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Secret Menus Guru provides the latest and most popular, up to date McDonald’s secret menu items and prices. The best ice cream cake recipe These items are not your ordinary McDonald’s food choices as they usually will not appear on any McDonald’s menu. German ice cream flavors Some items may even be so secret that not even the employees know about it. Japanese ice cream flavors list For example the McGangBang, which is a combination of a McDouble and a McChicken, will only set you back $2.00. Japanese ice cream flavors To create this beast all you will have to do is put a McChicken between the McDoubles beef patties.

Below are the latest McDonald’s secret menu items and prices.

*Not all items are available at every restaurant.

Gelato italian ice cream flavors Price may vary.

Below you will find more detailed information on each and every food item. Free printable ice cream cone template 2 Cheeseburger Meal

As simple as it sounds this food item is also one of McDonald’s most renowned secret food items. French ice cream brands This is because the secret menu item once shared a spot on the menu with many other popular food items. English ice cream brands To order this item simply ask for a two Cheeseburger Meal. Italian ice cream brands The item consists of a second Cheeseburger added to a original Cheeseburger Meal. Free ice cream cone day at dairy queen Although it seems like a great idea it also consists of a whopping 930 calories. Printable ice cream cone coloring pages But will most definitely satisfy your hunger needs. Free ice cream cone day carvel Egg Burger

This simple item allows you some freedom in choice, allowing you to choose which burger you deem fit to put some fried egg as a topping. Free ice cream cone day 2016 Thanks to McDonald’s all day Breakfast Menu this secret can not only allow breakfast for meal time but give your tastebuds something new they surely won’t forget anytime soon. Free ice cream cone day dairy queen To order just ask for some fried egg to top the delicious burger you’ve decided to devour. Best ice cream cones All American

Here is one item for those who enjoy the old fashioned simple burger with ketchup and pickles. Chinese ice cream brands This burger will give you a break from any other processed ingredient providing a nice, light snack for anyone interested. Spanish ice cream brands To order this burger simply ask for a All American Burger and if the employer looks puzzled just ask for a simple beef patty on a bun with only ketchup and pickles. Weird japanese ice cream flavors Apple Pie McFlurry

Ever tried McDonald’s Apple Pie? How about their McFlurries? Imagine combining the two creating a wonderful delicacy, treating your tastebuds with something extravagant. Chinese ice cream flavors Try this combination and you will never leave a McDonald’s without it again. French vanilla ice cream brands To order simply ask for a McFlurry and a Apple Pie, but politely ask them to blend the Pie in with the McFlurry and if not you can do the same simply by mixing the two together. Carb free ice cream brands Big Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Who would’ve thought a Big Mac could ever become vegetarian friendly? Well now it has with this secret menu item you will be able to enjoy a layout similar to that of a Big Mac just without the patties. Fat free ice cream brands This meatless, sesame seed bun layered with lettuce, American cheese, onions, pickles and McDonald’s secret Big Mac sauce will surely be an upgrade for those tired of McDonald’s salads. Best dairy free ice cream brands To order simply request that your Big Mac comes without the beef patties but includes everything else. Lactose free ice cream brands Big McChicken

Never again will you have to worry about not filling up on a Big Mac as this secret menu item definitely will. Egg free ice cream brands This food item gives meat lovers a whole new perspective on ordering burgers. Peanut free ice cream brands Substituting McChicken patties instead of Big Mac buns allows for some flavorful innovative new ways to order and eat McDonald’s burgers. Sugar free ice cream brands To order simply ask for a Big Mac and three McChickens. Nut free ice cream brands Then replace the Big Mac buns with the patties. Soy free ice cream brands Biscuits and Gravy

This is one of those food items you will definitely need some sort of drink to wash down after you eat it. Mexican ice cream brands McDonald’s biscuits covered in gravy, what more could be done? To order this simple item just ask for biscuits and gravy. Indian ice cream brands Caramel Apple Sundae

This item is very similar to the Apple Pie McFLurry and has a whole new taste to it but still tastes terrific. Japanese ice cream brands When ordering simply request a Hot Caramel Sundae and a Apple Pie or request them to add Apple Chunks to the Sundae to allow for a even better experience. Indian ice cream flavors Chicken Cordon Bleu McMuffin

What can be better than brunch at McDonald’s? Well with this secret menu item not much really. Fat free sugar free ice cream brands It consists of a lot of ingredients included in a Cordon Bleu. Low fat sugar free ice cream brands To order you will need an Egg McMuffin with a McChicken patty added inside. Best sugar free ice cream brands Chicken McGriddle

Although this item is on the McDonald’s secret menu it has become so popular that it made its way onto the menu of some McDonald’s in the Southeastern parts of the United States. Gluten free lactose free ice cream brands To assemble, simply order a McChicken patty in between two McGriddle Cakes. Tree nut free ice cream brands Cinnamon Melt a La Mode

As if breakfast couldn’t get any better than comes this delicious staggering beauty. Peanut and tree nut free ice cream brands This item combines one of McDonald’s famous Cinnamon melts as well as their abundantly ordered vanilla Ice Creams. Dairy free nut free ice cream brands For this dessert you will need to order Cinnamon melts as well as Vanilla Ice Cream and simply add the ice cream on top of the warm Cinnamon melts and eat away. Sugar free fat free ice cream brands Fried With Big Mac Sauce

There’s nothing much to say about this item but the introduction of a new dipping sauce for McDonald’s French Fries. Best fat free ice cream brands To order simply request they put some Big Mac Sauce into a dipping cup for easy fries access. Best ice cream brands and flavors Grilled Cheese

For those who enjoy cheeseburgers it’s time you tried something a bit more interesting. Italian ice cream ingredients The McDonald’s Grilled Cheese sandwich. French vanilla ice cream ingredients This sandwich is simply made but provides taste that is truly inconceivable. Breyers french vanilla ice cream ingredients To order ask for the buns to be grilled and then to add cheese in between. French macaron ice cream sandwiches Hash Browns McMuffin

Alike the Egg Burger this sandwich allows you to add a hash brown patty to any of your favorite breakfast sandwiches. Best ice cream sandwiches Changing the way you eat the McDonald’s meals. Best ice cream sandwiches in la To order you will have to simply request that they add a hash brown patty to any breakfast sandwich you find tasty. Best ice cream ingredients Land, Sea, and Air burger

This delicious burger lives up to its name as it consists of three things. Cheap ice cream ingredients A Big Mac (Land), Filet-O-Fish (Sea), and McChicken (Air). Where did neapolitan ice cream originated from To experience this monster of a Burger you will need an order of one Big Mac, a Filet-O-Fish, and a McChicken. English ice cream recipes After you’ve placed your order assemble as wished. Free ice cream recipes Mc10:35

To order this combo you will need to be time friendly and find some time between 10:30am and 11:00am to order this sandwich from the McDonald’s Secret Menu Items. Where to buy neapolitan ice cream slices To order ask for an Egg McMuffin & a McDouble. Ice cream neapolitan To finish it off put the burger patties into the McMuffin. Neapolitan ice cream cake McBrunch Burger

Thanks to McDonald’s all day breakfast this burger is a possibility and combines some of McDonald’s most pristine ingredients. Neapolitan ice cream cone Like Eggs, Jalapenos, hash browns and cheese. Neapolitan ice cream cake recipe To place an order, ask the cashier if he could add all those ingredients to any burger you order. Best neapolitan ice cream McCrepe

This is one of those items that fulfill the missing “Crepes” menu item in McDonald’s. Neapolitan ice cream tub It is a mouth watering McDonald’s Hotcake filled with a McDonald’s yogurt Parfait. Neapolitan ice cream slices There is no denying that sounds delicious. Neapolitan ice cream bar Another breakfast item to wow your companions. Neapolitan ice cream astronaut To order simply ask for a Hotcake and one Yogurt Parfait, then proceed to top your hotcake with the yogurt parfait finalizing it by folding the Hotcake in half. Neapolitan ice cream flavors McGangBang

The McGangBang combines two of the most popular food items on the menu. Neapolitan ice cream squares This secret menu item takes one McChicken sandwich and one McDouble. Neapolitan ice cream brands To order you will have to ask for a McChicken sandwich as well as one McDouble than proceed by adding the McChicken between the patties of the McDouble. Vegan neapolitan ice cream This will create the well known McGangBang secret menu item. Ice cream flavor neapolitan McKinley Mac

If you’re feeling hungry for a supersized Big Mac then this secret menu item is just what you need. Neapolitan ice cream sandwich A combination of one Big Mac and instead of those measly normal sized Big Mac beef patties, quarter pounds are used instead. Where did neapolitan ice cream come from To order this meat lovers special secret menu item ask for a Big Mac with Quarter Pound patties instead of the normal sized beef patties. Best neapolitan ice cream brand McLeprechaun Shake

Have you forgotten to wear green again for St. Neapolitan ice cream pistachio Patrick day? Well look no further as this Shake will not only protect you from pinches but will also provide a spectacular new companion to hold close by while walking to work or even enjoying a sip at your desk. Italian neapolitan ice cream This unusual but eye pleasing shake has a Chocolate Shake base with Shamrock on top, topped with a swirl of whipped cream and finished off with an optional red cherry on top. Neapolitan ice cream block To order you will need to wait until March and then ask a McDonald’s employee to create this 50/50 blend of a Chocolate Shake and a Shamrock Shake. What three flavours make up a neapolitan ice cream Monster Mac

Known to be one of the most meatiest secret menu items, this Monster Mac provides all the burger essentials including cheese, pickles, lettuce, Big Mac sauce and beef patties enclosed by buns. Neapolitan ice cream walmart This mouth watering burger combines eight or more Beef Patties into one cheesy burger depending on if you purchase another extra eight slices of cheese to be melted inside of the burger. Neapolitan ice cream shocker To order simply ask for a Big Mac with eight extra beef patties (and a optional eight slices of cheese). Neapolitan ice cream bucket Neapolitan Shake

Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate. Tropical neapolitan ice cream The usual blend of a Neapolitan ice cream, but now that McDonald’s serves all three flavors in their shakes, why not try out a Neapolitan McDonald’s Shake? This McDonald’s shake combines Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate into one deliciously planned out Shake that will have everyone crave some for themselves. Neapolitan ice cream sandwiches To order simply ask for a equal mix of Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate into one small, medium, or even large McDonald’s Shake. Walls neapolitan ice cream Orange Creamsicle

Hi-C has been consumed at least once by every child in America and for some is still a daily beverage used to quench their thirst. Breyers neapolitan ice cream The McDonald’s Vanilla ice cream cup is also one of the most famous items ordered by the everyday customer, especially during the summer. Ice cream sandwich neapolitan To create this tangy, tasteful vanilla ice cream mix simply order a vanilla ice cream cup and add a swirl of some Hi-C drink to it. Neapolitan ice cream pronunciation Poor Man’s Big Mac

Don’t let the title of this burger prevent you from ordering as it is not only cheaper than your regular Big Mac burger but is also a huge cut on the 563 calories a Big Mac packs. Neapolitan ice cream tesco This simple combination of a McDouble with Big Mac Sauce excluding the Ketchup and Mustard, gives you that Big Mac sensation but also more satisfying to your stomach and daily calorie intake. Tesco neapolitan ice cream Root Beer Float

If you are a Root Beer lover or even a Coke fanatic this secret menu item should be your next choice. Neapolitan ice cream recipe This beverage will not only be chilled but will provide a two in one deal, Ice cream and drink. Edy’s neapolitan ice cream To order simply ask for a water cup or any drink size with some Vanilla Ice Cream on the bottom and then at the drink dispensary select Root Beer or Coke and begin filling. Why is it called neapolitan ice cream Strawberry Eggnog Shake

With this mouth watering Shake, you will have everyone asking you what and how. Neapolitan ice cream calories A combination of Eggnog and Strawberry Shakes This beverage is sure to bring up those holiday spirits. What is neapolitan ice cream Even though it is only available in December, the taste of it will surely prove worthy of the wait. How is neapolitan ice cream made To order ask for a half and half mix of Strawberry and Eggnog Shakes.

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