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These Mexican stuffed sweet potatoes have a runny egg and a tangy lime avocado sauce! They’re a healthy, gluten free and whole30 friendly weeknight meal!
Protein + carbs + healthy, good-for-you fats that don’t require you to dirty a plate.
Baking food in food is the current champion of my heart because, after almost 4 years of food blogging, I am SO DONE WITH DOING DISHES.
Anytime that my fork can shovel ALL THE FOOD into my hungry mouth, INCLUDING whatever it is baked in (hi crispy, crunchy MEGA delicious sweet potato skin!) it gives me warm and fuzzy feelings inside my belly.
Even if you haven’t been a food blogger for 4 years, something in my brain tells me that you are A-L-S-O over having to do dishes/unload the dishwasher.

Easy homemade biscuit recipe from scratch <– I HATE. All hungry-but-busy-no-time-to-clean people of the world REJOICE. It’s only been in the past couple years that I have fallen head over taste buds for sweet potatoes. Vegetable soup homemade recipe My momma NEVER (seriously, not once) cooked them in our house growing up. French onion soup homemade recipe So, when I came down to America and everyone was all sweet potato CA-RAY-ZAY, I was sort of confused. Until I tried vegan coconut curry with sweet potato noodles and scalloped sweet potatoes. It was like little fireworks of love and addiction exploded all up in my carb-loving mouth. Chicken soup homemade recipe How can something so simple, and real-grown-in-the-ground-nutritious be the most perfect combination of savory and sweet, and with SO many options to switch-em-up-change-em-up? You can make maple tahini grilled sweet potatoes, pecan pie twice baked sweet potatoes, or even slow cooker mango chicken and sweet potato bowls. While all of those are delicious, SUPER YUM options that you should eat at some point in your real-person life, what I really want to tell you to do is to bake them WITH AN EGG INSIDE. Give your root-veggie friends a lonnnnggg sauna in the oven, to create the ultimate of crispy-crunchy skin that is hugging a soft, sweet and creamy inside. Chicken noodle soup homemade recipe Mix all of the luscious, vibrantly-orange flesh with a heavy hand of flavor-PACKED cilantro, the familiar, warm spices of taco seasoning and ROASTED GARLIC. Tomato soup homemade recipe <3 <3 <3 Next steps: mash it up –> Back into crispy-skin-heaven –> CRACK AN EGG IN IT –> Bake into the oven.
While you hungrily wait for your whole30 Mexican egg baked sweet potatoes to cook, opening the oven every 5 seconds to see if the egg is done (maybe that’s just impatient me?) whip up the simplest of sauces, that uses a base of velvety-smooth, rich avocado and bursts of fresh-and-tangy lime.
P.s I don’t care what that Grandma on TV says, you should put THIS sauce on everything.
But definitely spread it THICK overtop of the spicy-sweet-baked-potato as it comes out of the oven wearing it’s most-perfectly-balanced-insanely-delicious crown of dinner glory.
Really, you could even it for breakfast. Pizza homemade recipe It’s one of those meals that is just CRAVE-ABLE any time of the day that the need for food strikes.
Another key selling point: the creamy-factor is OUT of control here friends. How many calories in homemade meatballs Sinking your spoon through a thick layer of spiced-sweet potato and then breaking into the runny yolk, letting it OOZE in yumminess, and then scooping up rich, zesty avocado sauce is pretty much the DEFINITION of creamy-good-things-happening-in-your-life-right-now.
Obviously with extra cilantro on top (because it IS my spirit herb) and a few juicy, red tomatoes to give a little pop of freshness to SEAL THE DEAL.
I also shared the whole30 Mexican Egg Baked Sweet Potatoes recipe on Food Fanatic, so be sure to check it out there!
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These stuffed sweet taters look so hearty and sturdy that I could just sail away in one and never return! I love making eggs with sweet potato hash browns for breakfast on the weekends, but this is better and easier idea!
Ok, so these are WOW, amazing, stupendous. Healthy homemade brownies from scratch I know what you mean by loving to cook but not loving to do the dishes. Best homemade brownies from scratch Some days I really don’t mind doing dishes, and some days I’m like, ‘Use all the tin foil and parchment paper’ so I don’t have to wash anything.
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