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Mamo is bringing a long tradition of Italian hospitality and Provencal charm to New York City’s SoHo neighborhood. Sweet vermouth recipes food This outpost of Mamo Le Michelangelo, a 23-year-old staple located on the French Riviera, the menu is incorporating a mix of classic family recipes as well as market specials. Mixed drinks with vermouth The restaurant’s design embodies the Riviera’s “sense of home” with a warm color palate, original family photos and oversized vintage movie posters.

Amazing ambiance, most delicious, high quality food, excellent service. Mixed drinks with sweet vermouth We have been there number of times and it has become our favorite place to go with friends as well as with family. Antica formula vermouth recipes Highly recommended for lunch, dinner or any occasion!

I was blown away. Martini rosso vermouth recipes I had high expectations for MAMO and they exceeded! The veal milanese, gnocchi and the omg RAVIOLINI(!!!!) were all amaizing. Martini rosso vermouth price i cant wait to go back, they bring out the extras… Martini rosso vermouth sweet Make sure to have the proper attire as its a place where very good looking and fun crowd hangs out here…

We went at MAMO on a rainy day nevertheless it completely brightened our day. Drinks with dry vermouth The service was incredible, the food was first rate and the ambiance was lovely: french and italian with modern flare. Martini bianco vermouth recipes It’s a high end establishment so plan your finances accordingly, but it was well worth it! I am definitely a fan!!!

By far the best real Italian food in NYC! not the regular italian americanized food you find elsewhere. Martini rossi vermouth recipes From their classic crafted cocktails, to appetizers, truffle dishes and that tiramisu were delightfulness of the palate. Gin martini recipe no vermouth Very nice music and huge posters of old movies gives this place such a unique vibe that you cannot describe by words, you just have to experience it.

Competition for italian restaurants is tough in NYC…it’s definitely a decent italian but it did not stand out at all unfortunately. Gin martini recipe sweet vermouth Quite disappointed in the tiramisu…very blend and soggy, I was expecting better from such a place. Dry martini recipe gin vermouth Good service and but ok food only.

I am so happy i discovered this hotspot of the neighborhood! Amazing fresh and flavorful menu, dedicated service, charming manager and a welcoming host! It was so good we changed our plans and booked NYE here! Looking forward an amazing experience ??

The food was good but the prices are very high for the size of the portions, the ambience on the interior is very nice for a special occasion or a romantic dinner but the views from the window are awful, just look to a neighbour building. Cinzano bianco vermouth recipes Everything is overpriced to give the sensation of an exclusive restaurant. Martini rossi red vermouth The wine selection is actually nice with a lot of options among red, white and champagnes. Martini rosso red vermouth The drinks are really small but very tasty, i think is the best the restaurant as to offer.

Love this place! The vibe is great.. Martini rossi sweet vermouth our waiter was amazing. Martini with sweet and dry vermouth He was spot on with all his recommendations. Vodka martini bitters The salad, eggplant, followed by raviolini, the filet and veal. Martini rossi rosso sweet vermouth All excellent choices taken down with a bottle of amarone. Martini rossi sweet vermouth review Will be back. Bourbon sweet vermouth bitters Highly recommended for a date or group looking for an attentive and beautiful experience.

Went here for my birthday dinner with a friend and the ambiance and service were great! The pizza truffle pizza was to die for. Rye whiskey sweet vermouth bitters Also ordered he clams and spaghetti and wasn’t gay crazy about it. Martini extra dry vermouth miniature Totally will go again!

I love this area of the city. Martini extra dry vermouth white My sister and I love the city this time of year and MAMO did not disappoint. Vodka sweet vermouth recipes The food was outstanding. Vodka martini without dry vermouth I highly recommend the gnocci as an appetizer. Cocktail of gin and vermouth crossword clue The risotto I had with dinner was delicious especially when close to me was dining a super famous Victoria’s Secret super model!!!!

The staff was very attentive.If I did not have after dinner plans I would have definitely stayed for some extra drinks. Dirty gin martini recipe without vermouth I cannot wait to go back.

I had a business meeting in Soho and i jumped in the restaurant without a reservation. Cinzano rosso vermouth cocktail recipes Very kind hostess, very friendly and accommodating staff . Cocteles con vermouth blanco Veal Chop one of the best i had in a long time, butter flavors but light as a feather. Martini sweet vermouth recipe Big shoutout to the bartender for making a killer espresso martini

MAMO offers you the opportunity to choose your adventure–come early for a leisurely dinner full of Italian comfort food, come a bit later for a nightly super atmosphere that is not to be missed.

One thing makes this place magical and its the atmosphere and service! Believe me or not, they still remember my name whenever i go there!!!! i have been there 5 times in total since they opened and they still recognize me which impresses me so much! Well done for treating your guest like VIP! Thank you to the waitress for the delicious home made limoncello and one of kind carrot cake (to die for)

We felt like going out for Italian, and the choice of restaurant could not be any better.

I had spaghetti with anchovies butter and black caviar, and I want to go back for more already.

They have a great wine selection, which our server Anna knows very well, and she was very kind. Martini dry vermouth recipes The whole staff was friendly. Sweet vodka martini recipes Ambient is beautiful, and the area is amazing, close to all the great shops.

Food was SO disappointing! We had the Spaghetti and the Rigatoni. Scotch sweet vermouth and angostura bitters Both were very amateurish renditions of these dishes and very small portions for a very high price. Whiskey sweet vermouth bitters There were no value priced wines on the menu. Martini with vermouth and gin The peppers stuffed with tuna appetizer tasted like Chicken of The Sea for $18.

We were really looking forward to trying this place but would never return.

Wow! They know how to keep the standards high through being consistent providing an amazing dining experience! I had friends staying at The Plaza, they wanted a great “last meal” for their 7-day NYC trip! Located in Soho, MAMO was absolutely the one! Our server was very knowledgeable and excellent! He was very attentive and personal, and offered the perfect meal choices based on our personal tastes! The restaurant was super packed in a Saturday night, though when we arrived they managed to seat us right away (highly appreciate it). Vodka martini orange bitters Beautiful crowd in a charming restaurant, we should have dressed up a bit more 🙂

Whoever put that music selection together i need to say you have very good taste and it’s very rare that music fits so well with the ambience!!!!!

My friends were very happy and they said it was the best italian meal they had in NYC, im happy my recommendation made me look like a restaurant experts who knows the hot-spots of the city!

Fun place directly across the street from the Soho Grand. Vodka martini gin Original restaurant is in Antibe, France. Martini extra dry vermouth This one has a different menu to appeal to American tastes. Dirty gin martini without vermouth Very pleasant decor. Sweet tea vodka martini recipes Fairly loud music playing. Sweet tea vodka drink recipes Service was extremely attentive. Sweet vodka cocktail recipes 3/4 of us liked our food. Sweet vodka drink recipes While the fish and octopus weregreat, the veal was terrible. Sweet vermouth drink recipes Good wine and drinks. Gin and vermouth drink recipes I’d give it a try again.

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