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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and for the past week or so I’ve been wondering what to make for my Mum this year. Apple crumble pie recipe from scratch Of course I could make her some elaborate chocolate showstopper, or something equally indulgent, but knowing that my Mum is very conscious about the types and quantities of fat that she includes in her diet such bakes really wouldn’t have been appropriate for her.

So, wanting to make her something which was relatively healthy yet eye catching, I recalled the pretty vibe of our apple roses which I made last year and was inspired to make this family sized apple rose tart.

Of course pastry itself isn’t the healthiest of choices having invariably been made with butter packed with saturated fats.

Quick and easy apple crumble pie recipe But having successfully made a vegan pastry just last week for our Beetroot & Lentil Pie, which was so much healthier having been made with an olive oil, I knew that that vegan pastry recipe would be perfect for this healthy Apple Rose Tart. Simple apple crumble pie recipe This pretty tart recipe does include a certain amount of refined sugar, a total of about 85g, but the individual serving quantity would be minimal once this posh apple pie is divided between guests.

As I say, apple rose tarts are essentially a posh apple pie having been constructed with pastry and apples, but the impact it brings once it’s brought to the table far out weighs that of a regular apple pie. Crumble apple pie recipe easy It certainly has aesthetic appeal, resembling a bouquet of pretty pink roses. Apple pie recipe crumble And, just to confirm, apple rose tarts certainly aren’t style over substance! Their flavour is as delicious as you would expect from any apple pie recipe. Apple pie recipe crumble top Beautiful pastry. Crumble recipe for apple pie Apple. Crumble topping recipe for apple pie Cinnamon. Apple crumble pie easy recipe And a hint of custard. Easy crumble apple pie recipe Surely perfect flavours.

Now, I have to admit that apple rose tarts are time consuming to make, and can be a little fiddly at first when starting to roll the apple roses, but surely your Mum, or other special person, is worth the time and effort when making something as delicious and aesthetically pretty as an apple rose tart.

Apple rose tarts are certainly eye catching, resembling a pretty

bouquet of roses. Apple pie topping crumble recipe They’re just as delicious as any apple pie. Apple pie crumble recipe easy This one is healthier having been made with an olive oil which is substantially lower in saturated fats than butter.

1. Healthy apple crumble pie recipe Make the pastry. Apple pie crumble crust recipe Place the flour, pinch of salt and icing sugar into a good sized bowl. Best apple pie crumble recipe Use your hand to combine them together. Cinnamon crumble apple pie recipe Pour the oil into the bowl along with 4 tablespoons of water. Easy apple pie crumble recipe Use a knife to cut through the mixture to create a dough. Apple pie crumble recipe from scratch Add more water as necessary to bring the dough together. Best crumble apple pie recipe Avoid making the dough wet and sticky. Apple pie with oatmeal crumble topping recipe Shape the pastry into a ball and flatten into a disc. Crumble apple pie recipe oats Wrap in cling film and allow it to rest for at least 30 minutes. Mini apple crumble pie recipe 2. Apple crumble pie recipe with oats Make the apple puree. The best apple crumble pie recipe ever Peel, core and chop the two bramley apples. Best apple pie recipe with crumble topping Place into a pan with the sugar, ground cinnamon and 2 tbsp water. Apple pie with oatmeal crumb topping recipe Set the pan on the hob over a moderate heat and allow the apple to cook down. Crumb apple pie recipe from scratch Stir regularly. Crumb apple pie recipes with fresh apples Add a little more water if the mixture becomes dry. Apple crumble pie recipe You’re aiming for the apple to break down to form a puree. Best crumb apple pie recipe ever Pour the apple puree into a bowl and set it aside to cool. Apple pie recipe crumb topping 3. The best apple pie recipe with crumb topping Roll out the pastry & line the tart tin. Apple crumble pie recipe martha stewart Dust the work surface with flour. Crumb top apple pie recipe Unwrap the pastry and set onto the floured surface. Crumb top apple pie recipe easy Dust the rolling pin with flour. Homemade apple crumb pie recipe Roll the pastry into a circle about 4mm – 5mm thick. Dutch apple pie crumble topping recipe Hold the tart tin over the pastry to gauge if the pastry is large enough to line the tin. French apple pie recipe with crumb topping Roll out a little more as necessary. Homemade apple pie recipe with crumb topping Use a rolling pin to lift the pastry and lay it gently over the tart tin. Crumb topping for apple pie recipe Gently ease the pastry into the tin. Apple pie recipe with crumb topping Avoid stretching the pastry. Easy dutch apple crumb pie recipe Use a pair of clean scissors to trim away the excess pastry (the pastry will be trimmed properly after the blind bake). Best apple pie recipe crumb topping Set the lined tart case aside to rest. Apple crumb pie recipe food network 4. Best apple crumble recipe ever Preheat the oven to 180? / 350? / Gas 4. Easy apple pie recipe with crumb topping Place a baking sheet into the centre of the oven large enough to house your tart tin. Best homemade apple crumb pie recipe 5. Apple pie with crumb crust recipe Blind Bake. Recipe for crumb topping for apple pie Use the tines of a fork to prick the pastry base. French apple pie crumb topping recipe Cut a sheet of grease proof paper large enough to cover the lined tart case. Dutch apple pie crumb topping recipe Scrunch it up. Crumb topping recipe for apple pie Open it out. Cranberry apple crumble pie recipe Gently lay it into the tart case, taking care not to disturb the pastry. Recipe for apple pie crumble Weight it down with baking beans / uncooked rice Place the tart tin onto the baking sheet in the oven and blind bake for 10 – 12 minutes. Best recipe for apple crumb pie Remove from the oven. Crumb crust recipe for apple pie Remove the baking weights and greaseproof paper. Crumb topped apple slab pie recipe Use a sharp knife to carefully trim away the excess pastry from the pie’s rim. Recipe for apple pie with crumb topping Set aside to cool. Recipe for dutch apple pie with crumb topping 6. Dutch apple pie with crumb topping recipe Prepare the apples. Recipe for dutch apple pie crumb topping Wash the apples. Caramel apple pie recipe with crumb topping Fill a good sized bowl with water. Dutch apple pie recipe with crumb topping Add the juice of the lemon. Fresh apple pie recipe with crumb topping Fill a large pan with water and set it onto the hob over a moderate heat. Recipe for crumb topping apple pie Working with one apple at a time, use a sharp knife to cut the apple into quarters. Best crumb top apple pie recipe Remove the core. Recipe for apple pie crumb topping Place three of the quarters into the lemon water. Dutch apple pie with crumb topping recipes Slice the apple very thinly with a mandolin or the slicing facility on a box grater. Recipe for crumb topping on apple pie Place the sliced apples into the bowl of water. Recipe apple pie crumb topping Continue slicing the remaining apples. Apple pie crumb topping recipe Once the pan of water is warm, though not boiling, transfer a handful of the sliced apples into the water. Apple pie crumb topping recipe best Allow them to soften for about 3 minutes. French apple crumb pie recipe Use a fish slice, or similar, to remove the cooked apples. Best apple crumb pie recipe Place them onto a few sheets of kitchen roll. Apple pie with crumb topping recipe Spread them out to allow them to cool and dry. Homemade apple pie with crumb topping recipe Continue cooking the apples a handful at a time. Caramel apple pie recipe crumb top 7. Best apple pie with crumb topping recipe Finish the apple puree. Caramel apple pie with crumb topping recipe Place the Bird’s custard powder into a cup. Caramel apple pie crumb topping recipe Add a spoonful of water. Apple crumb pie recipe with oatmeal Stir together to make a smooth paste. Apple crumb pie recipes with fresh apples Add to the cooled apple puree and mix well to combine. Recipe for apple crumb pie topping 8. Recipe for apple crumb pie Assemble the apple rose tart. Easy dutch apple pie topping recipe Scatter the ground almonds over the par-cooked pastry base. Easy apple pie crisp recipe Top with the apple puree filling. Apple pie crumble recipe oats Use the back of a spoon to spread it out and cover the base of the pastry case. Apple crumble pie recipe jamie oliver Roll a slice of apple between your thumb & forefinger. Apple crumble pie recipe nigella This is the centre of your rose. Easy apple crisp pie recipe Add another slice, continuing the roll and making the rose a little bigger. Easy caramel apple crumble pie recipe Add more apple slices to make the apple roses as large as you like. Recipe dutch apple crumb pie Position your apple rose in the tart case skin side up. Recipe apple pie crumb topping best Butt it up to the pastry crust for support. Best apple pie recipe with streusel topping Continue making more apple roses, of varying sizes, and placing them in the tart case. Apple pie crisp topping recipe Fill the tart case with apple roses, filling in any gaps with smaller ‘roses’. Apple pie streusel topping recipe 9. Easy apple pie crumble topping recipe Bake. Apple pie crumb topping recipe food network Place the prepared apple rose tart onto the heated baking tray in the centre of the oven. Best apple pie crumble topping recipe Bake for 20 – 25 minutes until the pastry is cooked through. Apple pie recipe crumble topping oatmeal Remove from the oven. Apple pie recipe crumb topping best Use a pastry brush to gently glaze the tart with a little apricot jam. Best streusel apple pie recipe After 10 minutes remove the pastry tart from the tart tin allowing it to completely cool on a cooling rack. Best apple crisp pie recipe 10. Apple crumb pie recipe oatmeal Enjoy! Serve either on its own or with cream.

a) Preparing the apple roses is fiddling and time consuming, but the more you make the easier the technique becomes. Best apple streusel pie recipe b) You may find it easier to shape the apple roses by laying a line of apple slices (slightly overlapping) on the work bench and then rolling them up on the bench. Best apple cinnamon pie recipe I found it easier to roll them between my fingers and thumb. Best apple pie crisp recipe c) Aim to purchase the reddest eating apples you can find. Easy cinnamon apple pie recipe d) The apples need to be sliced very thinly to allow them to be rolled into a rose shape. Easy cinnamon roll apple pie recipe It’s unlikely you’ll achieve this by using a knife to slice them. Simple apple crisp pie recipe We used the slicing facility on a box grater. Apple crisp pie recipe food network e) Use the mandolin carefully, remember it is very sharp! f) If you don’t have baking beans available to use, uncooked rice is a great alternative. Apple crumb pie food network It can be used time and time again. Apple crisp pie recipe g) Consider using a microwave to cook and soften the eating apples rather than using a pan of water on the hob. Caramel apple crumb pie southern living They will need about a minute in a bowl of water in a microwave.

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Thankyou Johanna. Paula deen dutch apple crumb pie recipe I have to confess that I almost gave up on the idea when I started to roll the roses – it was just taking what seemed like forever and the effect didn’t look all that good. Recipe dutch apple pie crumb topping But thankfully I persevered and once some more roses were in position the effect was starting to take shape. Pennsylvania dutch apple crumb pie recipe It’s definitely worth the effort.

Aw thankyou Monika. Apple cinnamon pie recipe easy I was really pleased with the result – not only aesthetically, it tasted absolutely amazing and you really would have no idea that it was butter free and comparitevely low sugar too. Apple crumb pie easy Once I got into a routine of making the roses (having found the technique which worked for me)it definitely was fun to make and see the effect building before my eyes.

Such a pretty thing to make – in awe of this! might give it a try as i think it would make a lovely gift. Apple crisp pie recipe easy But doubtful that it would turn out looking as amazing as yours does. Caramel apple crisp pie recipe x Reply Delete

I’m more than sure your apple rose tart would look amazing if you were to give it a go Rebecca, your bakes are always gorgeous. Apple pie filling crisp recipe easy All I’d day is be patient – at first they seem difficult to roll up but you’ll soon realise that each rose becomes easier to construct the more that you do. Apple pie crisp recipe easy I hope you enjoy it as much as we did

Aw thankyou Betty 🙂 You’re right, it was a labour of love! I almost gave up on the idea but then thought better of that realising it was such a waste of ingredients! Once you get into a routine making the roses the tart start to come together quite easily.

This looks so pretty Angela! My mum would love something like this for mother’s day. Apple crumble tart recipe She’d be so impressed by those apple roses. Easy apple crumble cake recipe In fact, she remembers my dislike of any kind of cooking when I was younger and I think she is still surprised I can actually cook! Thank you so much for sharing with #CookOnceEatTwice x Reply Delete

Aw thankyou Corina 🙂 It’s amazing how we can find a love for something which possibly never even interested us when we were younger isnt it. Apple crumb tart recipe You’ll may be have to make one for your mum then, by the sounds of it it’ll completely bowl her over!

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