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At Milestones Grill + Bar in Scarborough, Ontario, the executive chef creates delicious recipes and makes sure his culinary team perfects them before serving them in the restaurant. Recipe for thai red curry paste New and trendy dishes stand beside a number of old favorites, vying for the taste buds of the diners.

Milestones Grill + Bar serves lunch and dinner with occasional brunches.

Easy mild curry sauce recipe Some menu items are banana Nutella French toast, breakfast tacos, hot spinach and artichoke dip, yam frites, prime rib sliders, roasted beet and goat cheese salad, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, rice bowls and Cajun shrimp Creole. Thai green curry chicken recipe coconut milk More extraordinary choices are there for your perusal at Milestones Grill + Bar.

The place was really busy. Thai green curry recipe without coconut milk We had to find our server to order dessert, which were all terribly over sweetened and we will never order dessert here again.

When our server asked how we liked the dessert – we told her were disappointed and didn’t like it. Thai green curry paste coconut milk recipe And she brushed it off…

We chose this restaurant because of it being special to our family. Thai beef green curry recipe coconut milk We found the service (waitress? bar? kitchen?) to be lacking. Thai green curry recipe coconut milk Our drinks didn’t all come at the same time (some member of the group had to wait about 10 minutes longer), appetizers and meals came together (even though we were told we would get appetizers first), only half of the meals came and we had to wait another 10-15 minutes for the rest of the food. Simple curry sauce recipe with curry powder The wait for our food was also very lengthy (about an hour and a half). Red curry sauce recipe thai Overall , not the best dining experience. Chinese takeaway curry sauce recipe uk When the food arrived, it was very good so at least we were happy about that!

Milestones is consistent in their quality. Chip shop curry sauce recipe uk I will never understand why they make their female servers dress in a skin-tight sleeveless top and skirt – it was a very cold night with an ice storm and they looked very inappropriately dressed. Madras curry paste recipe uk And, as is typical of restaurants, the men get to wear long sleeved shirts and loose pants.

Our server was very gracious when asked about her attire and indicated that it is their ‘uniform’.

Milestones would benefit by having their female servers dressed in a tidy white shirt and pants, they would be a lot more comfortable. Curry paste recipe uk Or, they should make their male servers dress in skin-tight, sleeveless tops and shorts…same thing!

The beer was lukewarm. Homemade curry recipes uk For a place that caters to friends getting together, the drinks were bad.

The specialty drinks were misleading. Salmon red curry coconut sauce recipe The picture shows this huge, majestic copper mug. Thai curry coconut milk recipe We got a happy meal cup. Thai curry without coconut milk recipes Low value. Tandoori chicken curry sauce recipe Not a good bang for your buck.

The service was awful. Chicken katsu curry sauce recipe The server messed up all of our drinks. Chicken curry ingredients recipes We got half almost right away, but had to wait ages to get the rest of our order. Chicken curry homemade recipe Also, they kept insisting and delivering drinks that we didn’t order.

We got 2 entrees earlier than our appetizers. Simple curry paste recipe And the server didn’t take the rest of our order until about a half hour later. Simple curry sauce recipe using curry powder The dinner portion of the night was a disaster!

celebrating my brothers birthday. Red curry paste recipes using Our server Alex was by far the best server we ever had. Red curry paste recipe chicken he was beyond energetic, outgoing, he enjoyed talking to my nephew and also alex has a smile that was amazing. Easy thai green curry recipe using paste Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH ALEX 🙂

My friend and I enjoyed our lunches, although mine arrived a few minutes later than hers. Easy thai green curry paste recipe The manager did explain that the restaurant was very busy at that time and ensured me that the food would be out momentarily.

I would have preferred to see the waitress once or twice more often but I guess she was also busy.

Restaurant wasn’t busy that afternoon so we managed to switch from a tight booth that was closed to the loud kitchen to an open table in the corner nook. Thai curry paste recipe green The other table in the nook wasn’t occupied so we enjoyed a quiet get-together when we could speak freely and comfortably. Thai curry paste recipe jamie oliver The restaurant ran out of many common flavours of tea that we asked for but the friendly server, Dave, and the ambiance more than made up for it.

BTW, our online reservation didn’t show up on the restaurant’s system…so it was fortunate that they weren’t busy then.

Service was slow and they need to work on their Gluten free options. Thai curry paste recipe vegetarian Better choices like Canyon Creek. Thai curry paste recipe Server didn’t know about Gluten and Dairy free options. Simple thai red curry paste recipe Son was sick next day so something was cross-contaminated. Easy red thai curry paste recipe These days most restaurants have Gluten free options.

Got together with family from out-of town on Saturday afternoon and the restaurant was quiet so if was perfect for a reunion.

Great service before food arrived but then staff seemed to disappear but I would definitely recommend this location.

We made reservations for 6 adults and 2 children. Homemade chip shop curry sauce recipe The table was perfect, it was a good size and we had our own section, which was perfect since we had 2 children with us. Homemade curry paste recipe The service was quick in the beginning, our order was taken in a reasonable time. Homemade japanese curry sauce recipe The kids food came out quickly, which was great.

We all ordered off the brunch menu. Recipes with thai red curry paste It was unfortunate that the menu did not have a meat alternative for pork. Low fat curry paste recipe We were able to get a fruit salad instead, which was not wonderful but better than nothing. Low fat indian curry sauce recipe The strawberry French toast was delicious and we were impressed with the tacos. Low fat chinese curry sauce recipe There was nothing special about the Spinach and Feta omelette ( the ones I make at home are way better and I don’t make fancy omlettes), the kids burgers and fries were fine, the egg and toast breakfast was okay, the only downside was not having a good non-pork option (eg. Recipe for thai red chicken curry with curry paste turey or chicken bacon or sausage). Recipes using thai red curry paste We were the most disappointed with the chicken and waffle dish. Red curry paste recipe thai It was one small waffle, with basically a breaded chicken strip on it. Thai red curry sauce recipe easy It was not worth $15.50, the taste was not that great and the portion was small. Thai red curry paste recipe chicken I don’t think the brunch had good value at Milestone’s, the portions were a lot smaller than what you would see at other chain restaurants.

The service also was not that great. Creamy curry pasta sauce recipe We had ordered 4 coffee’s and it was not until the end of the meal that our waitress came back to check in on us, and during that time we were able to get a refill.

I have been to Milestone’s before and have had better service and enjoyed their lunch and dinner menu. Creamy coconut curry sauce recipe I would not recommend Milestone’s for brunch. Easy thai green curry recipe with paste I don’ t think it is good value and other than the french toast and the tacos, nobody else was impressed with their meal.

I have been to this location in the past and service was good but I felt this time around that the server really rushed to take our order. Thai curry paste recipe red We also ordered an appetizer and requested more bread and that came out just as our main courses arrived. Buffalo wild wings thai curry sauce copycat recipe The server mentioned that it would be an extra charge for the bread but she should not have charged us for the bread since it was so late in coming out. Hot curry paste recipe Also it was my friends birthday and I had already ordered the dessert before my friend arrived so it would be a surprised. Thai kitchen red curry paste chicken recipe The server spoiled the surprise by asking me what we wanted to dessert….. Thai red curry paste recipe sanjeev kapoor I feel the server was young and inexperienced and really not her fault if the management did not train her well. Thai red curry paste recipe bbc I was very disappointed in the service that evening.

You can earn points when you book and dine using the OpenTable app or Easy thai red curry paste recipe Standard qualifying reservations are worth 100 points, and specially marked reservations are worth up to 1,000 points–10x the regular amount of points!

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