Nasi lemak lover_ pandan huat kueh (chinese steamed cake) ????

Last time my mother taught me to make Brown sugar Huat Kueh ( Chinese steamed cake) using yeast method. Banana and bread But this time i try this method using self-raising flour and baking powder method, very easy and fast, done within 30mins.

If you asked me which type of Huat Kueh i prefer, frankly, i still prefer Huat kueh using yeast method, like the bounchy texture..unlike this method taste very much like kueh ..soft and a little spongy..?

I altered a bit of this recipe, reduced baking powder from 1tsp to 1/2tsp and change butter to corn oil for lighter version. Banana bread recipe without nuts Also original recipe call to cook sugar with water till sugar dissolved, but i omit this step, I just stir sugar with pandan water till sugar dissolved.

your pandan leaves looks so fresh and good! perfect for a cake like this. What is banana bread Next time I feel like having huat kueh, i know where to re look at the recipe! thanks for making this easy.

Huat kueh with very big smile! The cupcake that you used really make this huat kueh look very pretty! Not forget the lovely green pandan too. Banana bread cooking time Again you make me feel like making some huat kueh.

All your Huat Kueh is so pretty laughing along! Do you buy ToTo or lotto sure you will be very Huat, Huat, Huat…LOL

Between about the kueh teow sheets, I normally bought from the store that sell raw kueh teow. How long do you bake banana bread They can custom make the sheets for me. Banana bread with 1 banana If you can find a place where they make kueh teow you can ask them to custom make for you too because this sheets comes first in making kueh teow cycle before they cut the kueh teow into strips. Baking powder banana bread And for the homemade ???i will try my very best to post it up soon..^^

It’s such a pleasure to see a bit of fresh, spring colours in this cold autumn weather we have now. Banana bread with 4 bananas I really have to find pandan leaves because your cakes look too tempting to miss them!

Wow, your huat kuihs are really smiling and they look awesome! Lovely soft and fluffy texture. How long do you cook banana bread I love the colour too. How many bananas for banana bread Thanks for sharing Sonia.

I forgot to tell u, i received the puteri ayu moulds more than 1 week later. Banana bread baking time I tried using them for a puteri ayu recipe, but didnt press hard enough, in the end the coconut filling fell apart from the small cakes. Banana bread bananas :S

If I do not have blender to make the pandan water, what other alternative I can use?

Always find your recipes interesting and easy to follow. Banana bread temperature Thanks for sharing.

If I do not have blender to make the pandan water, what other alternative I can use?

Always find your recipes interesting and easy to follow. Banana bread muffins easy Thanks for sharing.

This is the only recipe which i can make my huat kuih huat after trying so many other recipes. Pictures of banana bread Thanks for sharing such a good recipe even though it don’t taste like the yeast type; at least it smiled!

Have tried this recipe but mine didn’t huat at all, what could be the problem? Over beating? And my color green not as bright as yours even I add some coloring.

Beautyme, if you dont have blender to make pandan water, then you can use pandan paste which you can buy from bakery ingredients shop.

Please make sure you use self raising flour and baking powder that not expired !!

Hi…have tried this receipe but my huat kueh not as soft and fluffy like yours but my pandan huat kueh smile broadly…i really have no idea where goes wrong….

This recipe looks really lovely, simple and perfect for an overseas student like me to try my hand at. Moist banana bread recipie However, just a few questions:

1) When you say ‘blend 6 pcs pandan leaves with water’ to form the pandan water, do you mean to simply boil the pandan leaves in the water, or to literally handblend/chop/pulse the pandan leaves with the water? Would I then need to strain out the juice or do you add water/juice/pulp everything into the cake?

Chen, for pandan water, handblend/chop/pulse the pandan leaves with the water, then strain and retain the pandan water. How many bananas in banana bread i will not encourage you to replace with butter, try to replace other vegetables oil but not olive oil..

May I know How many u pour in a cup? 80% full? I tried, nice. Banana nut bread with sour cream I used the same cup But the cup opened up and cause the laughing at the side instead center, due to the cup opened at one side.

Hi Sonia, I love your recipes. Banana nut bread muffins I tried this recipe and was successful the first round only. Healthy banana bread with applesauce Thereafter I could not get the same texture and my cake turned out goey and flat. Healthy banana bread pudding Any idea what went wrong? Do I stir the flour into the sugar water mixture till it’s smooth or do I fold it in? Please advise. The best banana bread ever Thanks a lot!

Awesome recipe! I follow it exactly and for the first time my Huat Kueh bloomed beautifully! Definitely will recommend this recipe to my girl friends. Recipe for banana bread with sour cream -Jan

hi sonia, wonderful cakes you have there. Recipe for banana bread pudding I really enjoy browsing your site. Best banana bread recipe with sour cream Just a question as I tried to make this last week but was somewhat unsuccessful. Easy banana bread muffins when you say mix the flour and the wet ingredients do I whisk it together or just use a spatula to mix it thoroughly? I tried ixing it and somehow my cakes were flat and gummy. Easy banana bread healthy appreciate the advise. Easy banana bread pudding thanks so much from livi

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