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Nahmias et fils distillery, distillers of mahia fig eau de vie and legs diamond whiskeys, announced today the launch of its newly revamped website.

Nahmias et fils distillery ("nahmias et fils" or the "company"), distillers of mahia fig eau de vie and legs diamond whiskeys, announced today the launch of its newly revamped website. The newly redesigned website allows the company’s customers quick and easy access to product information while offering a more dynamic user experience. The new website offers quick access to recipes, news, and distillery processes allowing users to enjoy a deeper understanding of nahmias et fils products and how to use them in their cocktail experience.Nahmias fils

The new website has a new spirited design, improved functionality and enhanced content focused on the company’s mission to provide the world’s first commercially available mahia.

Nahmias began distilling the spirit in 2012, and currently is the only commercial producer of the spirit in the united states with distribution in new york, florida, georgia, pennsylvania, massachusetts, washington D.C., maryland, california and rhode island. Nahmias et fils is in conversation with several distributors in other U.S. States with eyes on international distribution by the end of 2018. The new website goes live today, march 27, 2018 and is located at the same address: http://nahmiasetfils.Com

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"David and dorit have kept their heads down for years, perfecting the family mahia recipe david’s ancestors have made for generations in morocco," says TJ allan – brand manager for nahmias et fils. "The company and entire nahmias community share excitement around this new website we have all worked feverishly to bring these products forward to our customers, and now we have a vehicle for exposure and engagement that is commensurate to the quality of the spirits we produce."

Founded in 2012 in yonkers, NY, nahmias et fils distills and distributes mahia and legs diamond 100% rye whiskey, with new bourbon and single malt whiskeys to be released spring 2018.David dorit

David and dorit nahmias decided to end successful careers in banking and technology to pursue their dream of owning a distillery, and began making the traditional moroccan spirit called mahia, adding the rye whiskey to their catalogue in 2013 rounding out their offerings for restaurants, bars and liquor stores throughout the new york metro area. Nahmias began shipping to other states late 2014 and continues to foster relationships with customers throughout the U.S. And abroad.

Mahia, best known as the national spirit of morocco, is an eau de vie distilled from figs and just a hint of anise seed. In english-speaking countries, eau de vie (water of life), refers to a distilled beverage made from any fruit other than grapes.Legs diamond

Master distiller, david nahmias, was raised in the small moroccan town south of taznakht. A 7th generation master distiller, david is following his families long tradition of hand crafting mahia in morocco. His parents, joseph and tamou, and grandparents, saada and moshe, were also distillers and they created mahia, made entirely from figs, dates, or grapes for their community. For 25 years, david worked as a computer-software engineer in the banking, accounting, collections and home-loan industries.

Company president, dorit nahmias, former foreign exchange trader with bank leumi and a financial institutions relationship manager with OCBC bank, oversees production of the nahmias et fils’ line of spirits while managing the companies distribution and business dealings.Legs diamond she is a graduate of the levin institute and carnegie mellon university.

Nahmias et fils distillery is located just a few miles north of new york city, and has garnered acclaim from press, bloggers and mixologists worldwide.

David and dorit have with three children, and a passion for green living, choosing organic, locally-grown ingredients for the legs diamond whiskey and clean ingredients for the mahia.

Nahmias’ new website will be updated on a regular basis with news of new partnerships, recipes, corporate milestones, events, business activity, investor and financial information and new product launches. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and sign up for direct emails from the company at http://nahmiasetfils.Com.David dorit