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To me, the Momofuku Birthday Cake is not about the sprinkles. Easy delicious cinnamon roll recipe It’s about the crumbs. Easy cinnamon roll recipe using canned biscuits Sweet, crunchy crumbs with lots of sprinkles. Moist cinnamon roll recipe Crumbs that are not only great scattered on TOP of cakes, they are also delicious BETWEEN cake layers.

Best cinnamon roll icing recipe So looking to jazz up a simple cake? Just add some of these delicious crumbs!

Short post with lots of photos today. Cinnamon roll recipe cream cheese frosting Short, easy recipe, too. Fluffy cinnamon rolls without yeast I don’t have a lot of time to write, see. Cinnamon roll icing with powdered sugar Have you read my last Work & Income Report? I talked (can we just call it ‘talked’?) about my editorial calendar in it. Homemade cinnamon rolls without yeast or milk I’ve been trying to use an editorial calendar to get myself to a point where I finish blog posts 2 or 3 weeks in advance, so I have time to experiment a bit more with recipes (more room for error) and have room for fun, spur of the moment things. Homemade cinnamon rolls without yeast or baking powder But I’m not quite caught up with my writing yet.

I’m actually writing this right before posting. Cinnamon rolls recipe without yeast or baking powder And it doesn’t look like I’m going to catch up on my writing any time soon, because my poor little Baby Boy woke up with pseudo croup Saturday night and he’s had a fever for the past few days. Homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch Poor thing. Cinnamon rolls recipe with yeast easy So I’ve spent the last couple of days holding him, rocking him, nursing him, trying to get him to drink a little water… Whatever I could do to make him feel a bit better.

Luckily, he’s feeling a LOT better today, which is SUCH a relief! The Rocking Rebel and I have been crazy worried. Cinnamon rolls recipe with cream cheese frosting Especially because pseudo croup comes with this really disturbing barking cough and rasping breath. Cinnamon roll recipe with biscuits And then there was the fever, which is NEVER fun. Cinnamon buns recipe south africa So glad he’s feeling better and playing again. Cinnamon rolls south africa He’s still coughing a lot, but as it’s not serious enough to stop him from climbing onto the window sills I’m not too worried.

As trusty readers know, I made the Momofuku Birthday Cake for my 29th birthday last February, and because people seem a bit daunted by the recipe (AND because I adapted the recipe to make a bigger cake, AND because I wanted to add the different recipes to my collection of Cake Building Blocks) I thought I’d do a post on each of the cake’s four elements: the funfetti cake layers, the funfetti crumbs, and the cream cheese frosting.

Oh, and I already did a post about the Vanilla Milk Soak, too. Homemade cinnamon rolls copycat cinnabon recipe Great recipe!

Like the other recipes, this recipe makes enough for a 18-cm/7-inch cake, whereas the original recipe makes a 15-cm/6-inch cake. Cinnamon rolls recipe cinnabon I like my cakes big!

These delicious crumbs are at the center of the Birthday Cake’s awesomeness. Cinnamon rolls recipe easy from scratch Without the crumbs, it’s just a funfetti cake with cream cheese frosting. Best homemade cinnamon rolls recipe without yeast Yummy, but a bit boring, too. How to make cinnamon roll icing without cream cheese The crumbs add flavor, crunch, and make the cake a little more interesting. Cinnamon roll recipe with self rising flour and no yeast Wait, a LOT more interesting!

The crumbs are not just sprinkled on TOP of the cake (piled on top, I should say) they also go INTO the cake. Cinnamon rolls no yeast recipe food network They are hidden in the frosting between the cake layers, and the crunch of the crumbs paired with the silky frosting is just delicious!

The crumbs are super easy to make. Cinnamon roll cake recipe with yellow cake mix I personally think all of the elements of the Momofuku Birthday Cake are easy to make (yes, I do. Cinnamon roll cake recipe with cake mix I’ve said it. Cinnamon roll recipe without yeast and buttermilk I didn’t have any problems) but the crumbs are SUPER easy.

(Though not as easy as the soak or the frosting, but there’s no baking involved there, just mixing stuff up.)

Anyway, to make the crumbs you need granulated sugar, light brown sugar, flour, baking powder, salt, sprinkles, grapeseed oil, and fake vanilla extract. Cinnamon roll icing recipe no cream cheese I bought grapeseed oil and clear vanilla extract (which is the fake stuff) especially for the Momofuku cake. Cinnamon roll glaze recipe no powdered sugar They were quite expensive, but I was going for the ‘real’ Momofuku Birthday Cake experience.

Oh haha, wait. Cinnamon roll icing without cream cheese recipe The original Momofuku recipe calls for cake flour, but by the time I was ready to make the crumbs I had already used all of my cake flour in the cake layers, so I used all-purpose flour for the crumbs. Easy cinnamon buns with cream cheese icing Worked fine! Not so real Momofuku experience after all, I guess…

Another thing you might like to know, especially if you’re not from the U.S., is that there’s a lot of salt in these crumbs. Cinnamon rolls without yeast or baking powder I’ve been told that most Americans like the contrast of sweet and salty in their food, but to my Dutch palate, there was just a little too much of it. Cinnamon rolls yellow cake mix So while these crumbs are REALLY good as they are, salt and all, you could definitely cut back on the salt a bit.

Anyway, throw all of the ingredients together in a bowl and work the mixture with your hands until you can press it together into clumps. Cinnamon roll recipe using yellow cake mix Bake. Cinnamon roll recipe without bread machine Done. Cinnamon roll recipe with instant yeast Delicious Momofuku Birthday cake crumbs.

The crumbs are baked at quite a low temperature, and they don’t have to brown much. Cinnamon roll recipe with grands biscuits I baked them for 15 minutes, even though the original recipe says to bake them for 10-12 minutes, but after those 12 minutes they still looked a bit pale to me so I gave them another 3 minutes in the oven. Cinnamon roll recipe with canned biscuits As a result, mine were probably a bit crunchier than they were supposed to.

I love, love, love those crumbs! I’ve been thinking about leaving the sprinkles out for a more simple version, or maybe tint the batter to make colorful crumbs for a colorful cake. Cinnamon roll recipe with refrigerated biscuits Or maybe add cocoa powder for chocolate crumbs? Sounds good to me!

But that’s it as far as crumbs go. I’ve you’re interested, here you can find the rest of the Momofuku posts:

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• Preheat oven to 150°C/300°F (standard oven setting) and line a cookie sheet with baking parchment. Cinnamon roll recipe with biscuit dough Set aside.

• Combine granulated sugar, light brown sugar, flour, baking powder, salt, and sprinkles in a medium bowl. Homemade giant cinnamon rolls recipe Add oil and vanilla, and using your hands, mix until no dry spots remain and large clumps form when mixture is pressed together. Easy giant cinnamon rolls recipe Break the dough up into clusters (some small, some large) and spread onto prepared baking sheet.

• Bake in the middle of the oven, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon, until the crumble is light golden brown and crunchy, 10–12 minutes (it will firm up as it cools).

• Crumbs can be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for five days.

I’ve made this, and as an American, I can agree that it is a bit salty. Cinnamon rolls from scratch easy But, I also don’t like my food very salty in general. Cinnamon rolls from scratch with yeast The other thing I noticed is I make sure to do volume instead of weight for the Milk Bar recipes when it is for small amounts of ingredients, like salt or baking soda. Homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch no yeast The weight on my scale doesn’t do the small amounts as accurately and then I use too much.

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