and lend themselves to all sorts of delicious syrups or stuffings, I imagine. Frozen orange juice chicken recipe I haven’t made pancakes or crepes in a long while – but now I have a craving……x K Reply Delete

Made and served the same as I do, although it was too hot here yesterday to be eating dessert, either warm or cold. Glazed carrots recipe orange juice My perk is lemons from our own tree. Carrots in orange juice recipe Take care. Apple cider orange juice recipe Reply Delete

Your pancakes look scrummy! I don’t eat many sweet things and I like to give up something I enjoy every day for Lent: for a couple of years it was bread, then it was tea, which was really hard! This year I have a lot on my plate spiritually and have decided that my priority is to wrestle with that so instead of adding to my difficulties by giving something up for Lent, I shall instead participate in one of the daily photo challenges online. Recipe for fresh squeezed orange juice I am quite daunted by the prospect! Well done on giving up the sweet stuff. Apple cider recipe with orange juice x Reply Delete

Will be making ours shortly, American style with lots of butter and real maple syrup! Yours look interesting so will give them a try! ~ Karen in Virginia Reply Delete

Canadian pancakes are more like the American pancakes. Hot apple cider with orange juice recipe Always have to have real Canadian Maple Syrup served with them. Carrots cooked in orange juice recipe Reply Delete

THANK YOU! I’ve been wanting to make crepes for two years. Recipe for carrots cooked in orange juice My friend and I had them in Vegas and I said I was going to learn to make them. Recipe for glazed carrots with orange juice Well, life got in the way and I forgot…but now…I remembered! And I’m gonna give it a try. Banana orange juice smoothie recipe Oh…yea….these are not pancakes! Teehee!!!

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