Mennonite girls can cook_ obstkuchen (platz)

I have made this platz many times and it’s a favorite here. 5 ingredient banana bread It is also a nice size to bring to potlucks. Company’s coming banana bread I hadn’t planned on posting this recipe..then my g’daughter came to see me today and I thought it was time she learned to make this platz. Banana bread with walnuts She claims she doesn’t like to cook or bake but as you can see she did a great job! And so of course I just had to post this one!

Sift dry ingredients together and with a pastry blender mix in the butter.

Banana bread with yogurt Add the cream and slightly beaten egg and mix well.

Pat out on a greased 10×15″ pan. Banana bread with oil (approx) Wet hands to do this as the dough may be a bit sticky.

Put on a layer of any of the following fruits: cherries, plums, apples, apricots, rhubarb, blueberries or any fruit in season..frozen fruit works too. One banana bread My g’daughter used rhubarb.

Mix well with a pastry will be crumbly. Banana bread with one banana If you want coarser crumbs just mix in a bit of cream. How long to cook banana bread muffins Sprinkle thickly over the fruit.

rarely a sunday afternoon fasba (coffee time) would be served with our it….this so looks good and i think i will make a platz just for fun.

do you freeze yours betty, and do your crumbs stay crispy if you do?

i don’t freeze my platz for that reason, maybe i am doing something wrong…..

tips on that subject from anyone out there would be good. Banana bread recipe without baking powder my mom says it should not be left covered while defrosting because it makes the crums soggy, but mine are soggy none the less. Wells banana bread beer where to buy Reply Delete

Freeze platz unbaked, and then when you’ve got the platz craving take it out of the freezer and bake it without thawing it first. Banana bread recipe without brown sugar It is the perfect dessert to prepare ahead of time and freeze. Banana bread with cake mix Delete

I’d just like to say dat dis wabsite warms my vary heart – daut es zau gout daut dey mennonitisha meyales con da gouta aten maochen!

you can find my endorsement of your web site on my newest vidyo Reply Delete

I have this exact platz (unbaked – with apricots) in my freezer right now to bake when I need it.

I spread it onto a 9X13 pan and used half the recipe for the crumbs, including some cream. Banana bread recipe alton brown It’s quite new to me – introduced by my daughter-in-law. Better homes and gardens banana bread Very good!!!! Reply Delete

Platz season is here…and I love it! I often prepare two pans…bake one and slip the second one into the freezer ready to bake.

Baking with your granddaughter sounds like a good time! Reply Delete

This sounds so good. Betty crocker banana nut bread I will make this too, as well as your bagels. Banana bread recipe bread machine I need more time! I love it that you spend time with your granddaughter and teach her how to cook. Banana bread with walnuts recipe When I was a wee girl, my grandmother got me started cooking as well. Recipe for banana bread with walnuts It was a real bonding time for us, plus I learned a skill that has brought me and those I love great happiness. Frosting for banana bread Bless you for being that kind of grandmother, too! Reply Delete

I’m with you Char – I never freeze it because it gets soggy. Banana bread for diabetics However freezing it unbaked is something I’ll have to try. Bananas and breastfeeding My dear MIL always added a tbsp. Banana bread bread pudding of cream to the crumbs which makes them stay crunchy for longer. Banana bread recipe with walnuts I find that covering the baked platz with anything but a piece of waxed paper, makes it go soggy overnight. Cream cheese frosting for banana bread Reply Delete

Betty,I recognized this recipe ,as you gave it to me,or told me about it manyyyyyy moons ago..LOL.Always our favorite one.But you must of changed it a bit as I have 1 cup sugar and 1 cup flour for the top.But never the less it’s a very good one!!!! Reply Delete

I thought you would get a good laugh out of this video my dil did for an event at work. Glaze for banana bread

I find this is one of my favorite desserts since I married into a Mennonite family over 50 years ago. Banana bread recipe with nuts I love your blog and check it just about every day. Banana bread topping ideas June Reply Delete

I came across your site about a year ago and saw a picture of these decadent sticky buns, they were covered in a caramel or butterscotch sauce and I bookmarked the page but since then I reformated my pc and have lost the recipe. Banana bread topping I can’t seem to find it on your site anymore. Banana bread recipe bread maker Can anyone help me? Reply Delete

I came across this site by ‘accident’ looking for a ‘bubbat’ recipe. Banana foster bread We’re celebrating a late Christmas due to the married kids schedules and I decided to really do the Mennonite thing from when I was growing up in Steinbach MB. Topping for banana bread So I feel blessed to find this site – not just for the recipes, but also noticing the strong faith that you all seem to have as well. Banana bread without baking powder Thank you!

Sorry, this comes from a Genuine German. How to make vegan banana bread I use 300g flour [2 1/2 c], 200g butter [1c or 1/2 lb], 125g sugar [1/2 to 2/3], vanilla or cinnamon optional, and work it with my hands until crumbs form (to “pick off”. Banana bread using cake mix This makes twice as much as needed for the 9X13 so I freeze the rest for next time. Banana bread using applesauce I made several for our Oktoberfest, even on prune plums and froze and it wasn’t soggy. Banana bread using oil Reply Delete

My Grandma always had Plautz hanging around. Bananas foster bread pudding Apricot was my favorite. Banana bread with yogurt recipe Funny enough, she would store it in the games cupboard with a tea towel on top….and there was always a knife in the pan. Banana bread with yogurt and applesauce I think I’ll go make some! Reply Delete

“Yes, platz means place …. Banana bread with yogurt and oil that’s where the Obst platz got its name — “a place to put fruit’ …(the name then easily shortened to just ‘platz’.) Recipes, especially old family ones, often become family favorites with a unique family twist in the recipe. Banana nut bread beer You are welcome to share how Obstkuchen were/are made in your family.” Delete

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