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Hello Everyone, I am very excited to join. Calories in boiled chicken gizzards I have read the site for years and I finally purchased 9.5 acres with a .86 acre pond. Chicken gizzards healthy It took me years to find a property that had a decent pond. Chicken gizzards and hearts Everything I looked at had silt problems, property line issues, or something else.

This pond is nice but the banks are steep. Best chicken gizzards It is about 16-18 feet deep and is 14 years old. Italian chicken gizzards It has channel cat, bluegill, shad, and shell crackers.

Health benefits of chicken gizzards Not to happy about the shad. Benefits of chicken gizzards I figure someone dumped a bait bucket. Recipe for fried chicken livers and gizzards The catfish are spawning because I saw some small ones. Chicken gizzards for dogs Fish are pretty much stunted. Oven baked chicken gizzards Can I add some bass to straighten it out?

Welcome to joining PondBoss and posting on the forum Donspond123.

Congratulations on finding your property! I might suggest you patiently observe your pond for a period of time-some months or even a year or more. Chicken gizzards for catfish bait You want to know what you have first, before you can accurately make changes that take you towards your goals. Best recipe for chicken gizzards As you know from your reading here, once you add LMB, you’re stuck with them. Chicken gizzards in a pressure cooker When you mention shad, are you referring to threadfins, or gizzards?

Figure out and share your goals with us. How to bake chicken gizzards and hearts Spend time sampling your fish population with various baits and tackle. Are chicken gizzards healthy for dogs Set out some minnow traps. Are chicken gizzards healthy for you Even consider electroshocking the pond. Are chicken gizzards healthy to eat Keep records of what, how many, and what sizes of fish you catch, see swimming, find dead on the bank, etc. Nutrition facts chicken gizzards None of these techniques will be completely accurate, but all together they can give you guidelines.

The experts here will then be able to really help you reach your goals.

And remember Bob Lusk’s advice. Boiling chicken gizzards and hearts Ponds need harvest. Cooking chicken gizzards recipes If you’ve got lots of stunted fish, don’t be afraid to take them out; the remaining fish will have more to eat.

BTW, beautiful pond you have there. Crispy fried chicken gizzards What an attractive setting. Cooking chicken gizzards in a pressure cooker It reminds me of many of the mountain ponds I know out here in the Rockies.

Thanks 4cornerspuddle. Raw chicken gizzards for dogs I have spent about 3-4 hours a day the last month since I got the pond observing, feeding fish, and fishing. Chicken gizzards good for dogs I am all about the pond it was a life long dream.

When bluegill fishing you catch one about every cast but they are 2-3 inches mostly, but I have caught and seen when feeding a few 6 inch ones. Cooking chicken gizzards for dogs The shad are what I believe to be Hickory shad and you catch one of those in the 4-6 inch range to every 5-6 bluegill. Are chicken gizzards good for dogs I can’t catch any but I know there is big catfish because I have saw a few big boys in the 20 plus range feeding on the smaller fish when throwing feed. Chicken gizzards and hearts for catfish bait They won’t eat the pellets though. How to make chicken gizzards and hearts I did see a couple of dead catfish in the 5-7 inch range the other day so I figured they are spawning.

I love to fish all I can. Cornbread stuffing with chicken gizzards My goal is just to catch decent fish that I can eat. Recipe for fried chicken gizzards Don’t care much about trophy fish. Recipe for fried chicken gizzards and hearts I suffer from autoimmune diseases and am suppose to eat fish mostly. How many calories in boiled chicken gizzards Not really picky about what type of fish. Protein in chicken gizzards I wanted to stock hybrid stripe bass but can’t get them locally. How much protein in chicken gizzards I also read I can stock trout from late October to late April or early may. Is chicken gizzards good for dogs I will feed the fish, stock, manage or do what ever I need too.

Post a picture of the shad so you gat proper ID by the pros here.

Catch a small BG and use it as bait for the CC. Recipe for tender fried chicken gizzards Throw it out there when you are feeding the other fish and see if a CC comes along and nabs your bait. How much protein is in chicken gizzards Beware, use heavy enough tackle to make sure it doesn’t get away. Recipe for cooking chicken gizzards You have one chance at it. Are chicken gizzards good for you If it get loose, you’ll never catch it that way again. Chicken gizzards and hearts recipes And don’t expect to catch more than one each time. Chicken gizzards and hearts for dogs The others will get spooked fast.

I’m with Dave on the jug-lines, if you can’t catch them other ways. Fried chicken gizzards and hearts recipes Try both BG and the shad as bait, and again make sure everything is good and strong. Are chicken gizzards and hearts good for dogs You don’t want them getting away.

Welcome Don – It sounds like you have some fishing to do! Nice layout of your pond too. Recipe for chicken gizzards and hearts +1 on fishing out the cats. Cooking chicken gizzards in pressure cooker Big fish eat big fish, medium fish eat medium fish and so on. Picture of a chicken gizzard You’ll find lots of learning here on PB so read away. Fried chicken gizzards recipes Best I can tell, ponds take a lot of patience and turning a pond’s population in the direction YOU want may take the most patience. Chicken gizzard recipe vahrehvah Along with the possibility of the cats eating your bigger fish you may also have to remove some of the smaller ones to make room for their growth. Chicken gizzard recipe spanish Please don’t take my word on it however, I am just a wanna-be. Chicken gizzard recipe filipino There are folks here that take Adjusting Fish Populations very seriously and will chime in with a bazillion questions to help you on your way. Chicken hearts and gizzards soup recipe Be prepared to analyze your pond some more, make some personal decisions weighted against the time you have to spend at your pond and your budget.

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