One bowl chocolate banana bread {with chocolate swirl!}

Give your family the breakfast for dessert feel with this easy One Bowl Chocolate Banana Bread recipe!

A simple banana bread batter is made healthy by using less sugar and butter than traditional recipes. Banana bread recipe Plenty of mashed bananas still keep it moist and fluffy!

Half the batter is mixed with cocoa to create a delicious chocolate swirl all through the loaf.

If you want to make it even better-for-you, this works with whole wheat flour as well!

I almost like baking more than cooking. Recipe for banana bread But just almost.

Easy banana bread recipe Because my biggest issue with baking? It’s messy. Easy banana bread And by messy I mean my kitchen is covered in butter, sugar and flour when I’m done.

I’ll most likely have used three or four bowls, two rubber spatulas, five measuring cups plus a scale, a whisk, a hand mixer, five forks and about a gazillion spoons.

And don’t even mention the baking pans (the first one was probably too small, the second one too big and the third one just right) and myself. Best banana bread recipe Flour-covered woman in desperate need of a clean up – what an alluring headline.

Now of course I still make a mess when I cook but I always feel like there’s much less mess involved than when baking. Banana nut bread Plus it’s a lot easier to tidy up a bit in between steps.

Maybe because I turn on the oven way too early and then don’t want it to run on full-blast while I’m leisurely measuring out cups of flour.

Or maybe because I feel like everything is going to be spoilt if I don’t get it done in military-impressive time.

Or quite possibly just because I can get unnervingly stressed out over the smallest little things – like baking a cake for example.

That might also be the reasons as to why I’m so in love with this marble bread.

Not just because it has bananas and chocolate (one of my favorite combinations of all time EVER, though I do like banana waffles without chocolate as well!) but because it is all whipped up in one bowl.

Yes, it still needs a few measuring cups and spoons and a hand mixer (or super-hero whisking powers, for reals!) – but it’s one bowl. How to make banana bread Not three. Moist banana bread recipe One. Moist banana bread Amazing.

The batter gets all whipped up in this one bowl before half of it is transferred to a 9?5 inch loaf pan (note to self: grab the right pan from the very beginning).

The other half then gets kissed by chocolate, joins the plain banana batter in the baking pan and lovingly swirls around it before being baked into awesome, marbley greatness (no, not goodness, GREATness!).

The most important thing with this batter is patience (yes, something I don’t necessarily posses, but I make it work for this banana bread!) – and not just while it’s in the oven and smelling up your entire house with breakfast-I-must-devour-right-now kind of scents.

You need patience right from the start for this chocolate banana bread I’m afraid:

Because that butter and sugar want to get whipped together like crazy (hence the super-hero whisking powers I mentioned above). Banana nut bread recipe It may seem impossible at first but give it 5 minutes (boring, I know!) and it will be all smooth and looking a bit like whipped cream.

Whipping in the egg in the next step is essential! Another 3-5 minutes mixer or arm-power later you’ll be left with the perfect fluffy mixture. Healthy banana bread Because if you skip this step your banana bread will turn out too dense and chewy and not nice at all. But put that time in and you’ll be granted with the most amazing loaf of banana and chocolate goodness you have ever tasted!

There’s another super-important part though: Don’t over-marble and don’t under-marble. Best banana bread Marbling is best done with a fork spiraling through the batter (check out this video to see the technique), swirling darkness and light together. Recipe banana bread Make sure you touch the bottom of the pan with every spiral you make. Simple banana bread Draw the fork all the way through the middle once when you’re done.

And the rest is just luck – and a big and giddy surprise once you cut your marble bread!

Transfer half of the batter to the loaf tin and spread evenly. Banana bread recipe easy Add the cocoa powder and milk to the rest of the batter and also pour into the loaf tin. Healthy banana bread recipe Swirl the two batters together using a fork and then slightly smooth the surface.

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