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One KitchenAid mixer or the likes with the mixing paddle on about 3 or 4.

You will have to go up and down with the speed as you go along.

Slowly heat oil until leaves just start to bubble take off heat and let cool.

While this is going on start making your butter in the mixer, it will take a while because first you will have whipped cream.

Once the butter is stating to form and water is coming out you will need to slow it down or you will have a mess.

You will now need to go to the kneading hook to finish and do it for some time to get as much of the buttermilk out as you can.

Take it off and put the cookie dough paddle back on and mix and mix some more.

You will have a nice spread and it will make about a quart and 1/4 to 1/2 cups of butter spread.

All it will do is wash out with the butter milk and make it salty.

Salt will not mix with oil so it has to be folded in the butter.

I started this thread having no idea what it was going to taste like.

I have to say it is one of the best tasting homemade butters I have ever made.

It is also the first time I have ever tried to make a butter spread.

I was going to post a bunch of pictures but decided to just post one or two pictuers of the product.

There are plenty of videos and such on the web showing how to make butter.

Note if you taste the oil before you put it in the butter it will be rather strong and slightly bitter.

The dilution and salt will cure any bitterness or strong flavor.

Heavy cream doesn’t have sugar added as opposed to sweet whipping cream, so I’m getting a better idea of what you made tastes like. Roasted garlic bread machine recipe As I wrote in another thread, I don’t know what rosemary tastes like (Or I don’t remember).

Plus smoking has huge effect on what you taste and the amount used compared to someone that doesn’t smoke.

I need to add rosemary and and some other herbs have two profiles bitter and the smell.

You get one with your bitter receptors on the tongue and the other from the nose.

Without deviating too much, I found that drinking water right before eating helps. Garlic cheese bread machine recipe Also I drink water with meals instead of cola/tea/coffee. Onion garlic bread machine recipe The taste of the food is better to me.

This is a very nice idea Worth. Garlic parmesan bread machine recipe I am going to have to try it this summer when I can grow some Rosemary again. Whole wheat olive bread recipe Your picture of your great product with the sprig of blooming rosemary brought a smile to my face.

Without deviating too much, I found that drinking water right before eating helps. Bread machine recipes with whole wheat flour Also I drink water with meals instead of cola/tea/coffee. Best bread machine recipes The taste of the food is better to me.

This stuff still set up like butter cold so it isn’t as “spreadable” as spread.

What it did do is give otherwise tasteless butter some sort of flavor and I needed to get rid of some expired heavy cream I had which will last a far cry longer than milk.

I love Rosemary. Best bread machine recipes whole wheat I even love Hyssop which is also ‘piney’ but, believe it or not, much easier to overdo than rosemary. Potato bread machine recipe Yowza. Bread machine recipes whole wheat I like the flowering tops the best, always dry a few to use by tiny pinch in my salad dressing. Bread machine recipes whole wheat flour Unless I’m using fresh rosemary..

My rosemary plant doesn’t know it’s out of season here, flowered as well in february. Bread machine recipes whole wheat honey The poor thing is in a downstairs room with not enough light and lost some lower branches. Whole wheat bread machine recipe no milk I need to put it in a large tub but it will be harder to move in and out of the greenhouse. Whole wheat bread machine recipe no honey They are not quite hardy and I wouldn’t risk it, even with protection. Whole wheat bread machine recipe vegan Everything froze this winter, the greenhouse is like a seive.

You are a lot colder than here, bower. Sweet bread machine recipes no yeast We do get below freezing quite a lot during the winter and snow now and then. Easy bread maker recipes without yeast Gets into the 20s a handful of times or so. Bread machine recipes no yeast There are mature rosemary bushes around the yard and they do just fine.

Rosemary has been in bloom here since January in at least one garden that is protected from the cold. Easy bread machine recipes white Mine hasn’t begun yet. Easy bread machine recipes all purpose flour Not enough sun.This is when rosemary usually blooms and is one of the hummingbirds’ first flowers of the year, besides the winter jasmine. Bread machine recipe sweetened condensed milk I even saw some snowdrops in a raised pot being sampled the other day.

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