Mennonite girls can cook_ pizza buns

Now these I’ve never made, shoot, I was going to make the taco salad for lunch tomorrow but now these look so good, I know pizza buns for lunch and taco salad for dinner. Banana nut bread calories .. Banana nut bread with chocolate chips done deal. Banana nut bread healthy They looks so fantastic! Reply Delete

These have been a favourite at our house for years. Banana nut bread cake I used to make them for my kids’ school lunches – just pop a frozen bun in the lunchbag in the morning and they were thawed by lunchtime.

Banana nut bread pioneer woman I use sliced pizza meats – ham, pepperoni and salami and toss on a few chopped peppers before sprinkling the cheese and rolling them up. Banana nut bread with buttermilk Annaliese, you’re a cook after my own heart. Easy banana bread no eggs Reply Delete

Pizza buns sound so good. How to make banana bread pudding But like Bev said, those were in our school days. How to make banana bread without eggs That really gives away our age. Banana nut bread recipe healthy Anyways those are so delicous. Healthy banana bread muffins Confession, I went to Hofstede’s and bought some, because the are best to home made and I had no time last week. Best banana bread recipe uk Reply Delete

I missed Tiffany’s question about freezing and reheating these buns. Best banana bread recipe sour cream Yes, I freeze them and wrap the frozen buns in aluminum foil to reheat. Banana bread with sour cream martha stewart Taste just as good! But I do everything in the oven, since I don’t use a microwave. Banana bread with sour cream and chocolate chips Maybe that would work too. Banana bread with sour cream and brown sugar They’re not bad just thawed, if you wish to pack them for a school lunch. Banana bread nutrition facts My granddaughter thought she had a very tasty treat when I did this. Healthy banana bread with greek yogurt Reply Delete

I’m so excited I found this site and have made a few very yummy recipes and hope to make many more. Moist banana bread muffins I really want to try this one, I know my children will love it. Banana nut bread moist This is a dumb question but do you let the buns raise again after you roll them up or do you bake them right away? Thanks! Reply Delete

Thank you Anneliese.. Easy banana bread recipe uk and thanks for answering so fast. Banana bread recipe with sour cream and brown sugar I might still be able to have these for supper tonight. Banana loaf with chocolate chips I kind of figured you did, but not that great of a baker to know for sure! Reply Delete

Wow! Do I love making these! I used my own french bread recipe, and took them along for “a day at the lake” this summer. Gluten free banana chocolate chip bread I also taught a cooking class to a group of 9 international ladies just recently. Moist banana chocolate chip bread I taught them this, along with my own red pepper soup. Healthy chocolate chip banana bread I chose this recipe because it was inexpensive to make and would go a long way for these international families that may not have many resources. Banana bread without nuts Thanks for posting these pizza rolls Reply Delete

I love that you taught this to a class of International ladies! I have done volunteer English lessons and had ladies over – they are so appreciative and fun! Thanks! Reply Delete

My search to find a recipe for pizza Buns for my own husband and son led me to your wonderful web site. Healthy banana chocolate chip bread I made the Pizza Buns and WOW !! Instant hit here. Banana nut chocolate chip bread Gave some to my girlfriend for her son and … Banana walnut chocolate chip bread well lets just say there will be a baking session over at her place on pay day. Best banana bread muffins The pics are beautiful and the hints from the cook and the feedback is fantastic. Banana bread muffins healthy Reply Delete

These are simple and delicious. Vegan chocolate chip banana bread I made them once before and they were so light and fluffy, I just knew I’d be making them again.

Tonight I used 1/2 the dough and spread garlic butter and cheddar cheese to go along with our spaghetti supper. Chocolate chip banana bread recipe martha stewart Yum!

The other half is pizza buns and currently smelling delicious while baking in the oven for lunches and snacks.

Before I was afraid of making bread dough, with all the mixing, kneading and rising. Banana bread recipe applesauce Thank you for posting this. Paleo banana nut bread It is so simple and concise, and so very delicious. Banana nut bread recipe paula deen Reply Delete

Thank you so much for this and the million other recipes I have “borrowed” from your blog=) This one is a family favorite now, I can never make a big enough batch for it last until lunch the next day. Banana bread beer recipe Reply Delete

This recipe has become part of my Saturday morning routine. Peanut butter banana bread with chocolate chips Thanks to this blog I’ve made buns, pizza buns, cinnamon buns, cookies, summa borscht…the list goes on and on….I decided it was time to say THANK YOU! You ladies rock!! Reply Delete

I started making pizza buns after a few tips from my son’s friend who worked at a grocery store. Banana bread without buttermilk Haven’t tried it with French bread dough, but will do that. Banana bread recipe muffins Pizza pepperoni along with the sauce and cheese is really good too. Banana bread recipe vegan I bag each bun in a sandwich bag (not environmentally friendly, but really convenient) and then store them in a container in the freezer. Banana bread muffins with chocolate chips My boys just grab what they want for their lunches. Banana bread muffins uk Certainly has made my life easier! Just found your website – what a treasure!! Reply Delete

just made these and they were absolutely delicious!! thank you so much for the recipe! definitely going to be making these more often. Banana bread recipe with cream cheese Do you think they could be freezer friendly or would they go bad? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated! Thanks again!! 🙂 Reply Delete

Yes… Banana cake without baking soda I freeze them. Banana bread chocolate chip muffins No problem. Banana bread with almond flour They make great lunches (thawed out – cold) but you can also wrap them in foil and put them in the oven for a bit to heat through. Banana muffins with chocolate chips Reply Delete

I just wanted to say how much I LOVE this recipe! It’s a big hit in my home, and everyone who tries them loves them!! Thank you so much for making it so easy to make other’s smile and enjoy a delicious pizza bun!! Reply Delete

Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. Banana bread with almond meal I have made this twice using my homemade basil spaghetti sauce, bacon bits and shredded cheese. Gluten free banana bread almond meal A hit with the family. Gluten free banana bread almond flour Reply Delete

I used to make this type of bun years back, and had lost my recipe. Banana bread recipe walnuts I scoured the internet and for awhile could only find those that used Pillsbury dough…I wanted one from scratch and a healthier option. How to make healthy banana bread We’ve made these twice now and the second time we doubled the recipe. Banana bread mini muffins The kids and hubby love them and want them more often. Banana bread brown sugar We’ve eaten them hot out of the oven and cold the next day in lunches, my little guy eats one hot and one cold in his lunch! We add a few more ingredients to the inside (peppers, 3 types of meat, onions, spices, mozzarella). Moist banana cake recipe with oil Next time we’re going to just do sauce, ground beef (pre-cooked), spices and cheese and try it a different way. Banana loaf recipe with oil The dough is amazing, best I’ve had. Banana cake recipe with oil not butter Hubby especially likes it, we’re going to experiment and try some different things with it too…pizza, just make a loaf (like you suggested above), dinner buns, garlic bread just to list a few. Banana cake recipe with oil I’ll be keeping this recipe on hand for the many years to come. Easy banana cake recipe with oil I’ve shared it with my Mom and a few friends too. Banana bread recipe with self rising flour Thanks so much for sharing it. Moist chocolate chip banana bread recipe Happy 2014 to you and your family. Recipe for chocolate chip banana bread Reply Delete

Hello! I am making these with your french bread dough recipe and i am wondering do i let the dough rise for 30 min then roll it out and add the ingredients for the pizza buns THEN let it rise again? or do i only let it rise once and if so when? thanks kindly Reply Delete

Yes, after mixing, let the dough rise (20 – 30 min. Banana bread with chocolate chips and walnuts covered). Healthy banana nut muffin recipe Proceed with rolling out and slicing, then cover rolls on baking sheet and let rise another 30 minutes before baking. Banana bread donna hay Delete

I made these this week after an unusual snowfall (we live in Portland OR) and they were delicious! I’m not skilled with bread making and whatever I did wrong made the dough pretty sticky but I made it work! Perfect for a snow day. Old fashioned banana bread recipe Thank you for your blog. 3 ingredient banana bread again. Healthy gluten free banana bread Reply Delete

Hi Jill, I’m sure you did nothing “wrong” … Banana bread recipe eggless what I have read and experienced is that American flour is different from Canadian in that it has less gluten in it. Vegan banana bread muffins If you add a Tbsp of vital wheat gluten

(you can find it in the baking aisle) you may find the dough has a better texture. Gluten free oatmeal banana bread You could also just try using a bit more flour than it says, so that it is less sticky. Vegan gluten free banana bread Delete

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