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The Drum People are in full compliance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990, which helps ensure that only Native North American People market and sell authentic Native North American crafts. Best drinks made with vodka The Act requires all artists to acccurately label their crafts so that consumers know whether they are purchasing authentic Native American crafts. Easy drinks to make with rum According to the Act, Native American People make Native American Drums. Easy halloween drinks with vodka NON-Native People make “Native STYLE” Drums.

He gathers the logs, has them sawn, planes them smooth.  Then he cuts each board to create staves for powwow drums or segments for his hand drum frames.  Each frame is sanded four time with 40, 80, 120 and 220 grit sand paper to make as close to a circle as a human can make.  He uses unbleached, air dryed rawhide.  He makes his drums with reverence for the Creator and caring for the people who will use these sacred drums in their lives.

First, we are committed to Green, ecological methods to build our Native American drums. Easy mixed drinks with rum We do not cut down any trees. Easy drinks to make with vodka Our rawhide does not poison the earth with chemicals.

If you compare Native American drums, you may notice that many of them seem to look alike. Best drinks to mix with rum Our drums look different. Best mixed drinks with vodka Wonder why? We build our own hand drum hulls. Easy drinks made with rum We build hand drums, sweat lodge drums, and powwow drums. Simple drinks with gin We offer each type of drum in several standard sizes, or we can build a drum to your custom size specifications.

We do not buy one-piece plywood hoops and simply stretch a hide over the hoop. Simple drinks made with tequila Keith is an artist, a wood-worker, a wood craftsman. Simple drinks with amaretto He painstakingly cuts, planes, hammers, glues and sands every board of lumber to make each unique hand drum, sweat lodge drum or powwow drum. Simple drinks to make From the sawmill to the shipper, your native drum is handled by Keith and Cheryl, The Drum People, in a loving, respectful way.

Some people call us tree-huggers. Simple drinks with whiskey We call it Re spect for Mother Earth. Best drinks with amaretto B ecome a partner in our stewardship efforts. Easy drinks with amaretto We believe that native drums should be sacred instruments – from their construction in Keith’s hands, to resting in your hands, where they will carry your songs and prayers to Creator.

Second, we are committed to promoting Native American culture. Easy drinks made with tequila Making drums is not a job, it is a CALLING for us. Simple drinks made with gin It is our MISSION in life.

We have donated or discounted drums to Native Americans in prison so that they can practice their spiritual ceremonies. Simple drinks to make with gin By doing this, we hope that Creator will guide them back to the good Red Road.

We have sponsored cultural events, like our annual Hand Drum Competition, to showcase the talent of Native American singers and drummers.  We hope to educate the public about the Indigenous People and Culture of the United States by supporting the beauty of their traditions and songs. 

Omaha Public School’s Pre-K program honored The Drum People by allowing us to help them obtain their own pow- wow drum.  Omaha tribal elders taught the boys how to drum.  The young drum team shared their songs with their community at a Pre-K Pow-Wow.  The beating of the drum enabled the girls to learn their traditional dances, so they too love the drum.  The school uses the drum as part of their family night gatherings, allowing the teens to drum and sing together.  According to Tami Maldonado-Mancebo, Director of the School’s Office of Native American Indian Education, “The drumming brings greater peace and harmony to all of our activities.”  

Thank You Tami and the Omaha Public School system for allowing us to help pass on cultural traditions to young and old alike.  Thank You, Tami, for choosing The Drum People.

Native American people have supported us for years and years at powwows.  Their love and support made us who we are: The Drum People.  We wanted to give back to the Native American community.  We have had this dream of bringing the hand drum tradition back to the Southeastern part of the United States because this tradition seemed to be lost here.  Hosting informal competitions for four years,  we finally made our dream come true and sponsored an official hand drum competition with $1000 prize money and free drums for the winner in 2008.

Alex Alvarez, Creek, Wins First Place: $500 and a Hand Drum From The Drum People. Simple mixed drinks with gin MEET THE WINNERS!

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