Nigerian shawarma (chicken and beef shawarma recipe provided)

Nigerian Shawarma is the ”Nigerian-style” of the famous Shawarma (made with beef or chicken filling). Gluten free sugar free banana bread This tasty snack has become a popular meal on the streets of Nigeria and is also one of the most requested recipes I have received.

Years back, I used to get mine at the eatery and also wondered how I could re-make this tasty snack at home with basic spices readily available in most Nigerian kitchens;including the Shawarma bread & the tasty meat filling..After some trials, I finally got the perfect mix ( I just love making my food from scratch O).

This recipe is deliciously addicting and so easy to prepare, that you’ll want to make Shawarma everyday.

Moist banana muffin recipe All said, this is my Nigerian -style Chicken Shawarma Recipe. Banana bread taste of home Enjoy!

*2 Chicken Thighs(a.k.a Chicken laps)(de-boned/boneless) ( You can also use de-boned/boneless beef )

*1 large chicken stock cube/bouillon cube(crushed into powder)

*Salt to taste(optional because the stock cube already has salt)

* Wash and Cut the vegetables into thin strip(if you haven’t done that yet) and set aside.

Tip: I always recommend,using a combination of Chicken thighs&Breasts,because the fat from the thighs adds extra flavor and compliments the taste of the chicken breast.

* Place the chicken strips into a bowl,add the marinade and mix thoroughly until well incorporated. Gluten free dairy free banana bread Then cover and store in the fridge for 2 to 24 hours(depending all how much time you have).

Tip: I actually don’t wait 24 hours, I just do store overnight or for 2-3 hours,but I realized that the longer the meat marinades, the better it tastes.

* In a pan, Heat up a tablespoonful of oil.Add the marinated chicken/beef &Stir fry until juicy and brown. Banana muffin recipe uk Scoop unto a plate and set aside.

Tip: if you want to warm it up a bit, place on a heated pan for 3 minutes(the closed edge facing the pan). Chocolate banana bread muffins If you have a microwave or sandwich maker, feel free to use those too .

And your Homemade Nigerian Chicken Shawarma is ready… Freezing bananas for banana bread Enjoy!

Quick Note: There are several breads used for making shawarma; which includes, Pita bread,Naan bread, flour tortilla wraps and a lot more. Chocolate chip banana bread sour cream Just make use of any one you have… Banana bran muffin recipe it also tastes great in sliced bread(sandwich bread) and our local Agege bread O ..yes oo!

Nky ooooo, I couldn’t stop dancing with joy when my chicken shawama came out perfectly 2day, I added hot dog in mine and it was amazing and the remains of d bread I enjoyed eating it like dat cos I added sugar in it. Banana muffin recipe singapore Am so so happy, my hubby couldn’t stop having enough. Banana bread with yellow cake mix And I have tried d normal and banana pancake, banana pancake is d Ish. Banana bread with no eggs Can’t wait 4 my 4 month baby 2 grow quick, I have a lot for him. Banana bread with pancake mix Will b trying shortbread abd ice cream 2moro, I hope it turns out good also. Banana peanut butter recipes Thanks so much Nky, u hav turned me in2 baking and cooking lover. How ripe do bananas need to be for banana bread Delete

Hi my sparkling Sparkle, you just made my day with your lovely comment, you are such a darling and I am glad you and your family are enjoying the recipes.

Keep me updated on your progress and I’ll be having baby recipes up soon, so stay in touch 🙂 Delete

i have just included this in my restaurant menu and God bless you for making a good video with simple to understand food it love love…..Thank youNky!!!!! Reply Delete

I’ve been looking forward to getting a shawarma recipe and I got not only shawarma but other great recipes.u’re simply d best.I can’t wait to start trying out these recipes.Thanks so much.Big hug. Banana bread recipe without flour Reply Delete

And do you have any link I could use to purchase a grill for my family.

Hi Romeo, you really don’rt need a grill .To warm up the shawarma, place on a heated pan for 3 minutes(the closed edge facing the pan). Moist chocolate chip banana bread If you have a microwave , grill or sandwich maker, feel free to use those too.

Hi dear,I want to believe that you cooked it for too long, and that dried the bread out. Banana bread receta facil The tortilla bread should only be cooked for a few seconds.. Banana bread recipe with whole wheat flour the moment you begin to see bubbles turn over to the other side and brown it a little and you’ll have a great tortilla 🙂 Delete

you’ve done a great help to me in tedious cooking, i love the jolof rice recipe and i used it for 100 servings. How do you make banana nut bread it was my first largest serving so far. What makes banana bread moist i even taught a friend about burnt part and adding some stew later. Easy banana cake recipe plain flour may this gift of urs never die. Gluten free banana bread coconut flour thanks dearie

Thanks so much for this video, Just relocated and found the sandwitch for braekfast boring and it makes me constipate! This is a better, healthier option! keep up the good work. Banana bread recipe australia Reply Delete

Its me again, anonymous May 2 2014 (Maryam). Easy banana loaf recipe I just made d shawarma for lunch n EVERY ONE LOVED IT. Banana bread vs banana cake Finger licking good. Best banana muffin recipe My husband wished I added pepper sauce to it share but he loved it too. Banana walnut cake recipe May you continue to prosper and succeed in your business and life in general cos not everyone shares knowledge freely. Banana walnut cake recipe eggless Reply Delete

I just love so much!!! you made me understand everything on your site.

Am a baker living in porthacourt and right now i have were i want to go for show case. Banana walnut cake recipe sanjeev kapoor I decided to do some research on samosa and spring roll, lucky to me i stumble on your blog and i got a hand full of info. Easy banana cake recipe may God bless you! Reply Delete

You can place the sliced bread on a board and flatten it with a rolling pin. Starbucks banana loaf recipe As for agege bread, just fill the bread with the shawarma filling and enjoy 🙂 Delete

Thanks Verere, marinate is simply mixing the chicken in the ”marinade mix” writiten in the recipe, then cover and leave it in the fridge for a few hours or overnight, before stir frying. Easy banana cake recipe from scratch Do let me know how it turns out. Starbucks banana bread recipe Delete

Thanks for yur recipes Nky being Zimbabwean born married to a Nigerian yu’ve made life so easy for me.I hve been surprising my hubby everyday with new yummy food from yur site.God bless. Banana nut cake recipe Reply Delete

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Hello ma’am, I’ve bn enjoying ur site for quite a while n I must confess u’re good. Banana bread without butter D explanations n d pictures makes me come back 4r more recipe. Banana bread food com Thanx so much n God bless u. 5 star banana bread Now my challenge is my students want me 2 teach them how 2 make shawarma but we dnt have d machine 2 heat it up. Banana bread greek yogurt Pls is there any other household machine we can improvise with? I’ll so much appreciate ur urgent response. Almond flour banana bread Thanks in advance. Coconut flour banana bread *muah* that is 4 u 4 d good work u’re doing. Spelt flour banana bread Do have a gr8 day. Coconut flour banana bread vegan Reply Delete

Hi Nky,you said peak milk evaporated milk cup is about 170grams,how do u get the exact quantity since flour and sugar don’t weigh the same?eg a cup of flour cannot be 170grams while a cup of sugar is 170g as well.pls I need ur response thanks Reply Delete

Hi Nkem, that’s why you should get a scale but in the absence of one, you’ll have to make smart estimates , using the tins or cups you have.

Just know that 1 cup of sugar weighs more than flour by 80 grams, more or less. Oat flour banana bread Delete

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