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I’ve been on a homemade nut milk kick lately & I’m making no apologies for it. Almond meal banana bread I’m the girl who always has something soaking in my kitchen. Baking soda substitute for banana bread Since my husband ordered me my nut milk straining bag (okay, refrain from laughing) but seriously, this thing is critical for making nut milk —-it made the process a dream! This is the bag I got. Banana muffins without baking powder I was excited to use it and it didn’t disappoint.

I made two batches of milk (different combination of nuts this time) but once I got on the second batch I got the brilliant idea to make a cacao (duh add chocolate) version.

Banana bread with cream cheese frosting OHHHHH my goodness why haven’t I done this before? It came out of my Vitamix (frothy and hot) and honestly the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Banana bread cookies So simple. How to keep banana bread fresh You control the level of sweetness versus the sugary commercial versions. No egg banana bread recipe I’m quite smitten with this version. Banana bread cookies recipe Not overly chocolatey but just the right amount. Banana bread with pecans Okay, okay… let me get this recipe started and oh HAPPY FRIDAY!

Homemade almond walnut milk & everything bagel wet pulp crackers. Low sugar banana bread recipe Hi my friends! Okay, so we survived Stella Superstorm/Nor’Easter blah blah blah. Icing for banana bread We ended up with about 8 inches of fresh powder with a good inch of ice. Banana and walnut bread recipe Super fun. Banana bread bread maker I won’t complain because my entire family was home together with no commitments or jobs on the agenda. No baking soda banana bread It was heavenly, I won’t lie.

More updates… So after a very thorough investigation/research – my daughter had narrowed her college search/applications down to 10 schools. Famous banana bread recipe She has finally signed on the dotted line and is committed to university! So excited. Resep banana cake breadtalk So yesterday we did all things registration/booking dates for meeting her counselor and registering for classes, booking orientation week, ranking dorms, doing her school ID, choosing her meal plan & she actually has found her roommate. Banana bread in bundt pan We also got her bedding etc. Jamaican banana bread recipe last weekend. Is banana bread good for you What the what? We’ve gone from zero to finished in a hot second. One egg banana bread Phew!

So I stocked up on all my nuts last week and figured I would make some milk over the weekend. Is banana bread healthy I wanted to do a combination of walnuts and almonds with cinnamon. Is banana bread bad for you It came out great and I made crackers with the residual pulp (sans dehydration). Bread maker banana bread No waste and lots of goodness.

Lemon Basil Creamy Pasta. Banana bread whole wheat flour Vegan and gluten free. Banana loaf cake recipe Time to transition to lighter & brighter flavors that channel spring, right? Although it hasn’t been a really snowy winter, not at all here on the east coast, I’m ready for longer, brighter & warmer days ahead. Banana and walnut loaf recipe One of the flavors that is always reminiscent of spring, for me, is the brightness of lemon. Banana and walnut cake recipe I knew a lovely pasta dish topped with a luscious and healthy creamy sauce would be perfect to share with you all.

This pasta dish would be perfect for your spring brunches, girls lunches, family dinner or for your Easter celebration. Banana bread with bread flour This sauce is so easy to make plus the creamy texture comes from cashews, soaked, versus heavy cream. Homemade banana nut bread The sauce has a lovely cheese-based flavor thanks to the nutritional yeast, tartness from the fresh lemon juice with a tangy flavor from the Dijon. Banana muffins with coconut flour Then for an extra punch of flavor I added some fresh basil leaves, which also adds to the brightness to the dish. Banana cake with plain flour This sauce can be prepared ahead of time to save time and just topped on your freshly cooked pasta. Banana bread with coconut milk I prefer wide noodle pastas for this substantial sauce. Bon appetit friends.

This week’s best of series focuses on all things vegan snacking.

So when I say vegan snacking, I wanted to share the best of great snack ideas not genetically modified *clears throat* crap that coincidentally is vegan like Oreos. Eggless banana cake with condensed milk I wanted real, vegan and gluten free snacking. Banana poke cake with condensed milk I wanted to cover chips to ice cream and everything in between so everyone from sweet to salty palates are covered.

As clean as your eating is, it’s important to build in treats or desserts into your diet. Banana pudding recipe with condensed milk and cream cheese Balance is key. Healthy banana bread applesauce I shared favorites that are all gluten free and vegan. Bread machine banana nut bread Easily found at Whole Foods or your favorite markets (or online). Recipe for banana chocolate chip muffins This is just a list of my top favorites and honestly the list could go on & on if you let me.

Vegan cheeses all suck, right? They don’t melt. Starbucks banana nut bread calories They taste horrible. National banana bread day Ummmm…. Banana oatmeal bread recipe No! Today I’m sharing the best of the best out there & these vegan cheeses will convert even the most hard-core cheese lovers. Difference between banana bread and banana cake Trust me, I’m a reformed dairy lover converted over to the favorites I’ve named below & I’m not sad at all!

Now this has been a 3 year journey of many, and I mean MANY, sub-par even disgusting (actually making me sick), pathetic excuses for “vegan cheeses”. Banana recetas Each of these named below are staples in our kitchen & we use them for grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza and lasagna or stuffed shell recipes. 1 banana banana bread I’m going to share my tips and tricks for the ooey gooey cheeses below that will have you swoon.

Banana walnut vegan & gluten free muffins. Banana comic These muffins were inspired by a recipe from the Minimalist Baker. Banana pictures funny In my house of 5, I’m constantly in an uphill battle with making healthy snacks to have on hand. Banana pictures Breakfast on-the-go before school, pre or post workout fuel, snacks with lunch or after-school. Banana chiquita Sound familiar? I’m always on the hunt for new recipes to work with & after the day I had yesterday (sore from my Monday TRX workout then falling on my run)… I wasn’t in the mood to get creative in the kitchen. Healthy banana and blueberry bread I wanted a tried and true recipe and this recipe hit that target. Calories in starbucks banana bread I did make some modifications as noted below.

These muffins are packed with protein, omegas and fiber. Calories in banana nut bread Each one has about 326 calories, 16 grams of fat, 7.2 grams of protein and sugars at 12 grams. Banana bread recipe These muffins will rival your favorite coffee shop counterpart but without the overload of fats/sugars and gluten/dairy.

These muffins are perfect food gift ideas for friends, new moms or someone in need. Recipe for banana bread Hearty and quite filling.

Banana walnut steel cut oats for the Instant Pot. Oh how I love my Instant Pot & steel cut oats. Easy banana bread recipe Seriously, they are the easiest breakfast going and oh so healthy. Easy banana bread I love making a big batch earlier in the week and have them for quick snacks or breakfasts on the go. Best banana bread recipe My daughter warms a bowl up before heading out to school and eats hers on the bus.

Steel cuts oats are nutritional powerhouses. Banana nut bread Per 1/4 cup of steel cut oats – they are packed with 7g of protein, 4g of fiber and 10% of your daily allowance for iron. How to make banana bread They take forever to digest in the stomach -helping keep you fuller longer without snacking all morning long. Moist banana bread recipe These oats prep so easily and make for super simple mornings all week long. Moist banana bread I spoon 1/2 cup into reusable containers and warm in the morning. Banana nut bread recipe Top with your favorite berries, nut butter or seeds and you’re good to go!

Chocolate ricotta mousse (vegan and gluten free). Healthy banana bread Sharing one more decadent, super easy, recipe to prepare for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

I’ll admit, I normally don’t get wrapped up in all the to-do surrounding Valentine’s Day. Best banana bread I’m more of a practical mind & we just wrapped up Christmas gift-giving, right? Plus my focus has been hard and fast surrounding my oldest, who turns 18 this week, university decisions and all that. Recipe banana bread How did I ever get this old so quickly? Ha.

I do normally get tiny, albeit thoughtful, presents for my girls and my husband. Simple banana bread I found these super cute felt envelopes at Target and instantly was smitten.

I filled them with fun little goodies from lip gloss, vegan chocolates etc. Banana bread recipe easy I did buy several things for my husband but I can’t share quite yet as he reads my posts. Healthy banana bread recipe But today, I also picked up some of his favorite snack items (think nut/berry/seed blends to snack on, seaweed wasabi strips etc. Recipe for banana nut bread and a cute Valentine to leave in his car tomorrow morning for his drive to work. Banana bread recipe moist I like the thoughtful little presents that spread love.

As for dinner… I don’t really like going out to restaurants that aren’t vegan. Simple banana bread recipe PLUS going out on the busiest day of the year – getting less than adequate service, being overcrowded and sub-par food isn’t our style. Banana bread recipe best SO… I’ll be cooking at home for my entire family. Easy recipe for banana bread Not sure of the menu yet. Quick banana bread May go super cheesy and make heart-shaped pizzas or some other themed dinner. The best banana bread recipe Who knows. Easy banana nut bread recipe But this will be on the dessert menu for sure. Homemade banana bread I whipped this up on Saturday to test it out and my daughters couldn’t wait to dive in. Award winning banana bread recipe They both loved it. Moist banana nut bread recipe It reminds me of a cannoli cream filling… & we all know that can’t be a bad thing. Easy banana nut bread Totally vegan and gluten free. Banana chocolate chip bread I was happy I special ordered a case of this vegan ricotta from a local market. Recipe for moist banana bread Toppings are optional. Quick and easy banana bread Enjoy!

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Almond cutout cookies that are vegan, gluten free and oh so delicious. Low fat banana bread Looking for some simple Valentine’s Day treat to share with your Galentine? Valentine? Or some special people in your life? These are perfect! You can get fancy and cut the dough out into BIG or little hearts, I didn’t use a cookie cutter just my knife, or roll into traditional rounds. Basic banana bread recipe Top with melted chocolate or icing and sprinkles or leave plain. Moist banana nut bread These cookies are my new favorite!

This recipe is inspired by Marco Borges. Banana bread easy recipe Refined sugar-free. Banana walnut bread Really simple to make and totally kid-friendly. Banana bread cake Would be fun with some red or pink (even a few drops of beet juice for natural coloring) to make pink! These cookies will replace the old butter cookie recipe ANNNNND won’t blow your gym efforts. The best banana bread 1 cookie is around 60-70 calories and has 2 grams of protein!

Cashew banana blender muffins. Receipt for banana bread I swear I may have an addiction to making muffins in my Vitamix. Best banana nut bread recipe NO joke!

Once you whip up a batch of muffins in this manner, I promise, you will not want to go back to using your stand or hand mixer. Eggless banana bread It’s literally the easiest thing on the planet and they come together instantaneously. Peanut butter banana bread With a family of 5 that I cook for… we require healthy snacks to have on the counter when running late/pre or post workout, with coffee or tea & breakfast on the fly for teenagers. Banana loaf bread I have a batch cooking in my oven right now as I type this ??

These muffins are refined sugar-free. Good banana bread recipe Although I use maple syrup, the banana adds a nice sweetness. Make banana bread The flax/chia and hemp add omega’s and necessary fats for your diet. Super moist banana bread recipe Fats are critical for hormonal balance and to help keep you full longer! The benefits are endless. Simple recipe for banana bread Okay onto this recipe so I can go and grab mine out of the oven.

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