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Mystery Manor Collections – Names, Numbers, Rewards and Gifts

The Collections Table includes Collection Number, Name, Room, Items, Reward, Gift and Chargers. Banana bread nutrition Improvements:

• iPad or iPhone, Android if you have it! I love using my iPhone to look things up while I’m in the middle of the game on my iPad.

• Portrait or landscape mode – If it gets too narrow and you can’t see the whole view click the little +sign and it will give you all the information below it.

• Search – Enter search item and click the Done or Return on the keyboard.

• Sort – any of the columns.

Banana bread cinnamon rolls So do a search on Experience, Sort the Reward Column and it will group the amounts of experience together. Banana bread recipe whole wheat A small note on that; it does 100 exp, then 1000 exp but still it’s an easy way to see which collections give the most.

• Before Posting a Comment on this page to ask where to find something for a Quest try looking at the page that has the Quest String on. Moist banana bread sour cream If you don’t know what Quest string it belongs to go to the top of the page next to the title and find the little search glass, type the name of the Quest in Quotation Marks, “Quest Name”.

• Here’s a little trick on how to read the Collections inside the Game for the Correct number. Banana peanut butter muffins You have to go just below the actual Collection Name bar to get the right number to show at the top. Banana bread recipe for bread machine When asking for something on the wall it is best to include the collection name or item with the number.

• To Find All Collections that give Phenomena as a reward Search the Table using the Word Phenomena

• Collections that you can buy Items with Coins (c) or Diamonds (D) have the little symbol next to the item so search on (c) or (D). Banana peanut butter chocolate chip cookies Some collections you can buy with all Coins.

I have noticed that some of the collection rewards listed are not always accurate. Banana peanut butter chocolate I believe GI is changing the numbers around when they add new collections.

Would it be helpful to write in with the discrepancies when we find them?

Yes, I use a spreadsheet that I add to but I do not check every collection to see if the rewards stay the same or change. Banana peanut butter chocolate smoothie That would be an enormous task. Banana peanut butter chocolate chip muffins Any changes you notice would help me with the updates.

Once you charge that collection, 220 Nature’s Beauty, you will have the chest in your inventory that you must open. Banana cake with peanut butter frosting Then you will receive your Nocturnal Eyes.

All rewards including keys are still listed. Banana bread sugar free Are you on a small device like a phone or iPad mini with a green plus sign you need to press to expand and see everything?

If you are looking for a specific Collection item use the Collections Table. Banana bread gluten free Sometimes the Collection item will tell you which room to search.

If you are looking for items that Roamers give search the Roamers table.

If you are looking for an item for a specific quest use the Search Bar on the right of any of the pages without these big tables and type the Quest Name in quotation marks.

But basically it’s a good idea to go into all the menu tabs and familiarize yourself with how things are organized. Banana peanut butter ice cream You’ll catch on pretty quick. Banana muffins with cream cheese frosting Try to put all your questions and comments on the page with the room or other information you’re looking for.

The trick to finding the Chargers for the Mystical Living Room collection is to keep searching the Mystical Living Room over and over without searching other rooms. Best banana muffin recipe ever They are very slow to drop and all players have hundreds of collection items and not chargers. Easy banana muffin recipe We should ask GI to make a game change for these collections!

I have traded with the Snatchin Ranger many times before. Banana muffin recipe healthy I need silver nuggets to give him, but they only come from Collection 1 (which is very new) and one of the cowboy collections which gives 10 each time you charge it and I have only charged it a few times very recently. Banana muffin recipe best So where else do silver nuggets come from?

I am trying to find Digger’s gloves. Banana muffin recipe easy But sometimes when I banish snatchins and things I get “gold” ones – I do not see them in my inventory. Banana cake recipe with sour cream What are they and why are my numbers not increasing for this item to open certain yard bosses?

You should be able to ask for those items from friends. Best vegan banana bread recipe On your boss room where you need these items there will be a Ask a Friend button. Banana nut bread with cream cheese Select that and ask your friends for them.

Work through all of the quests on the left side and then there are quests on the right side that have you charge each of the full moon collections a certain number of times and in a certain order. Moist banana cake recipe with sour cream You will only see these quests during the 14 day full moon event. Banana bread recipe self raising flour Then they come back for you to continue each full moon. Rachael ray chocolate chip banana bread You do not have to do them from start every month.

I had a full moon quest for that recently, unfortunately you have to buy the charm with diamonds. Easy vegan banana bread I made sure I had phenomenon in all other rooms before I bought any.

Only recently found out about sending messages on this site. Healthy blueberry banana bread Thank you for all you do. Banana bread with cream cheese recipe It is really helpful so thank you very much. Banana bread with cream cheese I used to visit the other MM page where the gifts are listed but this page is the best.

I just want to say Kudos for a great website. Healthy banana blueberry bread The search option for chargers, collections, artifacts etc is invaluable! You do a great job updating and so gracious about suggestions. Banana blueberry bread healthy We are blessed to have you.

I wholeheartedly agree with you Mary Maid. Paleo blueberry banana bread I’ve found this site invaluable and recommend it to all my friends on MM.

Thank you so much for all the good work you & your team do to make playing so much easier & fun.

When I get stuck on something or just need to look up a collection, I just go to your page & find what I need with no fuss.

The quest circles on the left side of your iPad screen have a small circle on the upper right side. Mini banana bread recipe It is a symbol to help you identify which room the quest is part of. Vegan banana bread applesauce When you touch the quest and the quest window pops up, you will see the same picture/circle at the top of the window, next to the word “Quest.” Touch it and it will tell you which room/quest string it is part of.

It is Quest 21 in the 3rd Anniversary. Gluten free banana bread recipe The way to find a quest is to type the name in quotation marks inside the search window. Dairy free banana bread recipe Search windows are easier to find on the pages that do not have these large tables. Best vegan banana bread So, go to the Welcome page, Find the Search box on the right side and type “Winner and Losers”. Simple vegan banana bread The search will return everywhere that string appears.

When I charge artefact 15 (time control) I get items from the following collections: Book of verses (363), Mushroom basket (365), Garden fresh (368), Appetisers (369), Knowledge is power (440) and Save our science (443). How to freeze banana bread I haven’t yet figured out how to collect the items from the previous collections. How to store banana bread Hope this helps ??.

Hi, I need designer snatchins for a quest and they are nowhere to be found, friends say they have him but when I visit he disappears. Banana cake recipe nz I have bought a couple of the items I need but don’t really want to waste precious gems on something that easy…theoretically!! Any ideas please?

I would lso like to sing the praises of how awesomely helpful this site is! Love this list of collections and what each gives. Banana bread with olive oil Fantastic job to the admin person. Dairy free banana cake recipe Thank you so much!!

Charging that artifact now is giving collection items from recent holiday quests. South african banana bread recipe Not sure how you get the items from the other collections that it previously gave. Quick banana cake recipe But they are not giftable.

I’m trying to find the charming prince from the puppet collection. Moist banana walnut bread I keep going through the gingerbread house but can’t get it. Allrecipes com banana bread When I look at the list of things you can get from searching I don’t see it as an option. Banana bread with peanut butter Any ideas? Thank you!

The Friend and Protector Artifact used to give a detective chest with searching tools. Banana nut loaf recipe I put in a ticket and GI states they’re removing this award. Banana bread no butter Really stinks. Fluffy banana bread recipe This was a good way to get flares, pointers, etc. Banana muffins with buttermilk ??????

No, but they are in the Van Helsing’s Chest, which you can receive for completing various achievements. Banana cake no butter You might try checking your achievements to see if you’re close to getting one

It looks like there is an additional upgrade that happens to be able to get into the flying saucer. Banana bread recipe jamie oliver The Alien Language dectector. Super healthy banana bread More things to beg friends for! Thank you for the awesome help this page provides! I hav been tiring to get the flying saucer for more than a year!

I love your site. Banana loaf recipe jamie oliver It makes looking up collections much easier.

I only use it to find out where I can get items that I need from a collection when charged.

Wonderful, all I have to do is type in what I want & it comes up with a list of collections.

I don’t understand what you’re saying about blocking viewing. Banana cake recipe jamie oliver You should be able to X out of the Amazon offer and it should only appear every 14 days. Coconut flour banana bread recipe If this is not happening I will fix it. Nutella banana bread recipe Can you explain more about the Easter Update?

At end of Easter Update summary, in Other Changes section, you state “I notice that the Collection box in the center top drops down for every item you collect.” Could you please explain further. Banana oat bread healthy Where is the Collection box in “the center top” and how does it “drop”? Sorry for being so dense. Cream cheese banana bread recipe TIA

The artifact still works. Easy healthy banana bread The items still drop & if you tap on them after you have cleared the room it will take you to the collection menu. 2 banana muffin recipe Collection 104 still gives the coins & experience, however it does not give the detective box.??????

This is awesome, but 4 everything done, there is one thing missing and as much work as this was…the missing pieces would b a ton more work. Banana bread made with cake mix I was trying to find a list of the “chargers” that go to each collection. Soft banana cake recipe Sometimes u need the charges of a collection 4 something else. Banana date nut bread It would b nice 2 have a place u can find a list of the “chargers” here as well to go along with each collection u listed. Simple healthy banana bread recipe If their is a way I could help with this, like taking part of the list I would b willing 2 do that.

A couple of days ago i looked up which collection an item was from, big help, but today i came to do the same thing and the page has changed.

Instead of a search area above the table showing about ten collections I have no search area but the entire listing of collections shown.

Was this a deliberate change if so fine but please put the search box back ????????

Thank you! If it were not for my friends to n this game I would not play at all. Gluten free banana nut bread I am not in a Guild any longer because all the events are on the weekend and I could not participate enough to be fair to any of my teammates.

I have great help. Gluten free banana bread mix Rebecca has edited so many of the existing pages, cleaning them up and adding content. Fluffy banana cake recipe She did an awesome job getting up the quest on the Thansgiving 2015 Event in record time. Best banana bread machine recipes RFG, has edited pages, getting quest strings up as fast as players give them to us.

I am personally way behind in exploring so many of the Bosses and Space and I want to Thank everyone for all the collection gifts you send to help me finish quests! I don’t have much time to play, a few hours a week. Banana bread in a bundt pan But I am willing to share whatever I can both get snide and outside of the game.

And my wonderful husband who doesn’t know much of anything about the game takes time out of his heavy work schedule to help make the functionality of the game so much better. Moist banana cake recipe from scratch He wrote special code to make our searchable collection table work! So, at Thanksgiving I have so very much to be thankful for.

Mostly what I need help with is quest strings, information on better ways to play in the guild and arena and screen shots that may be missing!

I’m sorry, it was quite a bit of work to create the PDFs and keep it updated so we opted to make the table searchable on the web page. Gluten free banana bread My PDFs never worked very well and had lots of issues when trying to search.

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