My all time favorite cafes in amsterdam

I’m a cafe person, and hardly a day goes by without paying a visit to one of my hangouts of choice. Moist banana bread recipe Usually the process of deciding which cafe to head to is quite simple: I know my favorites, and I am well-acquainted with their dynamics, their menu, their barristas. Moist banana bread I do happen to have conditioned myself to work in public spaces, where the cacophony of conversations and crockery, and the smell of coffee being brewed have this magical property of making me focus.

Banana nut bread recipe I’m a sort of pavlovian dog, specialty coffee being my trigger.

From time to time, however, this exploratory gene urges me to try somewhere new. Healthy banana bread So I hop on my bike in a quest to find the perfect location to work behind the computer at, or just read my book, in a relatively quiet, cozy atmosphere. To be completely honest, if I divert from my usual places, chances are I am going to end up unsatisfied. Best banana bread Whether I find it too loud, the coffee not that great, or there’s no proper place to sit. Recipe banana bread I have gotten picky, and the crowdier it is, the more that characteristic tends to manifest. Simple banana bread For the record: in the weekends all the good places in Amsterdam are packed. I usually write in the mornings, and avoid busy hours, but it might be that I have this article I really need to finish.

Ana cycles thus, in hunting mode, passes by different cafes, stops in none, cycles forward, risks that new one they say it is pleasant (guess what, I was not the only one who heard the rumor), grows impatient, and worst case scenario: it will be raining as hell, and she gets completely soaked in the meanwhile. Banana bread recipe easy Like today, for instance. Healthy banana bread recipe Reaching this stage, the solution appears bright and shinny upon me: reverting to one my ‘shelters’, where however busy it might be, trustworthy coffee, kind people, and sweet local atmosphere, always rescue me back to a state of contentment. Recipe for banana nut bread This is the ground on which I get work done. Banana bread recipe moist All these places deserve a blogpost of their own, which will eventually happen ( I already wrote about Rum Baba and Koffie ende Koeck). Simple banana bread recipe For now, here is the short list of my all-time favorite cafes in Amsterdam, where I spend more time than it is socially acceptable, and from where most of this blog came to life. Banana bread recipe best Coffee Bru (East)

You can’t talk about specialty coffee in Amsterdam without mentioning Toki. Easy recipe for banana bread When I moved to the Westerpark I dreaded not having Coffee Bru at the corner, until I found Toki right in the Haarlemmerbuurt (city-center). Quick banana bread At the time, the owner worked behind the counter every single day, and his heart-warming smile was what kept me coming back. The best banana bread recipe Before I knew it, I was addicted. Easy banana nut bread recipe They work with Bonanza beans (Berlin), and their cappuccino is simply the best I have ever tasted. Homemade banana bread The environment is perfect for working. Award winning banana bread recipe Toki also became a hype on social media due to its minimalistic picture perfect interior – a well-deserved attention if you ask me. Moist banana nut bread recipe White Label (West)

Latei is THE neighborhood cafe par excellence. Here you drink your coffee next to the old Amsterdammer reading the newspaper, the student preparing for their exam, the occasional tourist. Easy banana nut bread The ingredients they use are organic, the bread comes from a local bakery, coffee is from Bocca, and all food is home-made (try their cheesecake!). Banana chocolate chip bread Plus, all the paraphernalia of objects and curiosa you are surrounded with are for sale. There’s nothing minimalistic or “hotspot-like” about this place. Recipe for moist banana bread Latei is a pearl in the heart of the touristy Zeedijk, (Nieuwmarkt side): despite its location, it couldn’t have more of a local, unpretentious feel. Quick and easy banana bread Koffie ende Koeck (West)

To make a round story out of this, let’s fly to Rum Baba, owned by the same folks who are responsible for Coffee Bru. Same genius home-made cakes, same coffee, same wonderful interior (full of color!), same unpretentiousness, and generally not as crowded as its sibling (maybe because of being located slightly further east, at the Pretoriusstraat). Low fat banana bread Rum Baba not only serves coffee and cake, but they roast their own beans, and bake all the goods from scratch, just a few doors down the road. Basic banana bread recipe I dedicated a full blogpost to Rum Baba over here. Moist banana nut bread It was my way of thanking for all the inspiration it lent me.

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I’m Ana V. Banana bread easy recipe Martins. Banana walnut bread I write, I act, I photograph, and I almost walk on water too. Banana bread cake Here we dive together into Amsterdam kingdom! To read more click on that smiley face. The best banana bread Alsjeblieft. Receipt for banana bread For love letters and the sorts:

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