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of course i remember the song, funny how we all remember silly things like that. White dresses boutique nashville about udara being sweeter when it rains ( lol) thats what people alwasy used to say. Red dresses for women with sleeves But when its sour its sour regardless of rain or whatever, ah when you get those sweet ones, you better go back to the same lady and buy somemore( hoping she doesn’t slip in the sour one into the bunch LMAO

good old days Re: Nigerian Fruits And Veggies! by finemocha( f): 2:46am On Mar 21, 2007

I miss everything about Nigeria especially: oha, egusi, onugbu soup with pounded yam/fufu, palmwine, udala(pink apple?), suya, cheleku, ugeruge(achikara), ugiri, guava, all the varieties of mango, uvuru, anyara and ose oji, corn, cocoa, Limca, Mirinda etc. Red dresses for women cheap They are so many so I better stop here. Red dresses for women plus size Re: Nigerian Fruits And Veggies! by omoge( f): 2:42pm On Apr 27, 2007

I miss everything about Nigeria especially: oha, egusi, onugbu soup with pounded yam/fufu, palmwine, udala(pink apple?), suya, cheleku, ugeruge(achikara), ugiri, guava, all the varieties of mango, uvuru, anyara and ose oji, corn, cocoa, Limca, Mirinda etc. Best cocktails in new orleans They are so many so I better stop here.

i love all those things, including the non fuit and veg, mirinda LMAO Re: Nigerian Fruits And Veggies! by soulpatrol( f): 11:03pm On Apr 27, 2007

I use to sell alot of them. Drinks made with dry vermouth but the names are fading. Drinks made with sweet vermouth I Loved the Boiled Gound nuts also and the roasted in sand kind. Gin and lime cocktails crossword clue I love that fruit that Bats also eat-with a special treat inside its shell. Wild cocktails from the midnight apothecary Guava, tangarine, suga caines with the stubborn casin or shell. Wild cocktails Mango. Wild cocktails mobile bar that fruit that cashews comes off of. Sparkling cocktails I bet Americans don’t even know Cashew comes from a fruit. Holiday champagne cocktails recipes That exotic apple pinkish color like w/ a little furry insides. Hot tea cocktails recipes Unsmashed Avocado. Wild cocktails mobile bar hosting Pineapple-no other kind like ours. Wild philippines The coconuts for coconut rice, I wish we the hard woking ones can all hook up in the US and plan some Hi tech Sh*t on conserving all our goods. Wild wine berries We have too many. Wild wines little rock zoo and so much Gdp that can be gross in. Wild wine Cocao tree produces Chocolate and grow in Naija. Wild wine detroit zoo yes we Thank God, for they are all Naturally grown w/o crazy chemicals. Sips sparkling cocktails Cease from being a flying alone Bee. Summer sparkling cocktails You might not last or be satisfy. Easy sparkling cocktails Our Order!!! recommended that we work 2gether Re: Nigerian Fruits And Veggies! by soulpatrol( f): 10:40pm On Jun 12, 2007

@Al Raheem. Welch’s sparkling cocktails what got me crackin up was the fact that you actually know the kind of food bats eat! what are you, blakula? nah, just kidding. Non alcoholic sparkling cocktails but seriously, how you go sabi the food wey those evil looking things dey chop? the day i bumped into a bat at night, i had nightmares for days o, maybe because i’m superstitious. Christmas sparkling cocktails but that poo was funny. Wild margarita recipe Re: Nigerian Fruits And Veggies! by AlRaheem( m): 6:12pm On Jun 13, 2007

@Soul Patrol, you got me laughin too. Long red dresses for weddings I can imagine your run in w/the bat, u girls and creatures worldwide- You make us laugh. Black and red dresses for weddings Have u ever seen one of those bat electrocuted on a Nigeria power line. Champagne cocktails for brunch Some eko people eat those Bats lady.

Re: Nigerian Fruits And Veggies! by omoge( f): 12:42am On Jun 14, 2007

i love date yummy, eaten with roasted groundnut/peanut, so yummy a friend from Chad used to bring it to us. Champagne cocktails for new year’s eve do they have it in nigeria? maybe in the north. Champagne cocktails with vodka didnt eat it all my time there, Al Raheem, do you know Dinyan fruit? it mainly found in the north. Champagne cocktails for christmas Re: Nigerian Fruits And Veggies! by AlRaheem( m): 2:32pm On Jun 14, 2007

wow, funny i lived in the north for a while and there’s no ijekuje fruit i didnt eat. White lillet cocktails i do remember them tsamiya, kuka, and yeah those sesame seeds as well. Lillet red cocktails its used for candy and on buger buns etc. Lillet wine cocktails very tasty. Lillet rouge cocktails no fruit wey i never chop for north. Lillet blanc cocktails no wonder i always suffered from typhoid! thank the lord i’m still alive!

i dont remember dinyan either, unless it goes by another name. Jack cocktails Re: Nigerian Fruits And Veggies! by AlRaheem( m): 4:06pm On Jun 16, 2007

omigod, omoge did you live in the north? you know so much about these fruits o and your hausa is so impressive.

remember kuka, dakwa and goruva? goruva nearly spoil my teeth finish. Iced coffee cocktails recipes that poo was hard to scrape off, but tasty if its very ripe. Jack daniels winter jack cocktails remember them junk food too – waina, kuli kuli, gurasa (lawd, that was the tastiest poo i ever ate ), dankali (ok thats fried sweet potatoes, right) etc. Yukon jack cocktails i miss living in the north when i was small o good times! Re: Nigerian Fruits And Veggies! by soulpatrol( f): 1:15am On Jun 19, 2007

Anyone here ever gone through that place the call Forest on your way to Jos? The have the sweetest oranges and mangoes out there I’d always stop by there on my way to Abuja to buy fruits.

Folks back home take fruits for granted I swear, if only the can come to this place and eat what these people call fruits *hisses* Re: Nigerian Fruits And Veggies! by omoge( f): 10:51am On Jun 19, 2007

i agree with you. Honey jack cocktails we take fruit for granted in Nigeria. Gentleman jack cocktails i spend alot of kudi, money, ego and owo on fruit here. Extra dry vermouth cocktails you know there is no tree to climb and pluck fruit from

@Soul, yes i know those fruit haha. Classic vodka cocktails recipes i do make kuli kuli and danqua myself with other yarinyas. Classic christmas cocktails recipes see when you have northern friends, we yarinya just group ourselves and make them. Simple cocktails used to make fura and then we buy milk (i don’t like raw cow milk) to eat/drink with it. Simple cocktails with vodka we make yanji too just to eat our kose.

we use cashew to put mark on our hands lol. Best cocktails nyc do you know it itch and when you scratch it, it become sore? big sore o

Do you know MASA? it’s made from corn and then fried on a flat clay ware with round hole. Best cocktails for women little oil is added when making masa. Best cocktails to order at a bar it taste so good with that soup made from karikashi (sour leafy vegetable) i think that’s the name right? or with yanji. Best cocktails 2016 Yanji or Yaji is one too good stuff use for eating akara (kose), SUYA, and Masa. Best cocktails with vodka i miss masa lol

yeah, i wonder how the north is now. Best cocktails san francisco Re: Nigerian Fruits And Veggies! by AlRaheem( m): 5:41pm On Jun 19, 2007

@omoge. Best cocktails in las vegas hmm, girl you had a really fun childhood o. Best cocktails chicago i grew up in the north too and there’s no fruit we didn’t pluck from trees. Best cocktails always got into trouble for doing so. Easy cocktails for a crowd we didn’t care that we were girls, we climbed trees with the boys o.

yeah, i ate a lot of masa. Easy cocktails with vodka our neighbours made it every single day and we always had chops plenty plenty

damn, i miss hot kosai (akara) and that hot yaji. Top cocktails with vodka chei! sometimes if we couldnt get kosai in the early momo, we just eat the bread with hot oil. Best cocktails made with vodka (very ghetto ehn? )

walahi, hausa peeps have variety sha when it comes to fruits/food. Top cocktails for women we yoruba/igbos and the rest just get big mouth, no variety. Good cocktails with vodka ok maybe small sha. Classic 101 radio i looooove eating hausa-made food. Classic 101 burgers & shakes its the best. Classic 101 burgers & shakes belmont ca especially their stews and ijekuje.

i drank a lot of fura da nono. Classic 101 burgers my pops brought it home almost everyday.

@Al Raheem. Classic 101 burgers menu i remember tiny bananas o. Best cocktails for a crowd those things scared me cos they remind me of midgets, who i’m deathly afraid of! (i dont know why) and no, goruva is no the same as guave. Easy holiday cocktails for a crowd goruva is the size of guava, but very hard, and you have to use your teeth to scrape of the fleshy part to eat. Easy summer cocktails for a crowd there isnt much flesh on it, its mostly the big seed thats left.

guava on the other hand is mostly fleshy with very tiny seeds in it which are edible. Best cocktails in san francisco lord, i haven’t eaten that in ages! the ripe guavas have pinkish seeds inside.

bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, i want to go back to the north! Re: Nigerian Fruits And Veggies! by AlRaheem( m): 1:07am On Jun 20, 2007

Me too- i desperately want to go back home now at all cost. Simple cocktails with gin I found the Cheapest one way ticket to be $680. Simple cocktails to make at home First place am goin is Kano, i haven’t been there since the age of 7 w/ my mom. Best summer cocktails for a crowd She is a native from there. Great cocktails with vodka I remember everything though. Classic 1920 cars Like the train and its bathrooms. Classic 1920s cocktails Remember they use to sell those nice sweet can drinks on them and our favorite ijekuje. Top 10 cocktails for women I remember the orange looking Noodles. Cheap cocktails for a crowd and some other things i can’t describe. Classic radio flyer wagon I remember the scent of the Best inscence in the world. Classic radio fm What is that one white thing the hausa sells that u also eat with the red cayenne pepper. Classic radio shows Very popular in Obalende-it is served hot no peels to it. Classic radio repair Very chewable in the shape of peeled sugar cane. Classic radio n e way thanks a lot for helping refreshing my memory!! Re: Nigerian Fruits And Veggies! by soulpatrol( f): 3:44am On Jun 20, 2007

ha ha, Al Raheem. Classic radio commercials you really want to go back home huh? i feel you, mayne. Easy cocktails to make at home i lived in kano for a while so i know the

deali-o. Easy cocktails with malibu rum if you dey buy ticket to go, abeg purchase one for a sista o!

i’m not sure i know the fruit/food you were describing, maybe if you tell me the color, shape etc i might recall – nothing wey i never chop. Classic bathroom i didn’t suffer from typhoid fever all those years for nothing. Classic bathroom vanity he he

damn, there are so many other things we ate back then that i cant recall the names in hausa. Classic bathroom tile abeg, refresh my memory too o. Classic bathroom designs pictures lol. Best craft cocktails in chicago Re: Nigerian Fruits And Veggies! by AlRaheem( m): 4:40am On Jun 20, 2007

ah, kano is my second home. Best place for cocktails in san francisco na riot and wahala drive us comot o. Classic radio fm kenya i even went to school at the university secondary school. Classic radio fm uk had a lot of older friends that went to bayero university itself. Classic radio fm online was a very good place to grow up in. Old 1920 cars no backbiting and witchcraft among friends/family, like our yoruba/igbo counterparts. Best cocktails with gin everybody cool together. Easy cocktails with gin life was simple and fun.

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