Monday motivation! breaking the secret behind varun dhawan’s insanely hot body, one fitness tip at a time – recipes with shrimp and rice and broccoli

He’s one of the hottest youth sensations we have in the industry right now. Ridiculously good looking, amazingly talented, kickass dancer and someone who has a body to die for. We are talking about none other than our personal favourite, varun dhawan who has been making us go weak in the knees ever since his first film, student of the year. Although his next titled october is going to be more than just good looks but one cannot deny the fact how every time varun appears screen, ladies do start longing to date a guy like him and the guys do get restless to look like him. So today being monday, we decided to motivate you by breaking the secret behind varun’s good looks…

The first rule for anyone who is set to start working out is a 10-15 minutes warm-up routine and it’s a must.Breaking secret this includes jogging, jumping, running, or stretching exercises of chest and shoulder.

Mind you, if you do not do so then you are prone to injury as varun had once mentioned, “I do a mix and match of many exercises. But before anything I do, I go for a warm up as it of prime importance.” also read: varun dhawan became over-conscious of his abs when he was just in class 9: lali dhawan

Varun undergoes his training from famous celebrity trainer, prashant sawant, who is also known to look after shah rukh khan and ajay devgn’s fitness regime. Varun works out five days a week for about 90 minutes where his trainer mixes various routines right from martial arts, weightlifting to heavy-duty cardio to eliminate any chances of him getting bored of the routine.Breaking secret while weightlifting helps him tone his body and bulk up whenever the script demands, varun suggests his fans should mainly aim towards having a flexible body as he believes, “rather than focusing on huge and bulked up body, aim to acquire limber body. As you grow older, the natural suppleness of body begins getting down, as a result of which you become vulnerable to injuries. A lithe body not only looks influential, it is powerful too.”

Considering he was an athlete in school, varun loves swimming. He would go swimming to work on his stamina and he continues the same even today.

“I still swim regularly, even if it’s for 15 minutes. I also play cricket and squash to improve my agility. I have come to realise that filling your day with various activities keeps your weight in place.Breaking secret I rely on the nike fuel band that tracks how much, how often, and how intensely you move. If you need abs, workouts are necessary because any sport cuts down the fat. Sports are great for the mind too and keep it active.”, revealed the actor in one of his interviews with filmfare.

Varun takes no chances with food, given that his family has a history of diabetes. He not only stays away from high-salt, high-sugar and oily food items but also ensures to never eat carbs at night. And, if at all he does, he makes sure they have a low glycaemic index, so that it does not lead to sugar rush in his body. The actor prefers having small meals every two to three hours and tries to drink as much as five to six liters of water every day.Breaking secret his snacks include lotus seeds, protein smoothies papayas and bananas.

Who is ready to take up the #bodylikevarundhawan challenge from today? Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep watching this space for more updates.