Mango smoothie recipe

A couple of weeks ago before leaving for Florida, I made what looked to be a fabulous mango-coconut quick bread. Mini banana bread muffins It smelled fantastic and had all the makings of a dreamy bread. Bread pudding with bananas However, before I could cut into it, a certain Golden Retriever who shall remain nameless (*cough*Einstein*cough*) took it upon himself to eat the ENTIRE loaf while it was cooling and backs were turned. Bbc good food banana bread The little bugger didn’t even get sick.

Food wishes banana bread How is that possible?! I didn’t have enough time before I left to re-make the bread, but I did have an extra mango to use up, so I whipped up a quick smoothie that made a fabulous breakfast.

I go on and off the smoothie band wagon, but for someone like me who struggles to get in my daily allotment of fruits and vegetables, it’s a quick and easy way to knock out a few servings all at once. 100 days of real food banana bread Most times I opt for a green smoothie since I tend to eat less vegetables than I do fruit, but without any greens in the fridge, a fruit combination is still refreshing and delicious. Wholefood simply banana bread I love how versatile smoothie-making is, since you can pretty much just add whatever you have on hand and give it a whirl in the blender. Vegan banana nut bread Do you have a favorite smoothie combination?

Now that I’m back, I need to re-make that mango-coconut bread before mangoes are done for the season. Mini banana bread loaves I also need to teach Mr. Banana bread with coconut flour Einstein some better manners.

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“…a certain Golden Retriever..” ha ha ha ?? Aww… We started a new obedience course yesterday, and the lead instructor had her goldens demonstrating perfect competition behavior. Banana bread with wheat flour So there IS hope :).

haha oh my gosh I can’t believe he ate the whole thing! Our beagle would definitely do the same if given the chance … although since she’s only 20 pounds she thankfully can’t reach anything : ) But she can be sneaky with guests who make the mistake of carrying food where she can reach it! I love mango smoothies – I think it’s my favorite flavor.

Your dog must have good taste because that bread sounds amazing. Banana bread with rice flour ?? Don’t you just love that dogs can eat a whole loaf of bread without a thought about…oh, calories? haha! Anyway, I hope the recipe shows up here sometime soon. Best banana cake recipe nz Your smoothie looks great, too. Banana bread using pancake mix Perfect for a summer morning. How to make banana pancakes with pancake mix Have a great day!

A friend once told me that her husband and child were completely horrid, and would, on a regular basis, eat all of the muffins she made the night before, leaving her to go to work hungry. Banana bread with baking powder instead of baking soda Time and time again this happened. Banana bread made with almond flour She’d bake the muffins, leave them to cool on the counter, and then her selfish family would eat them all before she could have even a crumb. Three ingredient banana bread At first she was flattered – obviously she was an amazing baker. Sweet potato banana bread But this flattery can carry gluttony only so far. Buttermilk banana bread martha stewart Finally, she confronted the selfish beasts. Gluten free sugar free banana bread She told her family that she was thrilled that they enjoyed her muffins so much, but found it disheartening to think that they wouldn’t consider sharing even one with her.

It was after her lengthy lecture that she learned that neither husband or child had been eating the muffins. Moist banana muffin recipe Not a one. Banana bread taste of home That they had been thinking the same of her. Gluten free dairy free banana bread They simply couldn’t believe that she’d bake all those muffins for herself and then, in all likelihood, scarf them back in the bathroom whilst applying her morning makeup.

Evening surveillance proved that Mac, the dog, was more than capable of consuming a dozen muffins in the wee hours of the night. Banana muffin recipe uk Like, every night.

This smoothie looks delicious!!! As for your other dilemma, I have a cat who inhales any and all food left out on the counter. Chocolate banana bread muffins All I can say is that your microwave is your friend for cooling foods down while safely out of reach of pets!!!! All my cakes, muffins, etc rest in there until they’re cool enough to be covered ??

I hint for mango lovers – Trader Joe’s frozen mango chunks are great to have on hand for smoothies.

My favorite smoothie is a “Banana Split” – 1 ripe banana, 4-5 whole frozen strawberries, 1/2 cup skim milk (or you could use vanilla yogurt), 1/2 c of pineapple juice, a healthy squirt of Hershey’s chocolate syrup, and 1 1/2c of ice. Freezing bananas for banana bread Put it all in the blender and blend on “smoothie” setting (my blender has this) until drinkable – if too thick add more skim milk to thin.

This recipe is perfect! We’re going overseas in a three days so we need to use our milk, oats, and banana as quickly as possible – not the mango though, I have to restrain my family from eating too much! However, I don’t have melted coconut oil and I was wondering, would desicated coconut be equivalent to coconut oil? would it work?

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