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Ocean City, Maryland is a vacation destination steeped in tradition and our visitors have, more often than not, been coming to this beach since they were kids and are now bringing their kids. Honey jack cocktails I remember back in the 70’s when I was a teenager we would come down and we had a set place to stay and set places we would always go to eat on the Boardwalk. Gentleman jack cocktails For example; my traditional “walking the Boardwalk” dinner/lunch was Thrashers Fries, Dayton Bros.

Extra dry vermouth cocktails Soft-shell Crab Sandwich, Loves Lemonade and Kohr Bros. Classic vodka cocktails recipes Frozen Custard. Classic christmas cocktails recipes My mouth still waters at those memories and most of those food vendors are still in operation so, I have also taken my children to them to build more memories. Simple cocktails Now, obviously my tastes have expanded since I was 17 years old and I am in no way saying that Ocean City Boardwalk food is gourmet in any way but, it was never meant to be. Simple cocktails with vodka Boardwalk food was always meant to be fun, satisfying and easy to eat and there are a good many vendors that fit those qualifications quite nicely. Best cocktails nyc Therefore, what follows are a few of my favorite places to eat and drink on our Boardwalk so see if your go-to place makes the list.

Let’s start at the inlet and work our way up the Boardwalk with Harrison’s Harbor Watch. Best cocktails for women Harrison’s is a full service restaurant with a great view of the inlet and they serve your typical, average Eastern Shore food, you know lots of seafood covered in Crab Imperial and lots of fried items. Best cocktails to order at a bar Where Harrison’s really shines is at their Raw Bar where they serve high quality Raw Oysters, Steamed Shrimp and an exceptional Oyster Stew. Best cocktails 2016 They usually have 3 or 4 different types of fresh oysters and while the shrimp are a bit small for my liking they are steamed perfectly. Best cocktails with vodka The Oyster Stew is made to order, at the bar, in individual steam-jacketed kettles and is rich with cream and full of fat fresh oysters. Best cocktails san francisco If you are looking for a more casual environment there is also The Red– Eyed Frog, which is in the same little shanty house shopping center as Harrison’s. Best cocktails in las vegas If you are facing Harrison’s front doors just turn to your right and keep walking until you see it. Best cocktails chicago The Red– Eyed Frog is very small but they have a great view of the inlet and they serve cold beer and some very nice sandwiches.

Moving further up the Boardwalk is Thrashers Boardwalk Fries and they are the grand-daddy of all Boardwalk Fries. Best cocktails They only serve their Fries cooked in peanut oil, taken out hot and salted, where the customer then pours malted vinegar on them to their hearts content. Easy cocktails for a crowd If there is a true classic Boardwalk food item then these Fries are it and anyone coming to Ocean City should make the pilgrimage to Thrashers, but be warned “There Is Always a Line”! In the same block is Kohr Bros. Easy cocktails with vodka Frozen Custard. Top cocktails with vodka For those that have never had frozen custard it is similar to soft serve ice-cream only infinitely richer and airier. Best cocktails made with vodka My favorite is the swirl mix cone of vanilla and chocolate. Top cocktails for women Across the Boardwalk from Kohr Bros. Good cocktails with vodka is the Atlantic Stand where you can get pretty much any food grilled or fried but the real secret is their Fried Chicken. Classic 101 radio Fresh and fried to order so there is a wait but always crisp and juicy.

As you move up the Boardwalk you should be getting hot again and there is nothing better to cool down with than a water ice from a Polish Water Ice stand. Classic 101 burgers & shakes The Polish Water Ice stands are always giving away free samples and I dare you to sample a flavor and then not get one. Classic 101 burgers & shakes belmont ca But if frozen custard and water ice are not your cooling dessert of choice here comes Dumser’s Dairyland with some of the best ice cream I have tasted on the Eastern Shore. Classic 101 burgers Dumser’s has been making their ice cream since 1939 and believe me when I tell you they have it down pat. Classic 101 burgers menu The final three food stands, in this area, that I want to tell you about are The Wrapper, The Fractured Prune and Piezano’s Pizza. Best cocktails for a crowd At The Wrapper everything comes “wrapped” in a soft pretzel and I mean everything. Easy holiday cocktails for a crowd They have breakfast wrappers, meat and cheese filled wrappers and dessert wrappers and they all have a choice of dipping sauces you can use. Easy summer cocktails for a crowd My kids love this place and I am not too ashamed to say that I have been known to indulge as well. Best cocktails in san francisco The Fractured Prune is a donut shop but with a great twist. Simple cocktails with gin The Fractured Prune makes all their donuts to order and then they hand dip them in your choice of a mind boggling number of combination flavors. Simple cocktails to make at home This means that your donuts come to you still piping hot and they literally melt in your mouth. Best summer cocktails for a crowd Finally, Piezano’s Pizza is NY/NJ style pie with a thin crust, a minimal amount of sweet and tangy tomato sauce and lots of stringy cheese. Great cocktails with vodka The slices are hot and oily on top and perfect to kill any possible remains of the night before.

Further up the Boardwalk, past 2 nd Street comes another group of food stands and bars. Classic 1920 cars Conner’s Beach Cafe (in the spirit of full disclosure Conner’s is owned by family members but that just means I am more critical of them than anyone else) serves Boardwalk Fries that rival Thrasher’s and you will not have to stand in line for half an hour to enjoy them. Classic 1920s cocktails Conner’s also serves a Soft-shell Crab Sandwich that is one of my favorites in Ocean City. Top 10 cocktails for women But the true gem of Conner’s is their 2 nd floor Deck Bar which overlooks the Boardwalk and the Ocean. Cheap cocktails for a crowd You cannot beat the view especially in the late afternoon and evening. Classic radio flyer wagon Next to Conner’s is the original Bull on the Beach where they serve a Baltimore classic know as Pit Beef. Classic radio fm The Beef is flavorful, juicy and tender and served on a soft roll with some spicy horseradish sauce and absolutely delish. Classic radio shows They also have Turkey and Ham with the Ham and Cheese being my go-to favorite. Classic radio repair Finally if you are in the mood for a fun Irish Bar then walk up the Boardwalk a little more and step right into Shenanigan’s Irish Pub. Classic radio Great beers on tap (of course a perfectly pulled pint of Guinness) and some very nice bar eats are available. Classic radio commercials You can dine inside or out on a front deck and there is usually a band playing in the evening.

Those are my favorite places to eat and drink on the Ocean City Boardwalk but that does not mean they are the only good places to eat. Easy cocktails to make at home That is the beauty of a place like the Boardwalk, the sense of discovery, so walk the Boards and find your own traditions. Easy cocktails with malibu rum You may find yourself coming back year after year.

The Hardcore Foodie has been in and around the restaurant business for over 40 years. Classic bathroom Starting out as a busboy during his teen years he attended Johnson and Wales and graduated with a degree in Hospitality/Hotel/Restaurant Management. Classic bathroom vanity Following graduation he worked for Sheraton, Hilton and Marriott properties on the east coast. Classic bathroom tile Later in his career he managed well known, high end, freestanding Italian and French restaurants in Washington DC, Atlanta Ga., Scottsdale Az. Classic bathroom designs pictures and San Diego Ca. Best craft cocktails in chicago Upon returning to DC he worked for Marriott Food Services as GM of both the House of Representatives and Senate Capitol Building operations for 5 years. Best place for cocktails in san francisco The Hardcore Foodie has lived in Ocean City, Md. Classic radio fm kenya for 12 years but still keeps active in the food industry through consulting, writing and constant research.

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