Monkey restaurant review, chamonix how make bacon in the oven

I should start this review by being honest, monkey is probably one of my favourite places in chamonix. Therefore, when I was asked to try their new menu I was more than happy to comply!

Me and my partner headed to cham sud, the famous neighbourhood in chamonix where monkey bar is located, on an early friday evening. This bar and restaurant has always attracted an eclectic crowd. From locals and seasonnaires who can be found evening after evening, sitting at the bar enjoying the extremely generous discounts offered at happy hour (16:00-18:00) to families enjoying the delicious street-food-inspired menu, or skiers and snowboarders who are just visiting and have stumbled upon one of the best joints in town.

When we walked through the door, we were hit by the rhythms played by the jazz quartet that livened up our dinner.

Two guitars, a double bass and a soprano saxophone performed smooth renditions of classics like "the girl from ipanema" from a corner of the bar.Pulled pork their music was a great accompaniment to our meal, together with the cosy atmosphere of the restaurant, made even homelier by the families with little kids that were having dinner at monkey’s vintage tables, and the warm light of the candles lit all around the place.

This is the place to come in chamonix if you’re vegan or vegetarian as half of the items they serve are meat-free, including all their burritos and side dishes, while the veggie options can be made vegan by removing just one or two ingredients. All their ingredients are fresh, local and sustainably sourced, including ethically reared meat, organic tofu, farmyard eggs and freshly baked buns made by a local baker. Their drink’s menu also stands out among other places in town, especially for their selection of craft beers on tap, which changes regularly, and their creative cocktails.

It was not easy choosing what to order as everything sounded mouthwatering but monkey’s young, extremely helpful staff helped us decide.Pita bread as a starter, we opted for the homemade hummus with toasted pita bread to which we added falafels. It was generously served on a black chalkboard and came with a rocket and tomato salad. The hummus was deliciously creamy and really well-balanced, contrasting with the crispiness of the warm pita bread. Three falafels were sat on top of the hummus and they were stunning, really crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, while the salad provided a fresh touch to counterbalance the richness of the dish… Just perfect!

As I wanted to try their vegetarian offerings, I ordered the cousteau burger, which came strongly recommended by our waitress. The main ingredient here was the ultra-trendy jackfruit, a tropical fruit that is all the rage right now as a substitute for pulled pork. Its meaty, soft texture, perfectly shreddable, and the incredible spicy seasoning made it so that it was indistinguishable from real pulled pork… All the flavour and none of the guilt!Pita bread it came inside a sweet brioche bun that perfectly complimented the strong smoky flavour of the jackfruit and the BBQ sauce, as well as lime & apple slaw that gave it a hint of freshness, melted cheddar and big chunks of jalapeño that provided just the right amount of heat. It was so big that I had to design a plan to eat it without getting my hands too dirty… Although that’s exactly what good burgers are supposed to be like. I liked it so much that it’s become one of my favourite items on the menu.

My partner went for monkey’s iconic burger, the notorious B.I.G. Which is exactly what the name says, large and unforgettable. This is your classic burger prepared to perfection: a huge hand-made beef patty perfectly cooked, not too raw but not too dry with a sweet bun, crispy smoked bacon, somerset cheddar, caramelised onions, ketchup and honey mustard. A flawless take on the traditional burger. As a side dish, we asked for monkey’s famous hand-cut fries, hailed as the best chips in resort by more than one in the chamonet team.Pita bread just like the notorious B.I.G., these are a spot-on rendition of a classic: golden and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and just delicious.

We were quite full so, even though the desserts sounded really tempting, especially their sticky toffee pudding, we decided to opt for a "liquid pudding". Monkey bar’s bartenders are well-known around chamonix for their mixology skills especially when it comes to agave-based cocktails. There are seven unique concoctions that use tequila or mezcal as their main ingredients on the list, as well as a good selection of non-agave combinations "for the unconverted" the menu proclaims. Our beverage of choice was the "matador #1", a mixture of mezcal, triple sec, pineapple, lime and ginger served on a long glass with salt around the rim. It was an extremely well-designed but delicate balance of some really strong flavours, including smoky mezcal, sweet pineapple, spicy ginger and sour lime.Pulled pork extremely complex but, at the same time, really refreshing. Definitely one to try again.

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