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Church fellowship meals are always a lot of fun for us. Recipe apple crisp pie It’s an opportunity for us all to take a break from everything going on to just sit and listen, or to share and encourage.

This past week the theme for pot-luck dishes was “breakfast” and it has been my favorite so far. Recipe apple streusel pie Just watching the sign-up sheet fill with enticing dishes was fun! Cinnamon rolls, pancakes, French toast… give me some butter can call ‘er done!

The only thing about fellowship meals that I struggle with is the lack of produce.

Apple crisp pie recipe with oatmeal It’s probably the inner nerdy foodie in me, but 90% of our meals at home consistent of mostly produce. Easy apple crumble pie with oats The only exceptions would be spaghetti night and pizza night. Apple pie crumb topping easy But even my homemade sauce is practically all vegetables and we’ve been aiming for more veggies on our pizza too.

I understand how the lack of produce at the fellowship tables comes to pass – it’s so much easier to think of pot-luck dishes based around starches rather than those that aren’t. Apple cranberry crumb pie easy If it weren’t for those last 13 peaches staring me in the face every time I opened the garage door, I probably would have brought another starchy casserole too!

(I did consider an egg dish, but I’m down to my last two and I’m holding out for the grocery budget reset at the end of this week.)

Fortunately, the peaches inspired me to come up with a side dish that was practically all fruit and it’s exactly what the fellowship table needed: Oatmeal Peach Breakfast Crumble.

It’s exactly what the baker needs too – easy to put together, very little hands-on time and can be made with whatever ingredients are in season and in your pantry. Apple pie crumb topping recipe oatmeal (This is a must for me by the way, since baking time for fellowship meals happens during the 45 minutes I’m getting myself and two kids ready at 7am Sunday morning.)

Oatmeal peach breakfast crumble contains nothing but nutrition and it’s so good warm from the oven. Apple crumble pie from scratch It’s a great alternative to traditional cold fruit, but it would be just as good eaten cold as leftovers. Apple pie recipe with streusel topping It makes a great side dish to any breakfast and will double as a traditional dessert crumble if you put a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Apple crisp pie recipe crumb topping ?? Oatmeal Peach Breakfast Crumble

• In a large bowl, combine peaches, vanilla and ? cup maple syrup if using. Apple pie w crumb topping recipe Set aside.

• In a separate large bowl, combine oats, salt and cinnamon. Easy apple crumb pie topping Cut in ? cup of butter using your fingers until the mixture resembles coarse breadcrumbs. Apple streusel pie recipe The oats may cause large pieces to stick together, and that is fine.

• Add the peaches to the oats and mix to combine well. Apple pie recipe with crumb topping from scratch Taste the mixture and add additional maple syrup if desired.

• Pour into a 9×13 baking dish and dot the top with the remaining ? cup of butter.

• Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 45-60 minutes, until the peaches are soft and the oats have browned.

• The recipe can easily be halved to feed the average family. Apple pie recipe with crumb topping paula deen Another option is to make the full recipe and serve throughout the week at meals.

• Apples, apricots, plums, pears, berries… just about any baking fruit would make an excellent substitution.

• Consider changing the flavor of the vanilla extract for even more variety. Simple apple pie recipe crumb topping Lemon extract with apricots or almond extract with cherries would be really good.

• The natural sweeteners in the fruit cause the recipe to be sweet on its own, so the maple syrup isn’t necessary. Apple pie recipe crumb topping oatmeal However, it does add a nice touch of flavor. Dutch apple pie recipe crumb topping If your family is used to sweets, start with 1/3 cup on the first try and gradually reduce it by one or two tablespoons for each subsequent batch.

• If you don’t want to dirty the two bowl, it’s possible to mix it all up in the baking pan (careful of fruit spilling over). Apple pie topping recipe You can also layer the oatmeal mixture on top for a different texture (pictured above), instead of mixing it all up.

Oatmeal Peach Breakfast Crumble is definitely being added to my meal plan starting next week. Apple pie topping recipe brown sugar The kids didn’t want to eat it (perhaps turned off by the browning on top?), but it only took one bite before they downed their entire portions.

I’m officially out of peaches… haven’t decided if that’s good or bad… so it’ll likely be made with a different fruit. Streusel apple pie recipe I’ve got plenty of berries and some apples that are getting soft, so maybe an apple raspberry combination is in store.

Side note: get new recipes via Facebook or Instagram by liking or following us! I’m open to suggestions for other variations of this oatmeal peach breakfast crumble dish – what flavor combinations would you recommend?

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Made this today with a small batch of organic peaches for a yummy breakfast. Simple apple pie recipe with crumb topping Even though not over sweet still deemed it desert for breakfast for its delicious taste. Dutch apple pie with streusel topping recipe Reduced amounts to match my peaches and didn’t add that much maple syrup but made per the recipe other than adding pecans. Apple crisp pie crust recipe Thanks for posting will be making again. Cinnamon roll apple pie recipe I will do with organic apples when need to use up and think peach and blueberry together would be another winning combo.

Yum! Just made this this morning! I did it a little differently….mixed everything together and threw it in a pan and then cut the butter into slices and laid it on top. Apple crisp pie recipe with oats SO delicious! Thanks for sharing!

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