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**Please be aware that our patio and bar tables are not available for online reservations, so if you try and book online and it shows the restaurant is booked, please call us to find out further availability.

Come and try the creative and delicious cuisine of Stockton’s own “Top Chef”, Michael Midgley. Red dresses for juniors Our menu is a true California Cuisine, offering a wide array of steaks, seafood, appetizers, soups, salads sandwiches and burgers, and creative desserts. Zurich classic wikipedia We have a hand picked wine and cocktail list and a fun atmosphere.

The server was great she was very attentive from the moment we sat down till the time we left. Vh1 classic wikipedia Excellent service. Ipod classic wikipedia The food was good but too pricey. Red and green cocktails for christmas The portion for the price was again too pricey. Best sweet vermouth brands The atmosphere was pleasant and we had a good time. French vermouth brands This was the second time I dined at this restaurant. Popular vermouth brands The first time was for lunch again too pricey. Italian vermouth brands This time for dinner again too pricey. Best vermouth brands Both times the service was great. Dry vermouth brands The food was good both times but really didn’t match the price. Spanish vermouth brands For the price I was not wowed. Black and white cocktail dresses plus size Based on the first time I went their I mentioned to my wife that I felt the food was good but not great and that I thought it was over priced. Yellow dresses for weddings The menu was limited. Yellow cocktail dresses for women The couple we went there with wanted to try the restaurant which is why we went. Yellow cocktail dresses with sleeves Was not my first choice for dinning. Yellow cocktail dresses for sale The service however is outstanding by the entire staff. Yellow cocktail dresses for weddings I would recommend this to friends to try after telling them what my thoughts are and let them make up their own minds about this restaurant.

This chef was a favorite of ours from his time at Ernie’s in Manteca. Cheap yellow dresses for juniors His approach to food certainly didn’t carry over to our experience at Midgley’s. Cute yellow dresses for juniors To be fair, it was Thanksgiving and maybe the standards are a little different for a limited, holiday menu. Vodka cocktails crossword clue I had the prime rib. Drinks with whiskey and vermouth The portion size was great but the brown gravy on top was very off-putting. Cocktail with whiskey and vermouth The potato had a light gravy and the green bean was sauced in a 3rd way. Best cocktails new orleans Desert was a two bite slice of pumpkin pie. Yellow bridesmaid dresses images A others have observed, just not that good for the price.

Was visiting a friend in Stockton area for few days, decided to give this place a try because the good reviews and the area I was just happened to be in.

Friendly service and good food. Yellow bridesmaid dresses with sleeves Arrived early so sat at the patio area for happy hours.

Told the waiter we have a reservation for dinning inside. Yellow dresses for sale Waiter politely told us he will move our tab to dinning tab. Red drinks for christmas We were having fun catch up with nice chatting, didn’t notice the overcharge till I get back my room later. Red drinks for kids Went back couple days later and mentioned the overcharge to the waitress and her answer was the waiter is serving in the bar that moment and the happy hour price only applies to happy hour and in the bar or the patio area near bar. Red dresses for girls age 11 Later we did saw the waiter came out to patio area greeting his customers . Red dresses for girls 7 16 Hello~~~ so if we are not the local and usual customers, we get rip off as a tourist?

Mind you, we were there 5 pm and sat at the patio near bar side! If we close our bill and go somewhere else for dinner, they would charge us the correct amount for happy hour?

I eat out a lot and never had such rude attitude on overcharged, just came out and apologize for the oversight would be a good and right gesture for any business to conduct.

Attracted by fb ad for weekend specials. Cute red dresses for valentine’s day Cioppino sounded good. Cheap red dresses for valentine’s day It was better than advertised. Long red dresses for valentine’s day The coffee and dessert (Mudd pie) were perfect compliment to the wonderful dinner. Red dresses for sale The flavor of the Cioppino reminded me of their chili at The Santa Cruz competition. Cheap red dresses plus size Delicious!!! Wonderful dining experience.

We like Midgleys. Formal red dresses plus size My only issue is that they have limited vegetarian/vegan choices. Little red dresses for juniors I ordered the vegan stack, which was supposed to have portobello mushroom, but there wasn’t one. Cheap red dresses for juniors Very disappointing and that dish has always been inconsistent. Short red dresses for juniors They need more vegan options.

This was a nice restaurant. Formal red dresses for juniors I loved the atmosphere and the waitress was very nice and attentive. Charlie wikipedia The prices are a little expensive to the other establishment around the area. Green dresses for juniors The deepisode fried peacan pie is to die for. Green dresses to wear to a wedding I will revisit the restaurant it just won’t be as often. Green dresses for women It will be a treat to myself when I want the salmon which was delicious.

It was incredibly noisy inside the restaurant and we had a difficult time having conversations at our own table. Advocare wikipedia The food is quite pricey and if I’m paying that much for food, I would wish for a much better overall dining experience.

Hostess was a bit rude and not so welcoming, our waiter was not the nicest because we are younger and I suppose we didn’t exactly “belong” in that type of setting. Ipod classic wikipedia page Either way, we were paying customers looking for an evening out.

My steak came to me very very raw and when I sent it back the waiter wasn’t exactly apologetic.

The food was good but not worth what we paid for. Apple ipod classic wikipedia We were not very impressed with our first visit.

We expected a fine dining experience. White dresses boutique huntsville al Unfortunately the place was loud and food was not exceptional as advertised. White dresses boutique nashville I feel I could haven gotten just as good a meal at any chain restaurant. Red dresses for women with sleeves Overall a disappointing experience. Red dresses for women cheap I would not go back.

Been here several times now. Red dresses for women plus size I’m used to paying a fair amount for good food in the Bay Area, but the price point here is pushing the envelope for Stockton. Best cocktails in new orleans That said, it’s one of the few higher-end places around. Drinks made with dry vermouth You get what you pay for … Drinks made with sweet vermouth sort of. Gin and lime cocktails crossword clue I think the bar here is fun and a cool ambiance with a nice little “wine closet” in the corner and a lively scene of people. Wild cocktails from the midnight apothecary Dining room is a little boring. Wild cocktails Overall … Wild cocktails mobile bar I’m giving the place 4 stars.

Went there for my first time for my birthday as a recommendation from a friend. Sparkling cocktails I have never been there before. Holiday champagne cocktails recipes Place is nice. Hot tea cocktails recipes Atmosphere nice. Wild cocktails mobile bar hosting Menu options wonderful. Wild philippines I got the seafood tower. Wild wine berries And garlic truffle fries. Wild wines little rock zoo Scalloped risotto and steaks. Wild wine Steaks were wonderful. Wild wine detroit zoo Perfect temperature. Sips sparkling cocktails Risotto , tower and fries another story. Summer sparkling cocktails We found ,most likely calcifications or (rocks), in 80% of the scallops ordered in the meal. Easy sparkling cocktails The server stated they told the chef and was offered replacement scallops. Welch’s sparkling cocktails By the time the server came out to relay this message the meal was done and the partially eaten scallops remained. Non alcoholic sparkling cocktails The server did not offer any options nor did he offer the assistance to management to resolve the issue. Christmas sparkling cocktails Garlic truffle fries were just barely truffle flavored not garlic taste at all. Wild margarita recipe Tower had 8 oysters 10 shrimp, half a full leg and half a lobster tail. Long red dresses for weddings For 70.00 I would have expected a little more than that. Black and red dresses for weddings Now the meal was done no manager came out and the server offered a dessert. Champagne cocktails for brunch The desert was ordered to go of mud pie and they gave me a brownie instead. Champagne cocktails for new year’s eve No mud pie. Champagne cocktails with vodka Unfortunately it is my first and last time going there.

The staff was wonderful but the food was terrible I ordered poutine and it was so salty I couldn’t eat it. Champagne cocktails for christmas Plus the meat was full of fat and grissle. White lillet cocktails My wife ordered a shrimp dish and the shrimp was so over cooked that it was like chewing rubber. Lillet red cocktails The waiter took the poutine off the bill but not the shrimp dish. Lillet wine cocktails He apologized but no one from management came over to say anything. Lillet rouge cocktails Very disappointing will not be returning.

What a great place in Stockton finally. Lillet blanc cocktails I realize it’s not brand new, but finally went and ate here for dinner with my family. Jack cocktails I will say I had a equally great lunch here, but dinner was the test. Iced coffee cocktails recipes Great well seasoned food, excellent service, and fairly priced for the quality of the food and overall experience. Jack daniels winter jack cocktails Highly recommend for a great nice dinner out or a special occasion.

I love the show top chef and I liked the chef who won and that was the reason I went to the restaurant. Yukon jack cocktails I ordered the steak and frites. Honey jack cocktails I asked that the steak was cooked well done…no pink. Gentleman jack cocktails When the steak came out it was pink and red. Extra dry vermouth cocktails Very disappoonting.

You can earn points when you book and dine using the OpenTable app or OpenTable.com. Classic vodka cocktails recipes Standard qualifying reservations are worth 100 points, and specially marked reservations are worth up to 1,000 points–10x the regular amount of points!

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