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Retweeted by King Gossmannare those fuckin acid wash jeans https://t.co/VF40nFAtDT

Retweeted by King Gossmann @NikkoGuy Her Charisma is 18 and her Wisdom is 8 @NikkoGuy Yukon is a moose themed tiefling ranger who’s parents were struck and killed by a transport golem while crossing the highwayThis current obsession is @fmscanradio ‘s fault “Through Dying Young” – (Kesha v. Best neapolitan ice cream Dragonforce) [MASHUP] https://t.co/RZQF5itc5f https://t.co/WlLJppWrsG

Retweeted by King GossmannWorking in comics is a wonderful introduction to the US healthcare system, as you watch the heroes of your youth die in astonishing debt.

Retweeted by King GossmannShit up @RaRaRokuri you’re not my dad https://t.co/nNrbVCugGI @4rro4 can there’s still be beholders tho? like if you fuck up enough and get sent to HR you gotta survive a monster fight? @4rro4 You can’t decide the restaurant we’re gonna meet at? I rolled a 13 we’re going to IHOP get in the car. Neapolitan ice cream tub @4rro4 buy a set of polyhedral dice and make your life a series of ability checks @hospitalvespers also I hate that dubious fold in with the people killing insects. Neapolitan ice cream slices I can’t tell if the caricatures are racist or just ugly??Make-Up is Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s sweetest, least cynical short. Neapolitan ice cream bar It’s stunningly progressive for a manga from the 1960… https://t.co/zLtUkVCm6N

Retweeted by King GossmannLike man!!! What’s your life like when you can decide “I no longer care” and walk your ass away in power? Teach me. Neapolitan ice cream astronaut You’re amazing.I both hate and love this gif at the same time https://t.co/5wk6piI1Uc

Retweeted by King GossmannThe ability to 100% give up on something seems superhuman to me. Neapolitan ice cream flavors It’s a muscle I need to exercise more.Key Animation: Hiroyuki Kitakubo

Retweeted by King GossmannI was about to download the FE mobile app and then I checked and neither my Husbando or Waifu are in there so why even go on livingThey’re so cute together ? https://t.co/RIS33cDdr6

Retweeted by King GossmannThreaaaaaaaaad!!! ?? https://t.co/YBNVa7pXBG https://t.co/q0k2WvU0pS

Retweeted by King GossmannMy violets have woken up for the spring time 🙂 https://t.co/mTiQM2k5OIyup this thread https://t.co/suKntF74DE

Retweeted by King Gossmann @neptuneboneface oh man that’s neat! Also like amazing that Marv Newland was teaching there? Ecu had a huge boner for him & we never saw him @neptuneboneface oh yeah for sure, art school and art practice are very different beasts @neptuneboneface I accept this honour humbly and full of spite lmao did you go to emilycarr too? @neptuneboneface so Deep lmao. Neapolitan ice cream squares I definitely got an A by throwing a kid into the ocean and making a slideshow about it @neptuneboneface it’s amazing what finding a path of art that isn’t miserable and soul sucking can do for you @neptuneboneface hnghg omggggggg I almost rolled my eyes inside out at that lmao @eugelng I think at most I might’ve heard some shit from like a couple trust fund kids in like Drawing classes but who cares what they think

@hospitalvespers I didn’t realize that americans didn’t evolve spines until after the 50’s that was terrifyingI wonder if I’d have been as solid on my own path if I’d had to rebel against faculty that were established in a field I cared aboutbut it’s pretty easy to write off miserable old sessional faculty who’s offices smell like spoiled ink and cheapo overpriced saladand there were general visual arts profs that called anyone working in accessible mediums art sluts tooThere were definitely film history profs that slotted all animation art into a “genre” thonot talking myself up I just had like, bad luck getting teachers in a concept-heavy school lmaoI wanna join in dishin on anime-hating profs but Ive had like 3 teachers in my whole life who were better draftsmen than me n they were cool @hospitalvespers It haunts me. Neapolitan ice cream brands I need to understand it.I want to make a ton of desserts when my comic is done cakes and cookies and one of those ambrosia salad hellsnacks @hospitalvespers is intoon the plus side the captain underpants trailer looks adorable and i’m looking forward to that @4rro4 ah yeah, that seems right to only do one then. Vegan neapolitan ice cream :/ which one do you think you can pull more money by tabling with???? ??? ??? ??? ?????? https://t.co/c7OEAKy24e

Retweeted by King Gossmann @4rro4 Can you exhibit at both if you bring backup help? :O @eugelng like, the hardest part is the cat??? It was probably more work to steal your graphic than draw a new cup??? @eugelng Like… Ice cream flavor neapolitan buddy couldn’t draw the cup???”Light Turner” I’m going to shit my pants omfg I’m laughing so hardthanks, araki https://t.co/fbcBoAxrX5

Retweeted by King Gossmann @Brittoodles Yeah man I have water damaged covered in my tennant’s insurance so nbd @RaRaRokuri Draw an okuyasu @FMScanRadio MAYBE! Maybe they’re just really poorly socialized and need a chore board n some talk about boundaries to be a good roomie.Like damn, a living room , a dining room AND a den? I’ll fucking spoon slenderman every night for that kinda living space.Sometimes i watch indie horror game playthroughs and get upset about how big the haunted houses are. Neapolitan ice cream sandwich I’d put up with a demon for 2000sft.I really want to get my mitts on the ME:A character builder and find out if i like that before I sink $80 and 80 hours into Andromeda @rachelstolberg @mannyandys SPILL ANDY!! WHERE DID YOU GET IT!!! :O @DanRyckert Some fashion you might want to jump on https://t.co/M3JqPJia7iEven if you own the most expensive pen in the world it’ll make no difference if you don’t put in the practice. Where did neapolitan ice cream come from Prac… https://t.co/Wc5vdHV876

Retweeted by King Gossmann*pops out from the garbage* bad and rougey https://t.co/xueXir0q30

@catfoodzplz thank you!! ??I felt cute today have a selfie from the nightmare bathroom https://t.co/2r6osWRh8cTHIS JUST MADE ME SO HAPPY https://t.co/0X8oNeJpgd

Retweeted by King GossmannI wish telling newer friends that they smell nice didn’t feel like the creepiest possible thing you could say to a person.when my friends change icons and handles but i remember who they are from the husbands they rt https://t.co/kjfO0gP7d4

Retweeted by King Gossmann @catfoodzplz ;A; Weh, thank you Meagan! @ARedneckInBC cosigned: scene setup

Retweeted by King Gossmannlove: every animator everBoard artist friends, when you want to put a crowd in your scene please consider

??So I found out these Rose of Versailles lions are a thing that exist today… Best neapolitan ice cream brand https://t.co/1cv6hYkcJb

Retweeted by King Gossmann @vejiicakes I found a stop for that trip you’re planning https://t.co/XwkU5OhXYl @catfoodzplz https://t.co/qWivTeGw77This narrative is dangerous & FALSE # PostRacialCanada is not a thing. Neapolitan ice cream pistachio Our Canadian histories are racist and our pre… https://t.co/cbakbyceL0

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