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Furnished with a mish-mash of green and orange chairs, this casual restaurant offers a variety of nasi biryani (chicken, mutton and prawn) and roti naan. Chicken biryani recipe in marathi language The latter includes plain, cheese, garlic cheese, butter and garlic butter. Vahrehvah soup recipes I order cheese naan and it comes hot and filling the air with the aroma of mozzarella.

Thalassery biryani recipe video Hot diggity! Every delightful bite involves tearing, stretching and chewing the elastic flatbread amid a delicate milky flavour. Thalassery biryani recipes A hint of salt adds to the delight, and curry or dhall is not needed.

It is actually a shabby stall located opposite a retailer of exclusive furniture. Thalassery chicken biryani recipe All items available are shown on a blue plastic sign, mounted high on the stall. Thalassery recipes While waiting for my chicken tandoori naan, I notice that the chicken is being basted continually as it is being grilled. Thalassery chicken dum biryani recipe My order comes piping hot and aroma-choked. Chicken biryani recipe in telugu The zesty-flavoured chicken tandoori leverages the garlic cheese naan – though delicious by itself – to a new standard of naan dining. Thalassery mutton biryani recipe However, lack of ambience prevents me from awarding full marks. Youtube chicken biryani in telugu Rating: 4/5

This restaurant offers similar fare to a typical Mamak restaurant but it is a more comfortable alternative. How to make chicken biryani in telugu In its fairly stylish menu is a list of more than a dozen naan sets, which are available only from 3pm. How to prepare chicken biryani in telugu Prices range from RM9.90 to RM19.30. Prawns biryani recipe My banana roti naan set comes with banana slices decorating its surface and a separate plate of chicken tandoori. Prawns biryani recipe in hindi In terms of texture, the banana tangos clumsily with the naan though the chicken tandoori is satisfactory. Prawns biryani recipe in marathi Rating: 3/5


Renowned for its long operating hours, this restaurant boasts a smart-looking menu with long lists of noodles and fried rice, with a shorter list of nasi lemak, spaghetti, soup, chops, etc. Hyderabadi prawns biryani recipe Standouts among the types of naan available are raisin naan with ice-cream and naan Bombay. Hyderabadi prawns biryani I go for a simple garlic and cheese naan instead. Recipe of prawns biryani The naan is fluffy but not the fluffiest I’ve tasted. Prawns biryani hyderabadi style The garlic and cheese pair well but it is not great. Prawns biryani recipe in marathi language Rating: 3/5

This is a hawker centre that attracts many expats because of its economical steaks. Hyderabadi prawns dum biryani recipe However, its naan stall also draws the late-supper crowds. Prawns biryani in hindi Apart from the usual types of naan, there are also fish naan, pizza naan and sardine naan. Prawns biryani recipe in telugu My cheese naan is served with chicken curry as requested. Prawns biryani easy recipe Only standard cheese has been used and the fluffy naan tastes sweet on first bite. Simple prawns biryani However, after more chews, milky and yeasty flavours emerge. Prawns biryani in telugu The chicken curry, infused with the flavours of garam masala, plays its supporting role admirably.


The restaurant features standard furniture and menu light boxes on its walls. How to make prawns biryani A cardboard menu features long lists under Roti, Thosai, Fried Rice and Fried Noodles. Prawns biryani kerala style There are more than a dozen types of naan. Prawns biryani recipe kerala I order garlic naan and tandoori chicken. Prawns biryani video By itself, the naan delivers a creamy flavour. Prawns biryani recipe in malayalam language A tad dreamy, too! When paired with the tandoori chicken, this naan combo demands to be respected. Prawns biryani recipe andhra style Rating: 4/5

For all its classy and fine furnishings, I am surprised that the menu handed to me contains pages detached from its centre staples. Prawns biryani vahrehvah There are no photos and all the North Indian classic dishes are available. Prawns biryani recipe youtube Plain naan, butter naan, garlic naan, Peshawar naan and kheema naan are offered. Prawns biryani andhra style My garlic naan comes in a basket minus the lentils or curry. Recipe of prawns biryani in marathi So, I order a separate bowl of murg athraki (chicken cubes with onion, tomatoes, chopped ginger in a thick gravy with ginger flavour). Prawns biryani recipe in malayalam To my delight, the naan is very soft and the flavourful murg athraki is tinged with a hint of spice which altogether makes the naan a winner. Sanjeev kapoor prawns biryani recipe However, I have to deduct points for the high prices.

The restaurant’s plain exterior belies its elegant interior, which features cloth-wrapped chairs, cloth-covered tables and chandeliers. Prawns biryani recipe step by step Established in 1983, it displays a sign proclaiming that it invented “roti bom”. How to make prawns biryani in marathi The array of dishes available ranges from Western to Thai, Chinese and Pakistani. How to make prawns biryani video Choices for naan are limited to the regular varieties. Prawns biryani in hyderabad I dig into garlic naan which turns out to be doughy, chewy and soft all at once, and the tandoori chicken packs a terrific flavour.

This 24-hour restaurant is heavily patronised by commuters of the nearby Awan Besar LRT station. How to make prawns biryani kerala style Its menu offers more than 50 items, including a smattering of vegetarian dishes, and the naan list is long. How to prepare prawns biryani in telugu Among the creative versions are fruit and cheese naan, honey naan, prawn naan, prawn and cheese naan, fish and cheese naan, mutton and cheese naan, and cashewnut naan. How to make prawns biryani in telugu My cheese naan comes with cheese strands layered on top of it. Vahrehvah prawns biryani This method of preparation gives the dish two textures, delivering a coarse-and-spongy mouthfeel. Thalassery prawns biryani The milky flavour of the cheese is restrained because it has not melted.

Tucked in an old quarter of Bukit Bintang, this restaurant sports an elegant interior that is matched by a striking red menu. Prawn biryani recipe sanjeev kapoor More than 50 food items are divided into biryani, beef, lamb, chicken, vegetables and naan. Indian prawn biryani recipe The garlic cheese naan springs a surprise as it’s served in triangular pieces arranged in a circle. Prawn dum biryani recipe More than garlic has gone into the naan as indicated by the greenish and reddish specks on its surface. Prawns biriyani kerala style Upon first bite, my taste buds yell, “Fiery hot! This naan’s hard to beat!” The chicken curry can be dispensed with. Prawn biryani recipe indian style Rating: 5/5

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