Managing inappropriate behavior in the classroom. eric digest

Managing Inappropriate Behavior in the Classroom. Chicken masala tikka recipe ERIC Digest

the classroom has much to do with student behavior. Eastern chicken masala powder The setting should be

appealing, with attention given to varying the physical features and the

schedule to prevent boredom in both the teacher and the student. Homemade chicken masala powder Teachers should

let students know specific do’s and don’ts: which behaviors are expected or

desired and which will not be tolerated.

Tandoori chicken masala powder recipe Then teachers must consistently

reinforce the desired behaviors while ignoring or in some other way

rules, and the children, confused or frustrated, ignore them. Chicken masala powder recipe Teachers should

establish only a few rules and should specify the consequences for not following


One approach could be to make one activity contingent on another:

students can earn time in one favored activity by performing well in another.

Students having difficulty in one subject area could serve as tutors to younger

students in that same skill, dependent upon the older child’s satisfactory

performance. Chicken masala powder ingredients Classroom privileges such as helping to distribute papers can also

Punishment can be defined as a technique that decelerates the

frequency of a behavior when it is given contingent on that behavior.

Reprimands, frowns, reminders and other subtle expressions can serve as

punishment, and can be very effective when used appropriately.

A possible disadvantage of punishment is that its effects may overgeneralize,

eliminating more behaviors that originally intended. How to make chicken masala powder Another difficulty is that

the student might associate the technique with the person who administered it,


reinforcement, attention, or a portion of some event contingent on target

behavior. Butter chicken masala powder These three procedures are also known as timeout, extinction, and

response cost. Chicken masala in slow cooker Timeout can involve physically removing a student for short

periods from the reinforcing event or area. Chicken tikka masala slow cooker Ignoring tantrums is a withdrawal of

attention that may lead to extinction of the problem behavior. Chicken masala slow cooker recipe Taking away

tokens or points for disobeying rules is an example of response cost.

group contingencies. Chicken masala crock pot recipe Each student receives the same consequence for stated

behavior, as in staying after class for out-of-seat behavior. Chicken marsala with mushrooms recipe Although easy to

administer, this approach does not take into account individual student

group contingency. Chicken masala recipe The same consequence is given to all members of a group. Chicken marsala In

order to receive the consequence, a selected member must perform at or better

than a specified level. How to make chicken masala indian style One student’s behavior can influence the group’s

consequence. Chicken tikka masala indian style This approach can improve peer group behavior at the same time. Chicken marinades with honey A

program in which a student accumulates free time for the entire class by on-task

behavior may encourage fellow students to support his appropriate activity and

consequence, contingent on group. Asian chicken marinades for grilling The entire class is considered as one group.

An example is making free time dependent on appropriate behavior: an

individual’s inappropriate activity reduces the entire class’s reward. Simple chicken marinades for grilling This

approach might be effective when several individuals are behaving

inappropriately. Easy chicken marinades for grilling However, repercussions might occur if group members feel unduly

Keep data to determine whether or not an approach is working. Bbq chicken marinades recipes Compare behavior

Combine approaches to be more effective. Best chicken marinades recipes For example, a teacher might praise

Concentrate on teaching new behaviors and deal with inappropriate ones only to

the extent that they interfere with the individual’s or group’s learning.

The information in this digest is taken from “Managing Inappropriate

Behaviors in the Classroom” by Thomas C. Healthy chicken marinades recipes Lovitt, Reston, VA: The Council for

through effective classroom management.” 15 pp. Baked chicken marinades recipes Reno, NV: University of Nevada.

(ED 304 689) This document is reproduced in its entirety in “Preventive

Discipline and Behavior Management,” Computer Search Reprint C572, Reston VA:

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