Lucy hale beauty secrets avon ambassador interview – hellogiggles simple drinks to make at home

Not only is lucy hale one of our favorite actresses (we can’t wait for life sentence to fill the pretty little liars-sized hole in our heart), but she’s someone we consider a beauty icon. So many of our hair inspo pics are lifted right from her instagram and taken straight to our hairstylists. Whether it’s a bold red lip or a neutral eyeshadow, hale can rock almost any makeup look, so we trust any advice she gives us for our own beauty looks.

To celebrate avon’s new true color glow collection products, we got to chat with the avon brand ambassador about highlighting, her perfect brows, and the cult beauty product she just treated herself to. If you’re wondering, yes, her skin looks just as flawless in real life.Avon’s true color lucky for us, hale was nice enough to give us the lowdown on her skin care routine. HelloGiggles: I have great memories tied to avon from childhood.

Did you as well?

Lucy hale: I definitely do. I remember my grandmother used to wear this red avon lipstick. That was like her thing. I don’t think I ever saw her without her red lipstick on. She could do it without a mirror and everything. That’s my first memory of makeup in general. It just so happens to be avon.

HG: for someone who usually doesn’t contour or highlight, what are some tips you can give on how to use avon’s new true color glow collection?

LH: I was really into contouring last year, and I still am, but I’m really into highlighting right now.Avon’s true color wherever light would hit, like on the bridge of your nose, or right above your cheekbone, I put it on the inner corner of my eyes when I’m really tired. I put it on my cupid’s bow and sometimes on my bottom lip. It just brightens everything up. And then for contouring, I just put it in the hollows of my cheeks. You literally just put it on and dab a little bit. I’m not a contour queen, I don’t have any more tips other than that, but what’s so great about these products is that they’re really easy to use, and moisturizing and light. These are really adjustable and blendable.

LH: when I travel my skin gets dehydrated pretty easily, so I’m the crazy girl on a plane that has her face mask on.Avon’s true color so, definitely heavier moisturizer when I’m traveling to the east coast. HG: what’s the one skin care tip you would want to give our readers? Would it be retinol?

LH: well, because it’s not for everyone since it can be really aggressive, probably exfoliating. I think that we often forget that there’s a lot of dead stuff on our skin, so you have to get that off in order to keep your skin really bright and glowing. I swear by a good exfoliator.

LH: both. I have a really good facialist who does the heavy-duty stuff, but I like a regular exfoliator that you can do in the shower or in the sink. HG: you have amazing brows. What brow tips can you give us?

LH: honestly, I genetically just have bigger brows, so I guess I’m lucky in that sense.Avon’s true color glow I used to not let anyone touch them, and then I started seeing kelly baker who does my brows now. She can transform anyone’s brows, it’s pretty incredible what she can do. She’s taught me how you can highlight underneath them and brush them up and it makes them look twice as big without even filling them in. She has little kits, actually. I usually just brush them up, but you can fill in where you need to as well.