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Air conditioned and equipped with upholstered green mohair cushions, a new streamlined luxury car of the BMT lines made its inaugural run in New York, March 28, 1939.

Best cut of meat for steak kabobs This group tried out the comforts of the new car which will be placed in operation March 30. Porterhouse steak cuts of meat Sound-deadening and shock-absorbing devices are part of the new equipment. Rump steak cuts of meat (AP Photo)

The Ninth Avenue “El” or elevated, tracks are seen from the southeast corner of Columbus Avenue and 62nd Street looking south, in New York, Oct. Meat steak house liverpool 7, 1940. Meat steak recipe The transit commission has authorized the condemnation of the structure. Meat steak house baku (AP Photo)

Mayor John F. Meat steak house Carr of Medford, Mass., Mayor Maurice J. Meat steak house meniu Tobin of Boston, and Mayor Fiorello La Guardia of New York, left to right, take a subway to go from City Hall to their hotel for lunch in New York, Aug. What to make with pork steak meat 5, 1942, after conferring with mayors of Atlantic Coast cities on gasoline and fuel problems for the northeast. What can you make with steak meat (AP Photo/Abe Fox)

New Yorkers, caught in a surprise air raid warning alert seek shelter in stores and subways. What type of meat is steak A crowd waits for the “all clear” in a subway station at Lexington Avenue and 51st street, Oct. What kind of meat for cheesesteak 22, 1942. How to make steak tender (AP Photo)

Interior view of the subway car of the future as it was displayed at the Chambers Street Station of the Independent Division in New York on July 9, 1947. How to make steak tender and juicy The new car has 56 seats, 14 adjustable, exhaust ventilators, eight 10-inch fans, is painted blue and grey and has an off-white ceiling. How to make steak tender in the oven (AP Photo/Anthony Camerano)

Vincent R. How to make steak tender in pan Impellitteri, right, acting mayor of New York City, and Brooklyn Borough President John Cashmore (second from right), inspect the first completed subway car of an order for 750, at the American Car and Foundry Co., Berwick, Penn., Feb. How to make steak tender fast 20, 1948. How to make steak tender on the grill C.J. How to make steak tender on the stove Hardy, Sr., company chairman, points out a feature of the new cars. What meat is used for salisbury steak Men inside subway cab are unidentified. What meat is in a philly steak sandwich (AP Photo/HG)

Carmen Gherdol of Long Island City, N.Y. What meat is used for philly steak drops the last nickel permitted to be dropped in one of the BMT-IRT subway turnstiles at Times Square, New York, June 30, 1948 when the fare was raised to ten cents for a subway ride in New York City. What cut of meat is philly cheese steaks Assistant supervisor Bartholomew Barry, left, prepares to pull a canvas cover over the slot, until it is changed over to receive the smaller coin. What meat for philly cheese steak recipe Others are unidentified. Where to buy best steak meat (AP Photo/Matty Zimmerman)

A crowd of about 7,000 transit workers mass at the south end of the headquarters of the New York City Board of Transportation at the Holland Tunnel Plaza, April 17, 1950. What is beef loin flap meat steak The demonstrators, mostly maintenance men on the city’s subway system, staged the demonstration to dramatize their dispute with the Board of Transportation. What kind of meat is flank steak The Transport Workers Union (TWU) threatened a strike if even one worker was punished for demonstrating. What cut of meat is flank steak (AP Photo/John Lindsay)

Patterned asbestos tile flooring, increased and improved fluorescent lighting, illuminated route and destination signs, double roofs, and electronically controlled heat and ventilation, improved brakes and door controls, and foam and vinyl seats are among major changes designed for passenger comfort and greater operational and maintenance efficiency in New York City subway cars on October 26, 1954.(AP Photo)

Subway commissioner Joseph E. Meat for steak tartare O’Grady, left, and Transit Authority Chairman Charles L. Best recipe for steak tartare Patterson try straphanging and feeling the cool air coming from the ceiling ducts in an air conditioned subway car, July 9, 1956. What is steak umm made of (AP Photo/Harry Harris)

While other subway passengers perspire in the warm and humid underground station, Paul Forman appears cool and comfortable in the experimental air conditioned train which made its first run in New York City, July 9, 1956. What is steak sauce made of The test run, which included six air conditioned cars and two old cars, was made on the East Side IRT line. What is steak seasoning made of The new cars provide soft music, modern design, air cooling units, deodorizers and filters to reduce germs. Beef steak meat types When the train left Grand Central Station the temperature was 89-degrees in the old cars while the new cars registered 76.5 degrees. Beef loin flap meat steak (AP Photo/Harry Harris)

Mayor Robert Wagner of New York moves across damaged tracks in the Astor Place Station of the IRT’s Lexington Avenue line with assistance of inspector Edward Stanley, left, during a brief tour of the station, July 1, 1956 . How to cook omaha steak meatballs Mayor Wagner announced after inspecting the tracks that service would be restored on the East Side line on July 20. What is philly cheese steak meat Service was disrupted on July 14 when water poured on the nearby Wanamaker store fire flooded the station and caused the tracks to sink. What cut of meat is chicken steak (AP Photo/John Lent)

Two cars of the Lexington Avenue subway train were caught on collapsing tracks in the Astor Place station, July 15, 1956. Best meat cut for philly cheese steak The tracks collapsed as a result of seepage from the more than 100,000 gallons of water poured on the fire in the old Wanamaker department store in New York. Meat house steak tips The stalled cars were the last half of a four-car train moving through the station when the tracks collapsed. Meat house steak tips marinade recipe Passengers in the cars escaped injury and made their way into the first two cars which continued out of the station. Meat house steak tips recipe (AP Photo)

Crowds of homebound New Yorkers move slowly toward the Grand Central station of the IRT’s Lexington Avenue line after leaving the crosstown shuttle during the peak of the rush hour, July 16, 1956. What to make with steak for dinner Flooding from water poured on the Wanamaker department store building fire has disrupted Lower East Side subway service and forced straphangers to use West Side lines. Best cut of beef for steak tips At Grand Central, where riders switched from west to east side lines, crowds were described as twice as heavy as normal. Steakhouse cuts of meat (AP Photo/Tom Fitzsimmons)

Juana Otero, a victim of heat exhaustion in the abnormally packed Grand Central subway station in New York, gets assistance from transit policeman Arthur Dixon as other victims rest in a corner of the station, July 16, 1956. Vegas strip steak cut of meat Numerous other rush hour travelers required aid as a surging mass of humanity sought shuttle transport to the West Side subway system after a busy section of the East Side tube was put out of commission as a result of the weekend fire in the Old Wanamaker department store. What cut of meat is steak tips (AP Photo/Jacob Harris)

Workmen engaged in the building of a New York subway express stop, drill into the solid rock, far below the street level, Nov. What kind of meat do you use for salisbury steak 20, 1959. Best steak meat for kabobs After the rock is drilled, it is blasted with dynamite and the rock is lifted to the top. Best steak meat for grilling (AP Photo/Ruben Goldberg)

This is a head-on view of the automated subway shuttle train, scheduled to operate between Grand Central Station on New York’s East Side and Times Square on the West Side of Manhattan, Dec. Steakhouse meat and wine odessa 13, 1961. Steakhouse meatpacking district The train is slowing to a stop at Times Square station during one of a series of test runs Circles on posts at right are proximity deductors which monitor speed of the approaching train. Meet steakhouse liverpool The crewless train, operated entirely by electronic controls, is scheduled to begin operation in a few days and is the cause of a strike threat by the Transport Workers Union. What kind of meat for philly steak sandwiches (AP Photo/Anthony Camerano)

New York City policemen tangled with demonstrators at a subway station on the opening day of the New York World’s Fair, April 22, 1964. Chunky steak meat pie recipe Youths attempted to stall the train, which was headed from the city to the fairgrounds, as a form of protest on behalf of civil rights for blacks. Steak meat temperature cooking chart (AP Photo/Charles Gorry)

New Yorkers who used to complain about the crush of riding the subway during the rush hours have had 12 subway-less days to change their minds, there were no such complaints heard from the passengers of this crowded train, Jan. Beef steak sauce 13, 1966. Beef steak sauce mushroom Everybody was happy the crippling transit strike was over. Beef steak sauce recipe (AP Photo)

Two curious subway riders look into the window of a new style subway car, by the Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York City’s IND station at 57th street and Sixth Avenue, May 13, 1974. How do i make my steak tender and juicy A special press and invited guests ride to the Wall Street area followed the showing. How to make sirloin steak tender and juicy (AP Photo/Ron Frehm)

Thousands of New Yorkers cross the Brooklyn Bridge heading for work in Manhattan on April 2, 1980, the second day of the transit strike which halted city subway and bus service. How to make steak tacos mexican style (AP Photo/Carlos Rene Perez)

Pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists congest the Brooklyn Bridge in New York during the height of the transit strike, April 1980, which left the city with no bus or subway service for two weeks. How to make steak tacos at home This view looks from Brooklyn to Manhattan. How to make steak tacos with cilantro and onion (AP Photo/Carlos Rene Perez)

Bernhard Goetz, escorted by detectives, leaves New York Police headquarters, Jan. How to make steak tacos like mexican restaurants 3, 1984, after his return from Concord, N.H., where he turned himself in and admitted to shooting four youths on a New York subway train in December. The best meat for philly cheese steak A Manhattan court judge set his bail at $50,000. How to cook flank steak for tacos (AP Photo)

Hillary Rodham Clinton shares a laugh with Scott Stillman of Queens, New York, March 30, 1992, as they ride the New York City subway. How to cook steak tacos on the stove Clinton, campaigning for her husband, was en route to New York University where she delivered a speech to law students. How to cook skirt steak for tacos (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Jazz great Cab Calloway, center, jokes with New York City Mayor David Dinkins, left, and Grammy organizer Jonathan Tisch, while riding a specially designated subway train from Harlem to Radio City Music Hall as part of the Grammy Week festivities in New York, Feb. How to make t bone steak tender in the oven 18, 1992. How to make pork steaks tender in the oven New York’s subway system was immortalized in the Duke Ellington classic “Take the ‘A’ Train.” (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

A pile of New York City subway tokens is shown, April 12, 2003 in New York. How to make flank steak tender in the oven The city’s subway token will no longer be accepted after May 4, its long career as the currency of city life ended by technology and fiscal problems. What cut of meat is used for philly cheese steak (AP Photo/Tina Fineberg)

New York Mets and New York Yankees fans leave the No. What meat is used to make philly cheese steak 7 train as they attend the Subway Series interleague baseball game between the Mets and the Yankees at Citi Field in New York, May 21, 2010. What meat is used for philly cheese steak (AP Photo/David Goldman)

A subway rider swipes a MetroCard through the turnstiles in New York, July 28, 2010. What kind of meat do you use for steak fajitas New York’s transit agency is proposing fare increases of more than 16 percent for monthly subway and bus passes and 9 percent hikes on suburban trains, another blow to commuters still getting used to service cuts last month that eliminated some subway and bus routes. How to make steak tender before grilling (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Commuters board a subway train New York, July 28, 2010. How to make sirloin steak tender on the grill New York’s transit agency is proposing fare increases of more than 16 percent for monthly subway and bus passes and 9 percent hikes on suburban trains, another blow to commuters still getting used to service cuts last month that eliminated some subway and bus routes. What kind of meat is skirt steak (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

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