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Editor’s note: One Dish is a regular feature on restaurants in and around the towns of Dedham, Dover, Medfield, Norwood, Sharon, Sherborn, Walpole and Westwood.

If a fortune cookie message had been written about the Kihei Dynasty in Walpole when opening in 1976, it might have read, “You will enjoy great success with your restaurant into the 21st century by pleasing generations of locals who love Chinese food.” Forty-one years later, the Kihei Dynasty stills serves classic, old-school Chinese food with an emphasis on Cantonese-style cooking and a dash of Polynesian specialties. Fast food restaurants near my location Pronounced “Kee-Hi” and named after a sunny coastal area on Maui Island, Hawaii, Kihei Dynasty has become its own island, of sorts, by firmly and passionately sticking to its culinary roots when others have gone “Asian fusion,” while showcasing sushi and hibachi-style cooking. Mexican food restaurants near my location Kihei customers, on the other hand, faithfully arrive for familiar favorites such as pu pu platters, chicken wings, hot and sour and wonton soups, General Gau’s chicken, moo goo gai pan, chow mein, egg rolls, house fried rice and classic drinks such as scorpion bowls. Soul food restaurants near my location The Kihei wouldn’t have it any other way. Fast food restaurants around me “There are many new styles, chefs and trends, but we still stick to good old-fashioned Chinese food,” said Lisa Chiu, who has served as manager of Kihei Dynasty for six years. Fast food restaurants that deliver “I have so much respect for the chefs here. Fast food restaurants open on christmas day It is hard to find chefs, in this day of age, with the background to create great old-school Chinese food.” Even though the Kihei is unabashedly old school, this long-time local favorite restaurant does also have a firm hold in some 21st century Asian food tastes and preferences like Mandarin – or Hunan – cuisine that is known for its aromatic spices and deep colors. Fast food restaurants open on thanksgiving Dishes like the savory pork chow mein and chicken with broccoli feature clean, less heavy tastes and fresh vegetables. Fast food restaurants open 24 hours The Kihei can, upon request, leave out salt and MSG whenever possible. Chinese food restaurants in the area Kihei Dynasty’s mission goes against modern Asian restaurant trends, yet still thrives by depending on a dedicated Walpole area customer base. Soul food restaurants in the area Many thought popular Boston area Chinese restaurants with names like China Sails, Weylu’s, Aku Aku, The Aloha, Royal Hawaiian and Bamboo Hut would be around forever, but slowly they and other seemingly countless other full-service, large Chinese restaurants closed as increasing demographic demands favored sophistication and greater food diversity (although the Kihei serves more than a few hundred different dishes) over “Americanized” Chinese food and often tacky decor. Good cheap restaurants near me “The growth of this type of business was high in the ’70s, peaked in the ’90s and then had fusion, Mandarin and Japanese (cuisines) taking over,” said Chiu. Free food on your birthday without signing up “People were leaning toward healthier foods, so it was a natural thing for this to happen.” Kihei Dynasty somehow survived it all. Free food on your birthday az It not only overcame the trends, but the passing of founder Kim Chan, a move in 2001 from its original location at the former Heartland Plaza (where Stop & Shop built its current store), and damage caused by smoke when the Walpole Redemption Center, in the same building, suffered a fire in July 2016. Healthy food restaurants london The smoke damage and moving-related stresses turned out to be eventual blessings, however, as the newer Kihei Dynasty location – situated at the side entrance of the Shell gas station building on Rte. Fast food restaurants near me that are open 1A – opened in 2002 and comprises approximately 6,000 square feet, including a main dining room, function area, bar and an efficient, well-designed kitchen about half the size of the restaurant. Fast food mexican restaurants near me The smoke damage necessitated a much-needed renovation. Chinese food restaurants near me that deliver Two months after the fire, the Kihei reopened and the slightly worn rugs and bamboo wallpaper gave way to beautiful wooden floors, a more spacious layout, state-of-the-art LED lighting, and pleasing, light wall colors that lend more of a relaxing, modern (but not trendy) look to the restaurant. Fast food fish restaurants near me What never went away and has been firmly implanted into the Kihei’s restaurant DNA: the familiar Chinese food and drinks, friendly service and regulars. Fast food restaurants open on christmas eve “We know everyone’s order, your family, your cousin’s girlfriend,” said Chiu. Fast food restaurants open 24 hours near me “This town is so great because everyone knows each other. Fast food places open 24 hours near me Judy (Beaumont) is our head honcho. Food places open 24 hours near me She has been working at the Kihei from the beginning. Food suppliers for restaurants She sets the tone, always smiling, always welcoming. New orleans soul food restaurants People know her and love her, and she loves them.” Chiu, who spent some of her childhood growing up in Chinatown, remembers many of the local, traditional Chinese restaurants, and started working in the field at 13 years old, washing floors and dishes. New food places near me Emigrating from Guangzhou (Canton), China as a baby with family, her dad Ru Chiu partnered with the late, local restaurateur Kim Chan, who ran several local restaurants including the Kihei. Mexican food near my location Chan’s wife May and son Stephen, act as silent partners of the Kihei, and operate the Kahula Restaurant in Sturbridge, while Lisa and Ru run the Walpole restaurant seven days a week. Healthy restaurants in dubai In her late 30s, Chiu combines a welcoming nature with 21st century social media savviness and a youthful-looking and acting demeanor that is refreshing to a type of restaurant often owned by older generations. How to get free food from restaurants by complaining A Northeastern University graduate with a degree in communications and some high-tech experience in the private industry, Chiu meets and greet customers like family, and constantly promotes the restaurant knowing that the Kihei’s hidden location “is not as a good as a front location.” She knows Facebook and Instagram well, and uses all hours of the day and night to “get the word out” on the Kihei. Free food coupons online Ultimately, though, she loves interacting with customers. Free food coupons uk “I love meeting new people, “said Chiu. Fast food restaurants with soup “And we do get great business. Fast food places that accept ebt In the winter, the plow guys come in late. Healthy chinese food choices There are execs that come here, families, people looking for cheap eats… Chinese fast food restaurants near me There was an engagement party here where the ring was inside a scorpion bowl and he proposed to her. Mexican fast food restaurants near me There’s a girl who comes in with her grandpa and shows me her toys and then they share a pu pu platter. Healthy food in dubai So, this is what I love to see, and I am definitely more of a people person. What fast food restaurants are near me If I have paperwork, I do it later.” Chiu added, “I have been the manager for six years , but we have been here more than 40. Fast food restaurants that accept ebt It is so special that four generations have come here.” The Kihei meals might end with a fortune cookie, but the real fortune resides in the restaurant’s consistency, and knowing that sometimes the best change is no change at all. Mexican food restaurants near me “This (type of cooking) is what my father knows best,” said Chiu. Soul food restaurants near me “To this day, he is still in the kitchen. Chinese food restaurants near me We have had a few new chefs, but they never stuck. Food delivery des moines They said there were better ways to cook than this, but the customers said otherwise. What fast food restaurants are open near me We have a customer base that is not afraid to speak, and we listen.” Kihei Dynasty is located at 745 Main St., Rte. Healthy food new york 1A, in Walpole. Fast food places that accept ebt near me Telephone: 508-668-1720. Chinese food delivery near me open late Website: Open chinese restaurants near me Facebook fan page:

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