Mitsubishi xpander in ph expanding the market with a new dynamic passenger mover malaya business insight white dresses boutique nashville

EVEN before the official launch of mitsubishi motors philippines corporation’s (MMPC) new xpander, dealers have been slowly taking in pre-orders for the multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) which has been going on since january this year.

To be clear, the xpander is not the adventure replacement. MMPC has stopped producing the adventure but does not intend for the xpander to be its successor. The two are worlds apart in terms of design and positioning. The xpander adds to MMPC’s already impressive line-up of mutli-passenger vehicles and cannot be the adventure replacement for three reasons.

First, the xpander is not based on a body-on-frame setup with a rear wheel drive. Next, it is a raised from what mitsubishi calls a “cross, multi-purpose, sport utility” platform—meaning it takes technologies from its powerful sedan models added to the design cues and visual genes of the powerful pajero and montero line-up.Black mica

and third, because of this genetic connection, it is carries with it the functionality and an adventurous SUV-like character, without pretending. It does not make any wild claims of real off-road abilities, simply that it can do much better than what most other mpvs in its class can do too.

During the 3-day xpander XPO event at the world trade center which followed the march 1 official public launch, visitors to the booth were awed at the looks which took mostly from the montero. Mitsubishi calls it the dynamic shield design, and the resemblance to its genetic source is uncanny. In indonesia where the xpander was launched, it has been dubbed as a baby montero sport.

“creating attractive designs for all customer touch-points…the xpander is a product of putting together customers’ thoughts, needs and desires,” tsunehiro kunimoto, corporate vice president, design division of mitsubishi motors corp.Black mica japan explained as he talked about the process of the development of the dynamic design shield and how the design thinking led to the success of the mitsubishi’s global design initiatives.

An example of this attractive design thrust is the xpander’s unique headlights, which are positioned on the bumper, while the leds are situated on the hood. The effect is a large symmetrical arrangement that is not only robust but very ingenious. From the side, the absence of seams to connect the roof to the main shell creates a floating roof effect. Then the flared fenders complete the design package to give it its SUV-like appearance.

Mitsubishi has the reputation for making their concept cars into road going vehicles, the concept-to-production flow from the XM crossover MPV concept, which was unveiled at the indonesia international auto show last year to the actual production car happened very quickly.Diamond black

“when we took the concept from design to production we made sure that the xpander has all the advantages in terms of interior and exterior design, fuel economy, safety and engine performance,” takahasi kishii, chief product specialist for the xpander explained in a post-event interview.

He also mentioned that the reason why the concept car quickly went into production is the parts- and component-commonizing and sharing process that mitsubishi implements gives designers the time to focus on the important elements such as interior design.

The xpander’s interior is currently the largest in its class. There is an almost infinite combination of second- and third-row bench adjustments that can provide for better legroom of third-row occupants, as well as various cargo loading combinations.Gray metallic the second row splits 60:40, while the third row splits 50:50. Sixteen cupholders can collectively hold about 4 gallons of water, while the 3 power outlets can effectively charge 6 devices simultaneously if twin output sockets were used. That is enough power ports to run a mobile social media campaign. Its maximum cargo capacity is 1,630 liters when both the second and third row seats are folded.

The 4,475 mm long overall length does little to explain its class-leading interior length of 2,840mm. The miracle mitsubishi did was to maximize the interior room with the same amount os sheetmetal while keeping a safety cage and a strong, gusseted body frame.

It is the width is what makes it truly impressive providing maximum shoulder room for a maximum of seven adults.Gray metallic this design miracle extends to the ways the door and floor is layout allowing passengers enter and exit the vehicle with ease. Access to third row seats is also made easier with the tumbling system for folding the second row seats. For an even more comfortable ride, the armrest in second row is a part of seat back which can be utilized as a large armrest to accommodate two passengers’ elbows or center space which can be used to load long items.

It stands on 16-inch alloys on 205/55 tires that augment the already high 205mm ground clearance. The honest approach by which the designers used to provide it with uncanny abilities to thwart tall speed bumps, deep ruts and potholes, as well as ford floods also results in a high seating position, that aids the driver with clear visibility with reduced frontal blind spots.Black mica it also gives passengers a better view of the sights around them.

The front windshield with ample vertical and horizontal spacing also provides clearer forward visibility. Add to that is the horizontal dashboard design which incorporates a display that follows the floating effect vibe. What is usually a blind spot in the front “A” pillars is pleasingly absent in the xpander, as it is positioned wider and proportionally sweeping to the sides to provide more visibility. Positioning the side mirrors immediately after clearing the tiny fron quarter windows ensures a clearer rear view.

It is also the only vehicle in its class that has a flat luggage floor without bumps and gaps. Already an application is a wide floor for sleeping in the not-so-rugged outdoors (that task is for the bigger montero).Diamond black

“it sounds so solid when you close the doors. The build quality when you close the doors is impressive,” a visitor to the xpander xpo commented.

The xpander is produced in mitsubishi motors corp.’s (MMC) new factory in indonesia. That market is also known for bad roads and heavy traffic and the xpander was built to answer almost the same conditions. This explains why the build quality should match the local driving condition and market needs.

“the xpander is made in indonesia where there conditions are so very similar to the philippines. They have found ways to make production more efficient, sharing engines, drive trains and components that helped drive the price the way that it is more affordable to the market,” froilan dytiangkin, first vice president marketing division, MMPC explained.Diamond black mica

The prices for the xpander are P885K for GLX MT, P960K for the GLX plus AT, P995K for the GLS AT P1,060K for the top of the line GLS sport AT.

“we expect the xpander to expand the market in the same way as the montero helped drive and increase the market size at the SUV segment. This will allow market growth and more customers to get into this segment,” dytiankin explained, pointing to the fact that the trend towards multi-purpose vehicles will grow saying that the xpander introduction has opened a new segment challenge to its competitors which include the suzuki ertiga, honda mobilio and toyota avanza.

Powering the xpander is 1.5L DOHC 16-valve with mitsubishi innovative valve timing electronic control system (MIVEC) engine.Diamond black mica as for the safety features, the top variant GLS sport is equipped with hill start assist (HSA), reinforced impact safety evolution (RISE) body, active stability control (ASC), emergency stop signal (ESS) and anti-locking braking system (ABS) with electronic brake distribution (EBD).

It will be offered in five colors for the GLS sport and GLS variants: red metallic, titanium gray metallic, sterling silver metallic, quartz white pearl and diamond black mica while the GLX plus will be available in titanium gray metallic, sterling silver metallic, quartz white pearl and diamond black mica and the GLX MT will be available in titanium gray metallic, sterling silver metallic, diamond black mica. -RGBT