Nona lim debuts ready-to-eat noodle bowls at expo west – perishablenews chicken giblet gravy recipe easy

San francisco – at this year’s expo west, nona lim debuts a new line of noodle bowls that is the most convenient and fast way to enjoy gourmet asian broths and fresh rice noodles at home or work. This much-anticipated offering brings together nona lim’s beloved fresh noodles and broths in one quick-serve package. It’s nona lim’s take on the classic instant ramen bowl, updating the dish with gourmet ingredients, hearty new flavors and the same clean-label, nutrient-dense recipes without additives or preservatives that people expect from nona lim products. Expo west attendees can get their first taste taste at booth #5631.

“convenient, gourmet noodle bowls have been the number one customer request for years,” says nona lim founder nona lim. “we finally cracked the code for a line of noodle bowls that is as convenient as the instant ramen so many of us ate in college but is made with gourmet ingredients with no additives or preservatives.”

noodle bowls

Nona lim’s instant noodle bowls will be available in three non-gmo, gluten-free flavors: thai coconut lime, chicken pho, and a vegan green curry. One simply pours the asian bone broth over the noodles, heats for 5 minutes in a microwave, and has a steamy, delicious meal. As with all nona lim products, the noodle bowls are free of additives and preservatives. Each 14.5 oz bowl is cold-shipped for optimal freshness and has a shelf life of 10 weeks refrigerated. The bowl and lid are not only convenient but also compostable. Consumers can purchase them from the refrigerated aisle for an MSRP of $6.99.

The noodle bowls join a growing family of nona lim products designed to bring nutritious wholesome flavors in a convenient product one can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Nona lim’s line of heat & sip cups of broth and soup have made them the number one selling refrigerated natural soup brand in the country. Heat & sip cups have a $4.99 MSRP, and a shelf life of 12 weeks refrigerated.Nona products they are now available in eight flavors, including shiitake beef bone broth, ginseng chicken bone broth, turmeric chicken bone broth, and the gold sofi award winning thai curry and lime bone broth. For the brand’s many fans, nona lim continues to be the closest to making a nutritious meal from scratch: the closest to whole.

Since 2006, nona lim has been crafting foods for a healthier life. Because clean, simple cooking yields the best flavor and nutrition, nona lim foods are both healthier foundations for everyday eating and deliciously gourmet. Based in oakland, california, nona lim’s kitchens are always full of fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices. The brand never uses any preservatives, additives or suspicious hard-to-pronounce ingredients. All nona lim products are sold in the refrigerated section because they use cold, not processing techniques to stay fresh. Boasting an eclectic menu of delicious recipes, the brand is inspired by nona’s childhood in singapore and its melting pot culinary culture that pulls from india, china, japan and all over asia.Additives preservatives empowering a varied, plant-rich diet that’s recommended for an active lifestyle, nona lim is for people who demand more from their food. Nona lim is, simply, the closest to whole.