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Look for previous posts on BC and Newton. Brown rice shrimp avocado recipe Newton Center has a fair amount of stuff, also W. Goya yellow rice and shrimp recipe Newton and Newton Highlands are within 5 miles with some good dining options (Blue Ribbon BBQ for takeout, Aquitaine Bis, Lumiere, Jumbo, etc.).

The BC area itself is a culinary wasteland. Baked shrimp and rice recipes Most of the students are afraid to travel further than the BC bus will take them (Cleveland Circle), unless they are cabbing it to Tonic/Wonderbar/downtown clubs.

Chicken recipes with rice and tomatoes Maybe once in a while they will be up for a T-ride to Anna’s, but I have never seen so many rich kids eating such bad food. Pasta and shrimp recipes easy With the amount these kids spend on Busch Light, filthy Chinese food, and bad chicken wings, they could be dining out on truffles, foie gras and caviar paired with Chateau Rieussec. Chicken and shrimp recipes easy I say this from first-hand observation. Chicken and rice recipes for dinner If you can get your daughter out of the dining halls/Anna’s Tacqueria/Mary Ann’s/Rogggie’s loop, you will be doing her a huge favor.

If you’re willing to drive a little bit from BC, good areas to look at are Coolidge Corner (easy to find along Beacon, with T access and lots of cheap parking), Brookline Village (slightly further, but there’s parking and T access there too) or Washington Square (the closest to BC). Chicken and rice soup recipes from scratch These are all Brookline neighborhoods, but there’s not a lot of quality parent-friendly dining in Allston-Brighton, and you said you wanted to avoid downtown.

In Washington Square (corner of Beacon and Washington streets), try The Publick House some time – it gets crowded and loud later, particularly on the weekends, but I’ve had some great early dinners and unusual beers there with my parents (of course the latter might have to wait a few years if your daughter is a freshman). Red beans rice and shrimp recipes The food is upscale pub food, far better than just about any other bar I’ve been in. Chicken and rice recipes easy Washington Square Tavern is similar but a little pricier from what I’ve heard. Chicken and rice recipes easy for dinner Golden Temple is a fun Chinese place in the neighborhood – the food isn’t amazing, but it’s enjoyable, and the atmosphere is more upscale than most Chinese places without the prices being too high.

In Coolidge Corner, you’ve got good Thai food at Khao Sarn (right south of the corner) or Dok Bua (a ways to the north). Chinese shrimp and rice recipes Khao Sarn wins for atmosphere and overall quality, but Dok Bua gets points for better prices and a few amazing dishes (anything really spicy or the fried rices, in my opinion, though everyone has their own favorites). Simple rice and shrimp recipes Zaftig’s is a decent approximation of a brunch-oriented deli, though Brookline could still use a place that is better and less crowded than Zaftig’s, cheaper than Rubin’s Kosher Deli, and cleaner, brighter, friendlier and more prompt in the tax payments than the now departed B&D Deli. Chicken breast and rice recipes easy Lineage is new in that neighborhood and looks a more upscale than most of the restaurants anywhere near BC – I’ll give it a try sometime soon, with a near-guarantee that the food will have more flavor than the awful Lucy’s that it replaced.

In Brookline Village, there are a couple of very nice-looking Russian restaurants that I have yet to visit but that other chowhounds have liked. Skillet chicken and rice recipes easy Down on Route 9, further than most diners wander, there’s La Morra, a northern Italian restaurant, which is actually pretty easy to get to from just about anywhere (from BC you would just drive to Cleveland Circle, turn right on Chesnut Hill Ave, turn left on Route 9 – probably a ten minute drive with a choice of free parking and a short walk after you pass the intersection with the ticketing office and the car dealership or a cheap valet). Baked chicken and rice recipes easy I think La Morra is probably the best meal you’ll get without venturing into the city or far out into the suburbs – the pricing and atmosphere are bistro-level, the wine list is well-selected, and the food menu changes every season, always with good options.

For more ideas, take a look back at posts about best sushi and see opinions about Oishii, Ginza and Fugakyu, all of which are pretty good bets and not too far from BC. Baked chicken breast and rice recipes easy Take a look at Kenmore Square, which has about three times the number of upscale restaurants as it did two years ago, and is easy to get to on the T if you don’t mind stopping every ten feet to drop BU kids off at their doorsteps. Easy chicken and rice recipes for dinner If you have to park over there, you could make a night of things with a Red Sox game or some other event in the city. Chicken and wild rice recipes easy Finally, those who are more suburban than I can tell you about good restaurants in Newton, about the same distance west of BC.

Wow, that first paragraph sums up the BC student population/location beautifully. Chicken and wild rice recipes baked I’ve never understood the fear of most BC students to leave Chestnut Hill.

About restaurants in Newton—Lumiere will be a great special event location.

That’s an excellent (and extensive) list; I’d highlight a few places and make a few additions. Chicken and rice recipes healthy Oishii is one the best sushi places in the entire Boston area, and it’s a 15 minute walk/5 minute drive from campus. Chicken and brown rice recipes healthy Lots of posts on this board for more specific recommendations.

I’d send your daughter to Golden Temple once just to experience the bizarre decor, but I tried them a few years ago and the food quality had fallen off from what I remember in the early 90’s (which was basically a higher level of Americanized chinese food, with a few standout dishes like the “golden temple ribs”). Baked chicken and rice recipes healthy It’s certainly a unique atmosphere, but not really notable for the food. Chicken and rice dinner recipes Much better food, specifically szechuan, can be found at New Taste of Asia near Coolidge Corner — great food, very casual setting — and at Sichuan Garden in Brookline Village — slightly plusher setting, great (translated) chinese menu. Easy chicken and rice dinner recipes Lots of posts on both those places.

Also in Brookline Village, Matt Murphy’s is a nice irish pub. Easy chicken and rice recipes healthy There’ve been some conflicting chow reports since they renovated last summer; I had a nice brunch there the other day and can report that the pork hash is still pretty great, although maybe a notch below what I remember it being a few years ago.

Right in Cleveland Circle, I still have a soft spot for Pino’s pizza — good greasy slices, open late, and Eagle’s deli — I recall a very good turkey sandwich there.

Also, for the OP, bear in mind that the area here is quite compact and places in Cambridge are no more than 20-30 minutes away by car, and that the Green Line T goes right into the heart of downtown Boston, so if you have 4 years to check out the chow, no reason to limit yourself just to places in Newton and Brookline.

I’ll add to the list of Thai places a personal favorite nearer BC – Bamboo at Washington and Commonwealth Aves. Chicken and jasmine rice recipes Dunno or care how authentic but just genuinely tasty food at reasonable prices in a comfortable neighborhood hangout dressed up a bit with tablecloths atmosphere. Ground beef and jasmine rice recipes **Very** nice staff as well. Chicken breast and jasmine rice recipes I adore their garlic grilled pork and first learned to like cauliflower eating their superbly done stir fried veggies with peanut sauce. Chicken and rice dish recipes There’s the Tapas place next door that I know some people like, although I’ve not been. Chicken and rice hot dish recipes Bunch of little ethinic places that are very good in the Harvard & Commonwealth area too, although not particularly dressy targeting the ‘rents places. Easy chicken and white rice recipes Then again, my dining out budget clearly isn’t in the same universe as many on this board. Shrimp and rice recipes easy Dunno what sort of atmosphere you’re after, but there are several that I and others here have enjoyed in the highly casual range in that neighborhood if interested.

The Chestnut Hill area is close to BC and has some nice options. Rice and shrimp recipes The Metropolitan Club on Route 9 has excellent brunch on Sunday and very nice food generally, a steakhouse but with many pasta and seafood options as well as things like Yankee Potroast, etc. Easy shrimp and rice recipes Very nice Ambiance.

Across the road on route 9 West is Aquitaine Bistro- nice french food- nice atmosphere and good service. Shrimp and white rice recipes A few doors down is the famous Legal Seafood. Rice and shrimp recipes easy I love this place but you will get mixed reviews. Healthy shrimp and rice recipes The Chestnut Hill Legal is often very crowded and has a one hour wait sometimes so make a res.

In the Chestnut Hill Mall, a short drive up Route 9 – in the back is Bernard’s Chinese Restaurant. Easy shrimp and rice recipes for dinner Not Sichuan but very nice, very fresh food. Shrimp and rice dish recipes Across the hall in the same place is Papa Razzi’s- decent Italian food.

A littl further up on the Eastbound side of Route 9 is Cheesecake FActory- in the Atrium Mall- alot of people like this place . Shrimp and rice recipes for dinner I have never been.

If you drive west on Beacon Street from BC to Waban Square- about 3-4 miles- there is a very nice retaurant run by a couple- she is Greek and he is French. Simple shrimp and rice recipes It is called “Kouzina” the Greek word for kitchen. Shrimp and brown rice recipes They have very nice food and it is a cozy place. Shrimp and rice recipes healthy Everything from pizzas to moussaka and a very nice oven baked whole fish- bronzini. Quick and easy shrimp and rice recipes You need a reservation on Friday and Saturday if you do not want to wait and they are closed Sunday and Monday.

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