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I first tasted reindeer stew at a Bavarian dinner in the lovely chalet home of Hermann Pfieffer, a German steel cable manufacturer. Food network chicken fried steak recipes Hermann’s wife Sieglinde, an accomplished cook, served hirschgulasch (reindeer stew in German) and I was a little anxious about eating reindeer. Food network steak recipes I was torn between being a gracious guest and my affection for the Rudolf and Bambi cartoon characters. Food and wine steak recipes But when I tasted Frau Pfieffer’s luscious stew, I was hooked.

On subsequent European trips, every time I would spot reindeer stew on a restaurant menu, I had to try it and was always pleased with my choice. Sandwich steak meat recipes Thus, when on a recent trip to Davos-Kloster, Switzerland I spotted reindeer stew with spicy red cabbage and a huge potato dumpling on the menu, I challenged myself to replicating the memorable taste of these European reindeer stews.

As I embarked on my plan to prepare a delicious reindeer stew at home, I encountered an obstacle: reindeer or venison of any kind is difficult to find in American stores. Beef steak temperature chart After calling local butchers and a careful internet search, I was able to find only three sources in the United States, one of which was a Chicago specialty butcher that carried only frozen red deer meat from New Zealand! A close relative to reindeer, but it had to do for my challenge.

Why isn’t venison more popular in America? Hunters, of course, eat all forms of venison — reindeer, deer, elk, caribou. Meat temperatures steak In hunting communities, local butchers process venison into steaks, roasts, stew, sausages and jerky for private consumption. Meat temperatures for steak But the only venison commercially available nationwide is limited to reindeer and deer for various reasons.

First, US food safety regulations forbid the sale of wild-caught or hunted venison, mandating that markets sell only farmed inspected venison. Beef steak chili recipe Second, reindeer were introduced only 120 years ago to North America and unlike in Europe where numerous farms raise reindeer for meat, there are few reindeer farms in the United States. What is the best meat for philly cheesesteaks Only a small supply of USDA-inspected venison is available on-line. Things to do with steak meat Approximately 85% of the venison sold frozen in America comes from New Zealand where red deer are farmed and inspected before sale to consumers. How to make philly steak meat (Farm-raised, corn-fed reindeer have a milder beef-like flavor than those raised in the wild.) A less significant, but probably more emotional, reason is the personification of Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Bambi.

Reindeer meat is very popular throughout Europe, where reindeer are farm-raised as an alternative meat and butchered like cattle. How to make philly cheese steak meat Consequently, reindeer meat is widely available in supermarkets and restaurants as steak, stew, ribs, jerky, sausage, soup, smoked and fried.

Although domesticated 5,000 to 7,000 years ago near the Russian-Mongolian border, reindeer husbandry is most common among the Sami, a semi-nomadic indigenous people who live in the northern most regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Things to make with steak meat The Sami have been reindeer herders for centuries and have developed a symbiotic relationship with their herds. What is swiss steak cut of meat The Sami depend on the reindeer and the reindeer depend on them. Meat steak They follow and tend enormous herds that provide them with meat, fur and transportation from country to country. Best steak meat Because the Sami consume all reindeer meat produced from their herds, reindeer farms in 18 European countries supply meat commercially.

Sami woman reindeer herder, Berit Logje with cast antler at round-up near Kautokeino. Steak meat cuts Northern Norway *

Domesticated reindeer were introduced to North America only in the early 1900s from Siberia and Norway as a way of improving nutrition among Native Alaskans. Beef steak meat Sami herders taught Native Americans how to manage and expand the herds which provided meat, milk, tallow, sinew for sewing, and hides for fashioning blankets, clothing and footwear. Best meat for steak Reindeer were even also used to pull sleds of gear for miners and initially delivered mail in Alaska. Meat and steak Thus, for over a century reindeer herding in Alaska has been a cultural and traditional mainstay in many villages. Steak cuts of meat Most of the reindeer meat from Native Alaskan herds, however, is consumed within Native Alaskan communities because few villages can deliver their meat to slaughterhouses for inspection–a key to reaching new markets. Meat for steak Many must do their butchering in areas without plumbing, relying on the weather to freeze the carcasses.

Times changed. Where to buy good steak meat Recent recognition of the nutritional benefits of venison seems to have spurred American consumer demand. Steak and meat Venison is now regarded a desirable alternative to factory-farmed meat because it is a lean meat high in protein and low in fat. Best cut of meat for steak Reindeer meat is tender, like chicken, high in B vitamins: B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B6 and B12 and a significant source of essential minerals, including iron, copper, zinc and selenium, comparing favorably to fish when it comes to omega-3 and 6, and other essential fatty acids. The best meat for steak More and more restaurants are offering venison on their menus. Good steak meat Native Alaskan villages, which have not previously sold reindeer meat outside their communities, recently started improving processing infrastructure to permit larger supplies of meat to satisfy growing demand. Recipes with steak meat Only recently have reindeer started to be raised on farms in other parts of North America.

Once I realized how rare reindeer meat was in America, in pursuing my challenge, I wanted to locate or develop a special reindeer stew recipe that would highlight this unusual ingredient. Best meat steak As I worked through German, Norwegian, Swedish, Austrian, Polish and Italian recipes for reindeer stew, I noted many similarities in preparation. Steak meat recipes The pungent, bracing and rather piney flavor of juniper berries and the herbal, slightly floral bay leaves are often natural companions to richly flavored reindeer or deer meats. What to make with steak meat Venison is often cooked slowly in bacon or pancetta fat to keep the meat moist. Best meat cut for steak Wine and beef stock are usually added as cooking liquid to impart depth and richness. What meat is steak Whether prepared in Norway, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Poland or Switzerland, this low in fat, darker red meat, more succulent than beef, becomes tender in a velvety winey sauce, a perfect winter comfort food.

This recipe combines the best reindeer stew preparations I found in Europe and makes a very flavorful dish. Types of steak meat I urge you to try it. What kind of meat is steak Reindeer meat is available on-line at, and What to do with steak meat If reindeer or other venison is unavailable, the flavors in this recipe make a wonderful stew of beef chuck roast or shoulder.

Reindeer stew is served with different accompaniments from country to country: boiled or roasted potatoes, potato dumplings, spaetzle, egg noodles or polenta, red cabbage or other vegetables and lingonberry or cranberry jam. Meat en steak I photographed and served this reindeer stew the same way I first tasted it at the Pfeiffers, with spaetzle, the German homemade noodle for which I provide recipe in a previous blog on noodles. Recipes for steak meat

2 ? pounds (1 k) venison shoulder, trimmed of silverskin, visible fat and sinews, cubed into 1 inch pieces

? pound (227g) cremini mushrooms, whole if small; quartered if large

1? tablespoon lingonberry jam** (or whole cranberry sauce), plus more for serving

Cover dried mushrooms with 1? cup (355 ml) boiling water. What can i make with steak meat Leave to soak for at least 20 minutes. Different types of steak meat Drain soaking liquor into small bowl and set aside. What is steak meat Roughly chop soaked mushrooms.

Heat sunflower oil in a large pot and fry bacon lightly until colored and fat is rendered and bacon is crisp. How to make steak meat Remove bacon with a slotted spoon to drain on paper towel and then place bacon in large bowl. New york steak cut of meat Do not wash pot; reserve for later use.

Combine 2 tablespoons flour with salt and pepper. Best part of meat for steak Dry venison chunks well and in a large bowl toss in flour mixture until well coated. Meat marinade recipes steak Re-heat oil in pot and sear meat in batches to develop a crust all over. Recipes using steak meat Remove meat when browned with slotted spoon to bowl with bacon. Deer meat steak recipes Set aside.

Add onions and shallots to the pot, adding more oil if necessary. Best cut of meat for steak fajitas When onions and shallots start to brown, sprinkle with remaining 1? tablespoon of flour and stir with a wooden spoon. Best cut of meat for steak tips Cook several minutes to allow flour to color. What kind of meat is salisbury steak Add garlic and carrots.

Deglaze pot with red wine, stirring with a wooden spoon to release bits burned on pot bottom. What kind of meat is philly steak Return meat to pot. How to make steak meat tender Add beef broth, bouillon cubes or powder and reserved bacon. How to make steak medium well Bring to a simmer and reduce heat to low.

Stir in thyme, rosemary, cayenne, paprika, juniper berries, both mushrooms, soaking liquid, peppercorns and bay leaves. How to make steak medium rare Add lingonberry jam or cranberry sauce.

Cover stew with parchment round (cartouche) and top with the lid. What kind of meat is philly cheese steak Reduce heat in oven to 200°F (93°C) Bake in preheated oven for 1 hour. Cuts of meat for steak Stir and test for doneness. Best meat for steak tartare If meat is not tender, continue cooking for another ? hour until meat is tender. Best meat for steak sandwiches Stir and test again. Best meat for steak fajitas Remove from oven when done.

Sprinkle with parsley and serve with your choice of potatoes, noodles, spaetzle, noodles or polenta and more lingonberry jam or cranberry sauce.

Reindeer stew also tastes great when reheated the next day. Best meat for steak tacos If sauce needs thickening before serving, combine 1 tablespoon flour with 2 tablespoons water and stir into the stew which will thicken as it is being reheated.

* Photo by Bryan and Cherry Alexander of, used here with permission.

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