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No batter is needed for this healthy and delicious okonomiyaki style omelet recipe. How to make spicy mayo sauce for sushi Get all the flavors of okonomiyaki minus the carbs! Ready in less than 15 minutes from start to finish.

When I think about okonomiyaki, the first thing that comes to mind is the sauce. Spicy tuna roll recipe no mayo The irresistible mix of sweet, smoky and tangy – almost barbecue like – flavors only okonomi sauce can deliver.

 I always keep a bottle of Bulldog tonkatsu sauce (okonimi and tonkatsu sauce are the same) in my fridge and use it on more than just okonomiyaki; I put it in my burgers, sandwiches and use it as a dipping sauce for chicken fingers. How to make spicy mayo with sriracha It’s very similar to worcestershire sauce except thicker and a little sweeter.

I had my first experience eating okonomiyaki (also called Japanese pizza) at the age of seven during my second trip to Japan. How to make spicy mayo poke That time I got to see more of Japan and experience the culture to its fullest since I was older and more curious. How to make spicy ahi poke with mayo My relatives, mother, brother and I spent the summer visiting temples, gardens, hot springs and even climbed up a mountain filled with monkeys – known as takasakiyama monkey park in Beppu. How to make spicy mayo for fish tacos For a seven year old kid like myself, Japan felt like a magical place where I was surrounded by brand new sounds, sights, smells, and you guessed it; flavors.

It was during that trip to Beppu that my uncle Ken introduced my brother and I to okonomiyaki. How to make spicy japanese mayo The restaurant was nothing like I had seen before; the space was separated with partitions to give each group of people privacy. How to make japanese spicy mayo The floors were tatamis with a sunken area under table to allow diners to stretch their legs comfortably. Ingredients for spicy mayo The table itself came equipped with a large hot plate in the center framed with just enough wood to rest chopsticks, plates and drinks. Clouds of aromatic smokes wafted from the neighboring table with a smell so incredible it made my stomach growl.

After a quick scanning of the menu my uncle put in an order for one seafood and one traditional cabbage pizza. Spicy mayo dipping sauce for sweet potato fries The server came back with two bowls filled with batter, a ladle and a scraper. Sweet chilli mayonnaise recipe He turned on the hot plate, poured a ladle full of seafood batter and left. Chili lime mayo recipe My uncle then grabbed the scraper and meticulously pressed and shaped the pizza until it was perfectly even and round. Neil perry lime and chilli mayonnaise recipe We each took a piece, brushed a layer of okonomi sauce on top and dug in.

It was perfect; the Japanese pizza was moist like a pancake and packed with squid, octopus, prawns and veggies. Smoked chilli mayo recipe Combine that with a squirt of creamy mayonnaise and a good handful of katsuobushi (bonito flakes) and you have an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Simple spicy mayo recipe “Oishii!” I exclaimed while happily chewing away, this was the best pizza I had ever tasted! Since then, I’ve been ordering okonomiyaki every time I see it on a menu and have introduced it to my friends who have also fallen in love with the dish.

As you can tell by my story, eating okonomiyaki is an experience of its own kind. Low fat mayonnaise recipe yogurt It’s not only the food but also the act of sharing food and stories with the people you love that makes the meal so enjoyable. Low fat mayo recipe Much like the joyful and buzzing atmosphere of izakayas, it’s very hard to replicate the same mood at home. Low fat vegan mayo recipe Plus, I don’t think my small Brooklyn apartment can handle the smoke of bubbling batter on a hot plate – that’s a sure way to annoy my neighbors!

Instead, I found an easy and smoke free way to get my Japanese pizza fix – I whip up a cabbage omelet and use the traditional okimiyaki toppings to finish. Chinese spicy mayo recipe It’s easy and hits the spot every time I feel a craving coming on. And just like a real pizza, it’s delicious hot or cold which means you can double the recipe and save some for later. Mexican spicy mayo recipe Win win!

Did you like this Okonomiyaki Style Omelet Recipe? Are there changes you made that you would like to share?

Bonito flakes aren’t available here, but the rest are:) Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your memories AND a really wonderful recipe! Panos LOVES mayo, so we’ll be trying this out very very soon! Thanx for sharing the homemade okonomiyaki sauce recipe as well! Much appreciated:)

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