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Nothing beats no-bake dessert, especially when it’s made with layers of coffee and chocolate cheesecake. Banana bread recipe with sour cream Even better when it’s made with Bulletproof Coffee and Bulletproof protein bars.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 3cConsulting. Moist and delicious banana bread All opinions are entirely my own. Sugar free banana bread Thank you to all the companies, and readers, who help support Cravings of a Lunatic.

We are suckers for cheesecake in our household. Banana bread recipe sour cream No bake cheesecake even more so. Sour cream banana bread The thing I love about no bake cheesecake is it’s so quick and easy. How to make a banana bread Which basically means you get to the eating part quicker than the baked variety. Banana bread with sour cream I dig that.

At this point, I think all my readers know I adore anything made with chocolate. Buttermilk banana bread You can find tons of chocolate recipes on my blog. Betty crocker banana bread No matter how healthy I’m eating or how much I’m working out I still feel the need for a little chocolate fix, daily.

Giving in to that chocolate fix doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Banana bread with buttermilk You can swap out healthier ingredients for your sweet treats easily. How to make homemade banana bread This recipe is super easy to adapt to any diet. Betty crocker banana bread recipe I love recipes that are easy to change up. Best ever banana bread Recipes should inspire you so you can put your own spin on them.

I’m a brand ambassador for Bulletproof and love using their products in recipes. Banana bread 1 banana For this recipe I used their Fudge Brownie Collagen Protein Bars as the base for the cheesecake. Banana bread muffin recipe Then I used brewed Bulletproof Coffee. Chocolate chip banana nut bread in the cheesecake filling.

I know, I know, I’m an evil genius. Oatmeal banana bread recipe It’s okay. Banana bread low fat I’m good with that title. Banana bread with applesauce Honestly, I’ve already had t-shirts made up with that saying on them. Chocolate banana bread I’ll wear them proudly because I love that you can still eat kick ass food on your path to awesomeness.

My daughter is in the military and is training for an IronMan competition. Banana bread muffins Needless to say, we’re eating a fair amount of protein these days as well as fruits and veggies. How to cook banana bread After dinner we like to indulge in a little dessert. Banana bread sour cream We’re old school. Banana pineapple bread Dinner then dessert. 2 loaf banana bread recipe It’s a thing.

Usually we have fruit salads or light desserts. Banana bread with chocolate chips This particular day I wanted to make cheesecake but with a slightly healthier spin than your average cheesecake. Bananas for banana bread I wanted it to be chocolatey and customizable. Whole wheat banana bread That way anyone else trying this can swap things out easily.

My other goal was also portion control. Banana bread recipe no brown sugar Shot glasses work perfectly for that purpose. Banana bread cake recipe They are cute, tiny, and easy to work with. Banana bread recipe with buttermilk I use them often for sweet treats. Banana banana bread I find it too easy to overdo it with slices of cheesecake. How do i make banana bread Making them this way ensures you don’t overdo it.

You can swap out ingredients easily if you are following a particular diet. Hawaiian banana bread I used protein bars in the base but you could use sugar free cookies, or nuts. Banana blueberry bread recipe Whatever works for your diet is what you should use. Chocolate chip banana bread If you’re not watching your sugar use chocolate wafer cookies.

For anyone looking to control their calorie intake, you can use light cream cheese. Banana bread recept If you’re careful about sugars you could swap out honey or agave for the sugar in the cheesecake filling. Diabetic banana bread recipe You can use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. Banana bread rezept The sky is the limit. Banana bread calories No boundaries.

If you’re looking for great recipe inspiration you should pick up Dave Asprey’s cookbook “Bulletproof: The Cookbook”. Banana bread machine recipe The cookbook is filled with recipes that deliver filling meals and healthy treats. Calories in banana bread The cookbook is absolutely fabulous. Banana bread receta I highly recommend it,

I was sent a copy of the cookbook in this month’s ambassador package. Easy homemade banana bread One of the perks of being a brand ambassador is getting monthly Bulletproof packages. How to bake a banana bread It’s always so much fun to see what that send each month.

If you love feel sluggish or have brain fog the brain octane is perfect for you. Banana bread allrecipes The coffee is amazing and a great way to start the day. Recipe for banana bread muffins If you’ve never made real Bulletproof Coffee before I have a recipe on my blog for it. Whole wheat banana bread recipe Just click to head over to the recipe for Bulletproof Coffee.

If you love sweet treats made with coffee you can swing over to recipe for Chocolate Bark with Coconut Chips, Pistachios, and Coffee. Banana bread with nuts I also have a recipe for Chocolate Coffee Truffles that is absolutely amazing. Banana bread recipe with baking powder I wasn’t kidding about my love of the chocolate and coffee combination.

• Crush protein bars in food processor. Home made banana bread Spoon about one tablespoon of crushed bars into each shot glass.

• In a large bowl whip the heavy cream until soft peaks form. Recipe for homemade banana bread Add cream cheese and confectioners’ sugar. How do u make banana bread Mix until smooth.

• In one bowl add the cooled brewed coffee. Chocolate chip banana nut bread recipe Mix until smooth. Easy banana bread 2 bananas Transfer to a piping bag with a medium size tip, any shape. Banana bread 2 bananas Place in fridge until ready to pipe. Ingredients to make banana bread I set mine inside a tall cup to keep it from spilling or tipping over.

• In the second bowl of cheesecake filling add the cooled melted chocolate. Banana bread with baking powder Mix until smooth. Banana bread machine Transfer to a piping bag with a medium size tip, any shape. Sour cream banana bread recipe Place in fridge until ready to pipe. Banana bread recipe with 2 bananas I set mine inside a tall cup to keep it from spilling or tipping over. How to make the best banana bread Placing them in the fridge for a bit also helps the cheesecake filling stiffen slightly for piping.

• When ready, pipe a thin layer of the coffee cheesecake filling into each shot glass,

• Next, pipe a thin layer of the chocolate cheesecake filling into each shot glass.

• Repeat with a second thin layer of coffee cheesecake filling.

• Repeat with a second thin layer of chocolate cheesecake filling.

• Top with whipped cream and sprinkles, or top by dusting lightly with cocoa powder.

I had so much fun whipping up this dessert. Banana bread re I also really enjoyed opening up my Bulletproof package this month. The best banana bread recipe ever My daughter immediately stole all the protein bars. Banana bread reteta Military food blows so she loves stashing protein bars in her pack when she’s away.

While you’re here be sure to check out my recipe index for more great chocolate recipes. My recipe index is filled with delicious recipes, both healthy and not so healthy.

Make sure you follow me on Pinterest and Instagram while you’re here. How to make simple banana bread Both are great ways to stay up to date on all the latest recipes from the blog.

Thanks so much Kelly. Banana bread with I tend to do individual desserts often. Best moist banana bread recipe ever Partially for portion control, partially because I’m a serious germaphobe so knowing no one else is touching my food keeps me in my happy little bubble. Bread machine banana bread recipe Ha

These mini cheesecakes look fantastic, Kim! I have to try the Bulletproof coffee. How long to bake banana bread I was just talking about it with a chef friend in NYC last month and he swears by it and how he feels so much better in the morning. Banana bread baking powder Will you save me at least one of these?;)

I’m going to pretend that the fact that you used protein bars to make these parfaits mean they count as health food. How to do banana bread Because chocolate and coffee are full of antioxidants and stuff, right? Oh, and whipped cream counts as dairy, too… right?

Well, at least they’re little, so I can totally have one and not feel guilty about it at all. Banana banana bread recipe I mean, it’s only a couple of bites. One banana banana bread That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I love mini desserts. Banana bread 3 bananas It keeps me from going nuts and eating too many. Banana bread recipe with milk Hubby does the dishes so if I eat 12 I get the side eye from him. Banana bread recipe with butter I’m going to take the side eye as he’s super impressed with my ability to eat 12 in one sitting. Banana bread without brown sugar Kim logic, it’s a beautiful thing.

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