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Kitchen utensils are very important tools in the kitchen, because they help us to be more efficient while we are cooking. Homemade orange juice concentrate recipes I also realize that having essential kitchen tools make our work easier and is a big time saver, since these utensils can do half of our work. Jamba juice orange dream machine smoothie recipe So, I select the most useful and essential utensils that I use almost everyday for my recipes on Primavera Kitchen to share with you, just because I love them and I hope you do too.

1. Orange pineapple strawberry juice recipe OXO Good Grips Zester – When your recipe calls for a lemon or orange zest, this tool is great because it zests not only citrus fruits, but chocolate and hard cheeses too. Pineapple orange juice cocktail recipes I love this particular one because it has a non-slip foot for more control while grating.

2. Orange pineapple apple juice recipes OXO Good Grips Garlic Press – I absolutely love this tool because it is such a time saver. Substitute for orange juice in cake recipe Almost all my recipes calls for garlic (me and my husband are garlic addicts) and I really don’t enjoy mincing garlic. Chicken rice orange juice recipe So, a garlic press is great to do this job for me. Pineapple orange juice smoothie recipe This one is my favorite since there is a built-in cleaner that pushes out the garlic peels.

3. Orange juice smoothie recipes with yogurt Silicone and Stainless Steel Kitchen Tool Set– This is for sure one of the most useful kitchen utensils that I have in my kitchen. Strawberry orange juice smoothie recipe I love this set because they are made with stainless steel and silicone ends. Pineapple orange juice punch recipe I love stainless steel tools, but almost all my pots and pans are non-stick. Orange fruit juice recipe in hindi I have to use silicone tools to avoid scratching my pots. How to make orange juice recipe in hindi So, this is the perfect set that combines stainless steel and silicone.

4. Amaretto sour with orange juice recipe Chef Knife– This is for sure a cook’s best friend and the go-to tool for the daily kitchen tasks. Bitter orange juice recipes I believe that having a good quality chef knife is essential to a success in the kitchen. Orange juice pound cake recipe This one is great because of the long edge, which makes the knife more versatile and efficient. Orange juice cake recipe food network And the bigger the blade you have to slice through an ingredient, the safer it is.

5. Delightful orange juice cake recipe Mandoline Slicer– This tool definitely speeds things up in our kitchen. Orange juice cake glaze recipe I love using mandolin when I want a very consistent thickness (I use it a lot when I am making my zucchini lasagna). Carrot orange juice recipe blender However, I use a knife where the consistent thickness is not as important. Cranberry sauce made with orange juice recipe This one is completely safe when using the cutting guard that comes in the package. Carrot orange juice recipe juicer But, when I am slicing small veggies I like to wear these gloves because the cutting guard doesn’t work for small veggies.

6. Margarita recipe with orange juice and limeade Peeler Set – Like the mandolin slicer, a vegetable peeler can really speed up your preparation time when you are cooking from scratch. Margarita recipe with orange juice and sprite This peeler set is great because they will remove the skin evenly and neatly without taking off too much of the edible flesh. Homemade orange wine recipe They also come with a julienne peeler, which is great to make veggies noodles.

7. Mango pineapple juice recipe Scrape Shovel – a scrape shovel is great for collecting and transporting ingredients from the cutting board to a pot on the stovetop. Recipe of orange juice in hindi Before I had this tool, I used the side of my chef’s knife to transfer chopped, diced or minced food to the pan or bowl. Recipe orange juice chicken I didn’t think it was really necessary, but since I bought it I am chocked to see how quickly we can pick up everything that is on the cutting board. Carrot ginger juice recipe Again it is a very time saving tool and I am always surprised by just how much food fits on the blade.

8. Christmas fruit cake recipe with orange juice Measuring Cup and Measuring Spoon Set – You must agree with me that measuring cups and spoons are a requirement of any kitchen, especially for baking. Easy fruit cake recipe with orange juice But, even if you are not a baker or if you don’t like to bake, these measuring spoon and cup sets will come in handy when you want to measure pasta, rice, quinoa, or anything else that requires a specific measurement.

9. Fruit cake recipe made with orange juice Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl – I bet nobody will disagree with me that this mixing bowl is extremely essential in our kitchen. Orange juice recipe in marathi language You need this to whisk up a sauce, marinate meat and serve salads. Cranberry orange juice punch recipes You can also use this for general mixing, baking or beating eggs. Orange juice punch recipe non alcoholic This mixing bowl can be used to do pretty much anything and won’t absorb stains and odors because they are made of stainless steel.

10. Baked chicken orange juice recipe Strainer Colander with Handle– For draining pasta and washing vegetables, rinsing grains, beans, rice, lentils and any other food preparation a strainer colander is an essential tool for your kitchen. Strawberry banana orange juice smoothie recipe This one is awesome for sifting dry ingredients as well. Strawberry orange smoothie recipe This type of strainer is my favorite because it features a resting ring design to hook over pots or bowls, which is very useful while cooking. Orange juice concentrate smoothie recipes This steel strainer is without a doubt one of my essential tools in my busy kitchen.

11. Frozen orange juice smoothie recipes Salad Spinner – A salad spinner is so useful and important when it comes to having a crispy salad. Fruit smoothie recipes with yogurt and orange juice It prevents your greens from becoming soggy, since this salad spinner dries your greens. Passion orange guava juice recipe The best part of this spinner is that you can use the strainer basket that comes with the spinner for draining pasta and the bowl for serving in the days that you don’t need to set a fancy table for dinner. Banana orange smoothie recipe It is for sure a multi-purpose kitchen tool.

12. Recipe for salad dressing with orange juice Silicone Tongs – A good pair of tongs in your kitchen that can handle all kinds of food is definitely a must have. Recipes using fresh squeezed orange juice It’s important for them to have silicone tips to prevent scratching and heat-resistance so they don’t melt away after frequent use. Cranberry sauce with orange juice recipe This pair of tongs have great ergonomics and you can even lock / unlock them with just your thumb. Mango rum pineapple juice recipe I highly recommend it especially to saute veggies and cook meat.

13. Cranberry relish with orange juice recipe Wooden Spoon – This is a very high quality stir spoon that you will use ALL the time while you are cooking. Carrot orange smoothie recipe I love wooden spoons because they are durable, heat resistant, light and won’t scratch cookware or pans. Jamba juice orange carrot karma smoothie recipe Plus, they are endlessly useful, long lasting and versatile. Pineapple orange smoothie recipe A few sturdy wooden spoons are essential in any kitchen for sure.

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