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A little while ago, we complained that there aren’t many projects using the Microview, a very cool Arduino and OLED thing that might be just too big for a ring. Non alcoholic sparkling cocktails [Johannes] answered the call with a slot car track timer. Christmas sparkling cocktails He’s using an infrared distance sensor to count off lap times for his slot car track and a mini thermal printer to print out the times.

Wild margarita recipe Video right here.

Too many cables in your freshman college dorm room? Here’s the solution.

Our Internet travels frequently take us to strange auctions (we’re still looking for a US Mail truck, btw), but this one takes the cake. Long red dresses for weddings 24kt gold plates that were flown in space for five and a half years weighing 6,015.5 grams (212.191 oz). Black and red dresses for weddings At the current price of $1277.06/oz, this auction should go for $270,980 USD. Champagne cocktails for brunch I’m 99% sure this was part of the Long Duration Exposure Facility, but I have no clue why this much gold was flown. Champagne cocktails for new year’s eve Surely they could have done the same amount of science with only a hundred thousand dollars worth of gold, right?

So here’s this, but this isn’t your everyday, “put an Arduino in a vibrator” crowdfunding campaign. Champagne cocktails with vodka No, they actually have some great tutorials. Champagne cocktails for christmas Did you know that a stroke sensor looks like shag carpeting? [Scott] tells us, “I believe the founders are all graduate students getting PhDs in something or other, starting a sex toy company on the side.” More power to ’em.

Speaking of dildonics, the guy who coined that term will be giving one of the keynotes at the Vintage Computer Festival East this year. White lillet cocktails Yes, we’ll be there in full force. Lillet red cocktails Posted in Hackaday Columns, Hackaday links Tagged Bob Marley Wearing A Che Guevara Tshirt, dildonics, government auction, LDEF, microview, nasa, sex toy, slot car, Ted Nelson, VCF East, Vintage Computer Festival

Despite the MicroView shipping a ton of units, we haven’t seen many projects using this tiny Arduino and OLED display in a project. Lillet wine cocktails Never fear, because embedded systems engineer, podcaster, and Hackaday Prize judge [Elecia White] is here with a wearable build for this very small, very cool device.

The size and shape of the MicroView just cried out to be made into a ring, and for that, [Elicia] is using air-drying bendy polymer clay. Lillet rouge cocktails To attach the clay to the MicroView, [Elecia] put some female headers in a breadboard, and molded the clay over them into a ring shape. Lillet blanc cocktails It works, and although [Elecia] didn’t do anything too tricky with the headers and clay, there are some interesting things you could do running wires through the clay.

What does this ring do? It’s a Magic 8 Ball, a game of Pong controlled by an accelerometer, a word-of-the-day thing (with definitions), all stuffed into a brass silicon, OLED, and clay knuckle. Video below.

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Remember those ‘cocktail’ arcade cabinets? The Ikea Lack table has existed for years, so why not make one into an arcade table? Raspberry Pi with RetroPie as the brains, and an ancient 4:3 monitor as the display.

Old Unixes! Running on PDPs, Novas, and IBMs! Thanks to Simh, you can emulate these old machines. Jack cocktails [Matt] put up a guide to getting Simh running on a Pi that includes running Unix V5 on an emulated PDP-11.

Ever wanted to run your own telecom? The folks at Toorcamp did just that, 50 lines, 10,000 feet of 1-pair, and 1,500 feet of 2-pair. Iced coffee cocktails recipes There’s a facebook album of all the pics.

Remember last week when Sparkfun said they shipped 2000 Microviews without a bootloader? Make interviewed [Marcus Schappi], the guy behind the MicroView. Jack daniels winter jack cocktails There’s also a tutorial on how to fix the issue.

Remember the [Lord Vetinari] clock from way back when? It’s a clock that ticks 86400 times a day, but the interval between each second is just slightly random and enough to drive people insane. Yukon jack cocktails Here’s a kit on Tindie that makes it pretty easy to build a Ventinari clock, or a variety of other clocks that are sufficiently weird. Honey jack cocktails There’s also a martian clock that’s 39 minutes and 36 seconds longer than normal, perfect for the folks at JPL.

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Everyone has a bad day right? Monday was a particularly bad day for the folks at Sparkfun. Gentleman jack cocktails Customer support tickets started piling up, leading to the discovery that they had shipped out as many as 1,934 MicroViews without bootloaders.

MicroView is the tiny OLED enabled, Arduino based, microcontroller system which had a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. Extra dry vermouth cocktails [Marcus Schappi], the project creator, partnered up with SparkFun to get the MicroViews manufactured and shipped out to backers. Classic vodka cocktails recipes This wasn’t a decision made on a whim, Sparkfun had proven themselves by fulfilling over 11,000 Makey Makey boards to backers of that campaign.

Rather than downplay the issue, Sparkfun CEO [Nathan Seidle] has taken to the company blog to explain what happened, how it happened, and what they’re going to do to make it right for their customers. This positions them as the subject of our Fail of the Week column where we commiserate instead of criticize.

First things first, anyone who receives an affected MicroView is getting a second working unit shipped out by the beginning of November. Classic christmas cocktails recipes Furthermore, the bootloaderless units can be brought to life relatively easily. Simple cocktails [Nate] provided a hex file with the correct bootloader. Simple cocktails with vodka Anyone with an Atmel AVR In-System Programming (ISP) programmer and a steady hand can bring their MicroView to life. Best cocktails nyc Several users have already done just that. Best cocktails for women The bootloader only has to be flashed via ISP once. Best cocktails to order at a bar After that, the MicroView will communicate via USB to a host PC. Best cocktails 2016 Sparkfun will publish a full tutorial in a few weeks.

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I might argue that the best thing about Maker Faire isn’t the booths at all, but the people you’ll run into. Best cocktails with vodka To that end, I spliced together a series of these impromptu run-ins that I thoroughly enjoyed. Best cocktails san francisco What’s remarkable to me is that these people of not weren’t themselves attracting a crowd. Best cocktails in las vegas If you want to meet the hackers who you respect in the hacking world, you can still have a casual and friendly conversation with them!

First up is [Jeremy Blum] who is a long-time friend of Hackaday, author Exploring Arduino, and one-year member of the Google[x] team. Best cocktails chicago We ran into him along with [Marcus Schappi], CEO of Little Bird Electronics in Australia. Best cocktails [Marcus’] crew recently saw a successful crowd-funding run with the Micro-view.

Next up is [Ben Heck] of The Ben Heck Show. Easy cocktails for a crowd He talks a bit about his recent hack of a pair of texting radios using the eRIC radio modules and he riffed on his past robotic luggage project as well.

The rest of the video is devoted to Hackaday alum. Easy cocktails with vodka I ran into [Caleb Kraft] who recently started as Community Editor over at MAKE, and [Phil Burgess] who now builds gnarly projects for Adafruit. Top cocktails with vodka The clip wraps up with [Ian] from Dangerous Prototypes. Best cocktails made with vodka He’s fresh off of his Hacker Camp in Shenzhen which covered everything from reballing BGA components by hand, to finding good deals on custom wardrobe, and making sound gastronomic choices while in China.

We talked to a horde of people over two days. Top cocktails for women Perhaps it was the foam Jolly Wrencher that I wore around? But the point is that everyone at an event like this is interesting to talk to, approachable, and well worth the cost of entry. Good cocktails with vodka If you haven’t been to a hacking convention it’s time to start looking around for the one nearest you! Posted in cons Tagged adafruit, Bay Area Maker Faire 2014, ben heck, caleb kraft, ian lesnet, jeremy blum, microview

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