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Take all of the flavours of the Mediterranean and sprinkle them over some salmon fillets for a quick and easy meal. Best salmon recipe oven Flake and add to salads or sandwiches, or have with a side of roasted garlic potatoes.

Any time we go on holiday to somewhere in the Mediterranean (does anyone else have trouble spelling that word correctly every time?), you can bet that I will be eating a lot of olives and sundried tomatoes.

Best salmon steak recipe It’s almost criminal not to, considering how cheap they are there and how much better they taste. Best smoked salmon recipe Luckily, we have some really great delis here in the UK where I can indulge in 2 of my favourite ingredients, and I can make meals like this to share with you.

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I bought an insane amount of olives for my birthday party the other day. Easy baked salmon recipe Like, you would have thought that I knew there was going to be a world shortage or something. Easy canned salmon recipes But, no-one ate them! What?! I then realised it’s because I didn’t put out any toothpicks for them to be picked up with. Easy delicious salmon recipes Oh well, that just means that I have them all left over to use in recipes for the next few days, so expect and olive fest!

If you just added the olives and sundried tomatoes to the salmon fillets with nothing else, then chances are they would just roll straight off again, as they are not the most co-operative ingredients. Easy oven baked salmon recipes So I thought, why not spread some Cirio Tomato Puree on them first to act as a binder. Easy recipe for salmon patties I should have thought to do this anyway, as it adds so much extra flavour and just adds to the Mediterranean (Yay, I spelt it right without spell check this time) vibe that is going on.

Seriously, this is the best tomato puree there is – don’t bother buying anything else and certainly don’t just buying something cheap thinking it’s “only” tomato puree. Easy salmon burger recipe Any recipe that calls for tomato puree is using it because it wants a burst of tomato flavour and using any old cheap one isn’t going to give that to you. Easy salmon dinner recipes Every other one I have tried is bland and watery, so I only use Cirio Tomato Puree in my recipes now for that reason. Easy salmon patty recipe A little goes a long way too, so it’s a good value product.

Do you like all the new props I have been featuring in my photographs the past couple of days? I went shopping and went a little bit crazy with the linens and chopping boards, as my opinion is that you can never have too many. Easy salmon recipes baked Although, we now have 2 huge hampers full of photography props on our dining room table, and nowhere to eat, so I think that Dave may disagree that you can never have too many.

I am a firm believer that the brighter and prettier the food we cook is, the more tempting it will be to eat healthy food, and for me that includes everything that it is served on, so really I am doing it for our health. Easy salmon recipes oven Maybe I could try telling my bank that too?

The focus this summer is going to be light and fresh meals like this, and meals that can be made in as little time as possible, as no one wants the oven or hob on for hours when the sun is bursting through the windows. Easy smoked salmon recipes So, get excited for some of the new recipes coming your way.

1) Spread the tomato puree over the salmon fillets and then sprinkle over the rest of the ingredients.

2) Put under a medium grill for 12-15 minutes, until the salmon is cooked.

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**This recipe was commissioned by Cirio, however all opinions are my own**

I had never tried olives until prompted at a work do aged 24! I adore olives though, especially the black ones, although they are an item I’ve overdosed on in the past – needing a break before my next sitting of olive eating! ??

Oh no, I would have gladly ate them all up, I can never say no to olives and sundried tomatoes! I want this for dinner tonight! Light and fresh dishes like this are exactly what I’m craving during the summer months! ??

I always have trouble spelling Mediteranean (I’m not even sure that’s correct!). Fresh salmon cakes recipe This looks super fresh and tasty. Fresh salmon patties recipe Your previous recipes with Cirio convinced me to try them out and I can honestly say that I will never go back to value or even own brand tomatoes now. Grilled salmon burger recipe These are SO good!

You had me at olive! Olives are my absolute weakness…I could pop open a jar or can and eat ALL kinds by the hanful! This salmon looks so good, Dannii! I am definitely trying this one out…looks so fresh and flavorful!

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