Mon health expects to open new facilities this year news steak marinade

“we’ve got several construction projects we’re working on right now,” she said. “the elkins heart and vascular facility, that’s scheduled to open in the summer of 2018.”

Mon health broke ground on the elkins site in november after reaching an agreement with the randolph county economic development authority earlier in the year to secure property for a new medical office building.

Mon health has treated heart and vascular patients in randolph county and surrounding communities since 1994 at its current main street location. The new 8,000-square-foot building along railroad avenue will house exam rooms, diagnostic testing and cardiac rehabilitation.

“we have been caring for people from elkins and surrounding communities at the main street location for decades,” said robert milvet, vice president of physician services at mon health following the groundbreaking.Oakes said health

“we are very excited about the opportunity to expand into the railyard site to continue serving patients in a more modernized facility. Our new clinic will accommodate additional providers to make our services more convenient and easily accessible for decades to come.”

Dr. Bradford warden, mon health’s chief of cardiology, said a full-time cardiologist was added in elkins so services would be available five days a week. This, he said, also freed up another physician to conduct cardiology services in preston memorial hospital and garrett county, maryland.

“we’re just trying to continue the long tradition that cardiology, cardiothoracic surgeons have had about really patient-centered care,” warden said.Said health “you can be treated at lots of places, but if you want to be cared for, you want to come into the mon health system because it really is a warmer environment to work through.”

Oakes said mon health also plans to open another clinic on 2 acres of purchased land in marion county, specifically in pleasant valley along kingmont road, an area just off interstate 79. Construction is set to begin, with the clinic opening up for services in the spring of 2019. The new facility, when completed, will employ between 25 and 30 people and will provide cardiology, primary care, X-ray and lab services and visiting specialists.

“gateway is another initiative to make health care more accessible,” oakes said.Said health “and they began construction at the end of 2017. It’s a two-story, 15,780-square-foot facility that will be located right off chaplin road. It will house physicians and an EMS substation.”

The EMS substation will include a two-bay garage for ambulances. Oakes said this is to ensure those living in the western areas of monongalia county get the help they need faster. Mon health EMS responded to more than 16,000 calls in 2017, 28 percent of which came from the westover area that includes river road, granville, star city and I-79. Oakes said mon health also plans to add more EMS substations in the sabraton and clinton areas over the course of the next year to better serve residents in the eastern and southern parts of the county.Oakes said health she said this decentralization of ambulance placement is not only important when it comes to reaching patients more quickly, but also in compensating for heavy traffic in morgantown during WVU games or other big events.

Looking back on 2017, oakes highlighted the hospital system’s branding campaign that started in may, during which time the old maroon-colored logo was changed to green and mon health system officially replaced the mon general umbrella. Mon general hospital itself became mon health medical center. She said this rebranding gave the institution a fresh image.

“one of the things we’re really proud of is, we’re a community hospital, and we are community residents who care for our community,” she said.Oakes said health “the people who provide the care actually live in the community. It’s really to give us fresh eyes, a fresh look. We’re not only different. We’re getting better.”

Stonewall jackson memorial hospital in weston joined mon health system in october, along with wedgewood primary care and psychiatry services, which joined in march and relocated to the mon health medical park in january of 2018.

“the partnership between stonewall jackson and mon health is also our commitment to enhancing quality health care and access to our community,” oakes said.

She added that the new center at westover’s gateway development will also house mon health’s wedgewood primary care office, which is located on fairmont road.Said health

Oakes said mon health medical center was also the first hospital in the state to be designated as a baby-friendly birth facility by baby-friendly USA, a program sponsored by the world health organization. The designation was bestowed on the hospital in may for enhancing and supporting new mothers to breastfeed, which in turn helps develop family development and bonding.

She said the hospital’s zelda stein weiss cancer center has been providing radiation oncology services since march of last year via a $7.5 million oncology unit and a new radiation oncologist was hired. This allows cancer patients to receive all their treatment in one location.

From left, cardiologists dr. Kishore bingi, dr.Oakes said bradford warden, dr. Wissam gharib, dr. Robert hull and dr. Samantha crites recently joined the mon health heart & vascular team. Photo courtesy of mon health system

Looking ahead, oakes said mon health will kick off a new cardiac line service program this year, which she said will be the hospital’s best thanks to five new board certified cardiologists brought into the health system. She said this line will connect inpatient and outpatient services for seamless care and in a better of continuum of care model.

“we have what I call the dream team,” oakes said, “because we have the right people. To have the perfect cake, you have to have the best recipe. And, we have the best recipe.”

said health

Oakes said she’s worked in both academic and community medical centers and noted that while mon health system has expanded and incorporated additional hospitals under its umbrella, it has not lost sight of its original focus on community. The growth, she said, has allowed for more advanced technology to make its way into the system, but that change was implemented in a way that is personalized.

Warden said it’s getting harder for smaller hospitals to survive in a changing environment because healthcare dollars are getting narrower and narrower. In view of this, he said, mon health system functions as a network of community hospitals working together. He said being under the same name allows for a number of advantages, notably shared buying power.Said health

“it’s important to band together and each one of these community hospitals is important to its own community,” he noted. “medicine has become sort of industrialized. One of the ceos up in pittsburgh said there’s not enough care in healthcare anymore and I think that’s really true and we’re trying to continue that sort of care for patients.”