Ole’s guacamole celebrates 10 years of authentic mexican food

Stuffed avacado is among the vegetarian options at Ole’s Guacamole. Mexican breakfast recipes with corn tortillas It contains a whole avocado split down the middle, then stuffed with a De Colores salad made of beans, corn, onions and tomato with a hint of lime. Indian bean salad recipes (Photo: Fred McCormick)

In 2000 Olegario, better known as Ole, and Elena Delatorre moved to the Swannanoa Valley from Southern California, bringing the taste of authentic Mexican food with them.

Best breakfast recipes for kids In 2007 they opened Ole’s Guacamole, and a decade later it’s bigger than ever. Indian breakfast recipes for kids Elena Delatorre took time out of a recent busy Friday to tell The Black Mountain News the story of the restaurant.

The Black Mountain News: Ole’s Guacamole celebrated its 10th anniversary throughout the month of February. Easy mexican dessert recipes for kids What’s been the key to operating a successful restaurant for all these years in Black Mountain?

Elena Delatorre: Fresh ingredients. Quick and easy italian dessert recipes for kids We’ve stuck to using fresh ingredients since we opened, and we also purchase ingredients from the local farmers market. French dessert recipes for kids A lot of people think of Mexican food and they think of fat, grease or lard, but we don’t use animal products. Easy italian dessert recipes for kids We use special oil. Easy chinese dessert recipes for kids We have options for vegetarians, children and and we’re looking into adding gluten-free items to the menu. Japanese dessert recipes for kids We like to make everyone happy.

BMN: You guys are in the big building now (401 East State St.), but things started out quite a bit differently for Ole’s Guacamole. Italian chicken soup recipes from scratch How did you end up moving here from your original location?

Delatorre: We moved to North Carolina from California back in 2000. Italian chicken soup recipes Ole used to work at Lowe’s, in shipping and receiving. Chicken recipes healthy He had always dreamed of having a restaurant, and he spent a lot of time working in restaurants. Chicken recipes for crock pot He also learned a lot about cooking from his parents, growing up in Mexico. Chicken recipes Cooking is his passion. Chicken recipes easy One day I was driving around and I saw the old building (currently Fresh Wood Fired Pizza) and knew it was perfect. Chicken recipes chicken breast recipes It was affordable, and we worked really hard to fix it up. Chicken recipes with cream of mushroom soup It took us five months. I kept my full-time job and sure enough when we opened, the first day it was packed. Chicken recipes indian We just kept growing and growing, so we finally decided to move to this location.

BMN: How much has Ole’s Guacamole grown since those early days?

Delatorre: We’ve tripled in size. Chicken recipes for dinner There we only had 12 tables, it was just our three sons and Ole and I. Chicken recipes for a crowd We hired two or three people to help out. Chicken recipes for kids Now we have 20 employees, the dining room, bar and patio. Mexican recipes chilaquiles It’s so much bigger now.

Delatorre: His full name is Olegario, it’s an Italian name. Best dessert recipes easy His nickname has been Ole since he was a little boy. Mexican ground beef soup recipes So I came up with the name of the restaurant. Authentic mexican beef soup recipes I was thinking “Ole,” then either “pozole” or “guacamole.” I wanted it to be something that would stick. Best slow cooker recipes chicken People love avocados. Best recipes for potatoes It was perfect.

BMN: But was guacamole something Ole was already good at making?

Delatorre: Oh, yes. Chinese recipes for potatoes He always made it for our cookouts. Best slow cooker recipes with chicken He would make guacamole, salsa, steak, rice, beans. Best thanksgiving vegetable dish recipes There was always guacamole at the table, so that made the name even more perfect.

BMN: Ole’s Guacamole stays pretty busy when the doors are open, what do you think is the reason for that?

Delatorre: We get support from everyone. Best vegetable main dish recipes The younger generation, the older generation, tourists, people that live here, we have people that come regularly from Old Fort and Marion. Japanese dessert recipes easy A lot of people will tell me that they drive here from Asheville and pass six or seven Mexican restaurants on their way here. Best loved slow cooker recipes book And I don’t say that to brag, it’s just that I know the real McCoy. Mexican ground beef recipes casserole I was born and raised in California, but my parents are Mexican and they taught me about my roots. Mexican ground beef and rice recipes Ole’s parents too.

BMN: What is the difference between authentic Mexican food and the rest?

Delatorre: When I see American cheese or yellow cheese on tacos, that’s not right. Spanish dessert recipes for kids Yellow cheese is for nachos at the movies, but real nachos have the white cheese, jalapenos, ground beef, stuff like that. German dessert recipes for kids We use natural ingredients, nothing canned, nothing in bottles, so I’m confident in our product.

BMN: A lot of people don’t realize that Ole’s Guacamole has a bar.. Easy french dessert recipes for kids Can you tell me a little bit about it?

Delatorre: It’s called La Casa Azul and I named it after Frida Kahlo’s home in Mexico City, because I love her work. Easy japanese dessert recipes for kids It’s a family bar because it’s a great place for families to go. French dessert recipes easy It’s small, only six tables, but there is a real family-friendly atmosphere in there. German dessert recipes easy We have families that come in and eat in there after games and things like that.

BMN: Besides guacamole, what’s the thing that someone who is visiting Ole’s Guacamole for the first time should try?

Delatorre: The Molcajete has been a big hit. Chinese ground beef recipes easy It’s a little new, we just put it out last year. Mexican white bean soup recipes It’s a hot stone bowl, it comes with chicken, steak shrimp, Anaheim peppers, which are not spicy, onions, whole beans, chorizo, cheese and tortillas on the side so you can make tacos whenever you want.

BMN: How popular is your patio, which overlooks Flat Creek, when the weather is nice?

Delatorre: Everybody wants the patio. Spanish dessert recipes easy Number one, it’s beautiful and there’s shade. Spanish breakfast recipes eggs Also, the sound of the water is relaxing. Authentic mexican cuisine recipes It’s so nice to sit out there and eat and drink while looking at all of the flowers and the green grass and the creek. Modern mexican cuisine recipes We have a waiting list to sit out there during the summer.

Delatorre: We do. Traditional mexican cuisine recipes It’s called Mrs. German beef soup recipes Ole’s Party Planning and Catering. Best slow cooker recipes for chicken I offer those services for people that want to rent out our patio and have a baby shower, or a wedding shower or any other kind of private party.

BMN: What do you think is the best thing about Ole’s Guacamole?

Delatorre: For me personally it’s been being able to spend time with my sons, working together. Best ground beef and rice recipes As far as the restaurant is concerned, it’s been great to show this community what authentic Mexican food really is. Healthy indian breakfast recipes for kids It’s healthy and fresh.

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