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Neighborhood Bookstores Featuring Good Recycled Books, Movies, & Music

The bookstores known today as Paperbacks Plus and Lucky Dog Books opened in downtown Mesquite in 1974.

Click here to read the beginning of a history that chronicles the early

years from 1973-1984 and/or here to read a story that ran in the Mesquite News about our recent 40th anniversary event and/or here for a feature published in the Sunday, September 8, 2013, edition of

The Dallas Morning News with 4 photos including the one below by Kye R. Easy cocktails to make at home Lee taken at the Lochwood location on Garland Road.

Here is a link to the KERA 90.1 FM radio show that aired June 9, 2014, featuring several local bookstores including Lucky Dog Books.

We’ve compiled a map of Dallas area bookstores past and present

We’ve been making reading really affordable in Oak Cliff now for almost 5 years and at the new location here on Jefferson for coming up on 2 of those.

If you click the picture above, the video there talks about the need to raise more funds if we are to continue here.

We must get caught up on our rent and other bills as well as getting a real sign on the building finally.

The owners of our building have been very patient, but their needs must be met.

There are many ways to be helpful whether is it making us a more regular part of your weekly/monthly routine, or becoming a sustaining supporter through our Subscription progam.

Being an “ambassador” for the store by sharing some of our Facebook posts and inviting friends to meet you here, or making a point to weed some things out of your own library

to recycle with us to help the river of interesting stuff continue to flow through our lives at money saving prices.

Given the demise of Baby Bird Coffee & Co. Easy cocktails with malibu rum here at the Oak Cliff location, we have started making our own pot of simple standard coffee and have added a few flavors of crispy cookies

We still have cold bottled water and a variety of soft drinks.

…AND…we continue to get in amazing collections of books, DVDs, CDs, etc.

We’ve been doing this for over 40 years and are wondering if it’s time to let someone else give it a try at one or all the locations? A younger couple? A neighborhood co-op? Please click here if you or someone you know may be interested in this.

Or here to see an interesting variation that we would be glad to entertain.

Each bookstore has room for some sort of cafe. Classic bathroom We’d like to find the right folks for each location to get one going.

• Start a new account for store cedit from trade-ins you bring to the bookstores

• Sign up for our email list at one of the bookstores to receive notice of news of & events at the bookstores

teaches beginning and advanced guitar and songwriting to students of all ages at Lucky Dog Books in Oak Cliff and Lochwood. Classic bathroom vanity Listen to her here or wherever you find her playing.

Jackson studies music at UNT in Denton, Texas, teaches students of all ages and interests at the Lochwood bookstore. Classic bathroom tile Info? Text Jackson at 214.566.7828

We are still open at 10801 Garland Road here in the Lochwood area, and still getting in a lot of good books, DVDs and CDs, but we must make the move NOW to a much better location across the street

For every $10 you spend on our recycled stuff at this bookstore during the next two weeks, we’ll give you a $4.00 off “Thank You” bookmark that you can use at a new location in this neighborhood

after April 1, 2017, if we are able to stay in the neighborhood.

(This does not apply to the use of gift certificates during this period, but does apply to the purchase of gift certificates.)

We are confident that with this move, we’ll do much better business given easier access from Garland Road, better signage & increased proximity to other stores and the folks who already frequent them.

We’ve had some good days recently but trying to raise this much extra just out of store sales is tricky since we are still paying rent here until we move.

So it would be really helpful if everyone who came in to shop in the next couple weeks bought 2 or more of our $5off Mini-Gift Certificates

to pass on to friends or younger readers. Classic bathroom designs pictures Or if 2-3 of you could team up

to put forward this amount to get things under way before the new space is leased to someone else.

If you have further questions about any of this, I will be happy to try to answer them for you if you will email me at with the word bookstore in the subject line.

Younger readers are very important to the bookstores. Best craft cocktails in chicago We want to encourage you to encourage them to read. Best place for cocktails in san francisco So keep us in mind as a pretty inexpensive, quieter than average place to spend some time with your child, grandchild, niece or nephew.

This craft activity and book talk for girls in grades 2 – 5 is a great format. Classic radio fm kenya The goal is to help girls become lifetime readers. Classic radio fm uk A facilitator guides discussions with each girl presenting on whatever book she’s reading at the time.

We were happy to have them at the old location and wish them well at their new home which they started using during our move. Classic radio fm online Here is their contact

Please note that we here at Lucky Dog Books would love for others to emulate this format for book clubs at any of our locations for adults or children. Old 1920 cars We think that it makes for a more relaxed and informative experience since everyone isn’t having to find the same book and read it on a deadline everytime rather than just showing up and telling about what each has been reading so that everyone knows about more books that might be of interest.

We think there are a lot of opportunities for us to work together to benefit neighborhood schools and their students.

Here is link to some ideas about this. Best cocktails with gin Please feel free to contact us if you think of other ways we might be helpful.

We still use good old fashioned paper gift certificates here at the bookstores which provide some advantages over the new fangled gift cards.

These gift certificates can be personalized right on them. Easy cocktails with gin Their layout includes a log of their usage so that it is always clear what the remaining balance is. Classic radio club of boston And the store locations are shown on them so that your recipient doesn’t have to look them up.

Click the links above to get more details and even purchase some online if you prefer.

Please be aware that you can give a reader in your life a monthly subscription to the bookstores that will provide them with the number of $5 off Mini-Gift Certificates that fits your budget. Classic radio jingles And you’ll only pay for it each month as it happens through Paypal with the ability to cancel anytime.

Or consider subscribing to the bookstores today as a way of expressing your committment to their future while enjoying the full value of your participation through the monthly receipt of our Mini-Gift Certificates.

These are a great way to help the bookstores and get a payback in the process.

Check out the details of how they work and some suggestions for how they may be used at this link.

We’d like to thank David Card of Poor David’s Pub for being so supportive over the last couple years,

helping us get through some really tough spots with the bookstores.

My wife and I have been hearing great live music at his places since he was on McKinney Avenue

way back in the ’70s and then when he was on Greenville Avenue for many years

before he made the move to S. Classic rock radio online free Lamar a very short distance from Southside and next door to Bill’s Records.

We’d like to encourage you to check out his line up and sample some of his performers if you are not familiar with them.

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